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How to Solve Anagrams in The Castle of Eliv Thade

by pharaohs333


Have you ever been stumped by those dreaded anagrams in The Castle of Eliv Thade? Have you ever entered a word that you thought was correct but was actually wrong? If so, this is the guide for you!

Firstly, let me introduce how the game works. You control Gilly, the Usul who was lost in the woods and accidentally stumbled upon the Castle of Eliv Thade seeking shelter. Unfortunately, once she entered, the gates locked shut behind here. Your task is to guide her out of the haunted castle of Eliv Thade, navigating through the passages and cracks in the floor. You must collect the items from each of the four rooms before you can guide poor Gilly into the crypt and out of the castle.

There are two difficulties to the game: Scaredy Cat (easy) and Super Brave (hard). In Scaredy Cat, you need to unscramble anagrams of four, five and six letters long for moving one, two and three steps respectively. For Super Brave, the anagrams are all one letter longer. If entering the crypt, you need to unscramble an even longer word!

Most people solve their Castle of Eliv Thade anagrams by seeking external help, by asking others, or checking dictionaries. However, why seek help when you can do them yourself? Not only is The Castle of Eliv Thade a fun and enjoyable (if creepy) game, it also improves your vocabulary and sharpness of mind! With the help of the following pointers you greatly improve your ability to solve even the most difficult of anagrams yourself. :)

So now, let's begin. Many of the anagrams in the game are simply scrambled words with common prefixes and suffixes. If you remove these from the anagram, the remaining letters become much easier to solve. This is a nifty trick for unscrambling all anagrams in general.

Here are some common prefixes:


This is a very common one. Many adjectives can have the "un" prefix attached to them. If the anagram has the letters "un" in it, take it out and try to form an adjective with the remaining letters. Calunne? Take out the un: un-lance? unclane? unclean! There, you just solved an anagram. :)


Again, this is fairly common. Many verbs can have the "mis" prefix attached. Because "mis" is three letters long, the remaining letters should be easier to unscramble. Sirmule? Let's see...mis-lure? misrule! Mjugides? Misjudge! Another anagram unscrambled.


This is slightly less common than the previous two, but is important all the same. Like "mis", it has three letters, and so you just need to make a verb with the remaining ones. Hualuto? Easy, outhaul! :)


The prefix "re" is usually used to mean "again", but there are many other words that start with "re" but don't have this meaning. As usual, remove the "re" and try to speak the remaining letters out mentally or physically. Verome -- reveom? revome? remove!


An uncommon prefix, this is used to mean "below" or "under". Wabyus? Subway. Busset? Subset.

Now for suffixes.


This is by far the most common suffix. There is a trick to this too -- the word has to "sound" right. For example, getvint. Remove the -ing: tevting? No, that's too hard to pronounce. Vetting? That sounds much better. :) In general, when there are two consonants they are usually place together with a vowel in front, for example selling and sitting.


This is similar to "ing", but is a bit more difficult as it has less letters. The verb in front is also rather more unpredictable. Drakefe? Freaked. Incidite? This is harder -- niticed? ticined? inticed? incited! Keep trying to form a verb, saying it out helps!


The benefit of this is that it can be formed in two ways. "-er" can be added to words to mean more, for example gross-er or happi-er, and can also mean someone that does, for example teach-er and mark-er.

This means that you'll be seeing "-er" quite often! When you see words with these two letters, remove them and try to form a word with the remaining letters. Yarlpe? Player! Actually, you can make other words as well: replay, pearly and parley. When you can find multiple solutions, go with the word you think is most common.


This suffix is four letters long, meaning it is very easy to form words with it. On the downside, much less words will have this suffix. Montine -- nemtion? mention! Incoat? Action! Cation is also a word for those chemically inclined.


Like the above, this suffix is four letters long and hence easy but rare. An adjective goes in front of this suffix, for example wryness and shyness.


Yes! This simple one letter suffix is often overlooked by many people. If there are seven letters, remove one "s" and suddenly the anagram becomes much easier to solve. Lubryse? Remove the "s": bulyers? burleys! :)


Another one letter suffix. The letter before the "y" is almost always a consonant. The consonants before the "y" should make a good sound, like "happy" or "brevity". If what you're getting is a "pailhpy", then you know something isn't right.

Finally, don't forget about Neopian words! If you see the letters "neo", take them out and you could just form a word! Poenest? Neo-step? Neopets! Names like Xantan and Mynci can also come out, so it is beneficial to explore the site and improve your Neopets vocabulary. :)

If you still can't unscramble the word, try to say it out, and it might just come to you. Think of words that are the easiest to pronounce -- these will have a good sequence of vowels and consonants. You can tell that a word isn't right when it has three vowels in a row and you have no idea how to pronounce it!

There are also hints that you can use. Don't use them too quickly, though; you may need them later! As a last resort, you can post on the Neoboards and ask people for help.

Thanks for reading, and good luck guiding Gilly out of the castle!

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