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Parallel Wishing

by capricornhunter


Blitz sped down the pathway which led up to Wishing Well Cottage, the wheels of his blue skateboard turning furiously on the ground. The baby Gelert grinned to himself, bent his knees and narrowed his eyes on the conveniently placed ramp before him. He kicked off the ground once more, gaining speed, before meeting the ramp.

      He was sent soaring through the air like a Shoyru, feeling like everything around him was going in slow motion.

      “Look out belo-aahhhhhh!” Blitz’s triumphant cry was cut short as he lost complete control over his body and went flying into Hennagell’s garden. Hennagell, a checkered Gelert who was peacefully watering his rude daffodils, was caught so off guard that he grabbed a nearby broom and began hitting around in the bushes with it.

      “Meepits!” he cried, “Meepits! Get out of my garden, you world-dominating nasties!”

      “Ow! Hennagell! Stop!”

      “They know my name!” he gasped.

      “Hennagell! It’s me!” exclaimed Blitz, crawling out of the bush with leaves and twigs matted into his fur. When Hennagell saw him, his face went scarlet (Blitz wasn’t sure if it was with anger or embarrassment).

      “Blitz! My garden!” he yelled. “You’ve ruined my beautiful garden!”

      Okay, thought Blitz. I guess he’s angry.

      “Technically, you’ve ruined your garden,” replied Blitz, quite smugly, “You’re the one holding the broom.”

      Hennagell gritted his teeth and began to shake uncontrollably, like a bomb about to explode.

      “BLITZ, YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!” Hennagell screamed, before returning to centre and calmly sweeping up the remnants of his garden.

      “Humph,” muttered Blitz, going into the house and dumping his skateboard in the hallway. He slumped his way in the direction of his gold Uni sister Feather Dust’s room. He felt like all his family did nowadays was tell him off and shoo him away. He could hear the sound of music coming from her room and he slowly sneaked through the door. Feather Dust was sitting on her bed singing to herself. Now and again she would stop and write some sheet music down.

      Blitz quietly moved up behind her before-


      “AHHHHHHH!” screamed the Uni, sending sheet music flying all over the room. Blitz caught one which was floating down.

      “Hey!” he exclaimed. “You wrote a song!” Feather Dust now wore an expression similar to how Hennagell’s had been.

      “Give me that!” she snapped, snatching it from her brother’s paw, “Get out!” She shoved him out of the door and slammed it behind him.

      “I was right!” he muttered. “Everyone is throwing me out.”

      Suddenly, Tsukasa, a rainbow Peophin, came floating down the hallway, flapping her tail behind her.

      “Hey, Tsu-”

      “Busy!” Tsukasa cut him off before vanishing into the living room. Blitz turned to see Capricorn coming through the front door. Blitz gasped when he realise what was about to happen.

      “Capricorn! Noooo!”

      Capricorn, completely oblivious, walked forward, slipping straight onto Blitz’s skateboard and landing on her back. After a few seconds of lying down, she dizzily stood up, rubbing her head. Blitz just awkwardly stood there. When she finally gained total consciousness, she looked from the skateboard to Blitz and back again.

      “Blitz!” she exclaimed, “How many times have I told you not to leave your skateboard lying around the house?!” Blitz began to count on his paws.

      “About... seven?”

      “This is no laughing matter, Blitz!” continued Capricorn. “I say these things because I care about you. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.” Blitz folded his arms and rolled his eyes.

      “I want you to go up to your room now,” she said. “I’ll bring your supper up later.” Blitz stormed to his room and slammed the door.

      “My family is so boring!” he said huffily. “If they were the complete opposite, they would be so much better.” He sat in his crib and gently fell asleep.



      Blitz awoke with a start. It was dark. How long had he been asleep?


      The tinkle of bells and chimes surrounded him as the wind blew through the open window. The long curtains fluttered inwards and Blitz clambered out of his cot.


      The bells chimed again. The Gelert walked over to the window and stared up at the stars. To his amazement, he saw a glittering shooting star gliding across the sky. He remembered that when you wish upon a star, it’s supposed to come true. He closed his eyes and wished.

      “I wish my family was the complete opposite of what they are,” he whispered. The star disappeared out of sight a moment later.


     The next morning, Blitz drearily made his way to the kitchen. He froze when he saw a stranger standing there with their back turned towards him.

      “Who are you?!” he called defensively. “I’m warning you! I’ve got a black belt in origami!”

      “Hey, Blitz,” said the stranger, turning around to reveal...

      “Capricorn?!” gasped Blitz. “B-b-b-but your hair! It’s p-p-p-”

      “Purple?” she finished. “I know it’s a bit of a shock. Green yesterday, purple today.”

      Blitz’s mouth was hanging wide open. “Capricorn!” he said. “But you hate hair dye and fun stuff!”

      Capricorn blinked. “What are you talking about, Blitzy boy?” she asked, “Which reminds me. Where were you last night? You weren’t at dinner.”

      “You grounded me, remember?” Blitz told her.

      “Nonsense!” Capricorn retorted. “There’s no grounding in the house of fun.” She ruffled his hair and pulled him into the kitchen.

      “Breakfast’s ready!”

      Blitz couldn’t believe his eyes. On the table was the most amazing arrangement of desserts he had ever seen. Cheesecakes, chocolates, candy corn, toffee, chews, sherbet, scones, jelly, lollipops, puddings and cream. He began stammering because he was so overwhelmed. He couldn’t explain what was going on, but he really didn’t want to. He rushed to the tale and began to try a bit of everything.

      “Where’re the others?” he asked, through a mouthful of cream, not wanting them to miss a second of this.

      “Well, here’s Feather Dust now,” said Capricorn. Blitz, once again, couldn’t believe his eyes. Feather Dust strutted into the room, her high heels clattering on the red and white tiles. She was wearing a shiny, pink short skirt with a black tank top and a fur lined pink jacket. A pair of designer sunglasses were perched on her fringe and her face was plastered with makeup. It definitely wasn’t his sister who had just walked in.

      “How’s my little pop star this morning?” cooed Capricorn.

      “Terrible,” replied Feather Dust sulkily in a bratty tone. “Tanya said that Molly said that Katie said that I’ve been knocked back to number two on the Most Beautiful Celebrities list! NUMBER TWO!” She began to fake cry really loudly, turning from a whimper to a full on scream. Blitz wouldn’t have been shocked if she started rolling around on the floor.

      “Celebrity?” questioned Blitz. Immediately, Feather Dust snapped from her tantrum.

      “Of course I’m a celebrity, you idiot,” she said rudely. “Have you got memory loss issues now too? Just open the curtains! It’s time for my morning photo shoot!” Blitz did as he was told and opened the kitchen blinds. He was immediately blinded by flashing cameras, and deafened by the overpowering screaming from fans. Feather Dust started posing and blowing kisses towards the camera lenses before Blitz shut the curtains as fast as he could.

      “That was scary,” he panted. He couldn’t understand what was going on. Feather Dust was never a brat. She was the most kind and generous person he knew. Why all of a sudden was she the complete oppo-

      “Oh my gosh,” he whispered. “The wish on the star must have come true!”

      “Who are you talking to?” snapped Feather Dust, applying some more mascara. She glanced at the array of sweets on the table. “Eww... carbs...”

      “No one,” Blitz said quickly, rushing out of the kitchen.

      “Hey, Blitzy!” Capricorn yelled. “You forgot to eat the rest of your breakfast!”

      Blitz had to find the rest of his family. If the star had had the same effect that it did on Capricorn and Feather Dust, who knew what it might have done to Tsukasa and Hennagell! First of all, he went to Tsukasa’s room.

      “Oh no...” he whispered under his breath.

      The door to her bedroom was covered in graffiti and drawings, all of them saying KEEP OUT in a number of different ways. He opened it slowly, a long creak sounding. The inside was pitch black.

      “Hello?” he called. “Tsukasa, are you in here?” A stream of light shot across the room as he pushed open the door. His eyes met a shocking sight.

      Tsukasa was sitting in the corner of her room... nothing else. She was just... sitting. Her blue mane was over her face, and her eyes were closed.

      “Tsukasa? Are you okay?”

      The Peophin looked up at him, but didn’t speak. Her eyes were covered in black eye shadow and her lips were plastered with black lipstick. Tsukasa had turned... Goth...

      It wasn’t just her either. The walls were covered in Twisted Roses posters, and the furniture looked medieval. Everything was either black, red or dark purple.

      “Um... Tsukasa,” murmured Blitz, “Do you want to come out?”


      “Do you want to play a game?”


      “Don’t you even want to go swimming?”

      Tsukasa looked like she was about to scream. She flew forwards and grabbed Blitz’s t-shirt in her hoofs, pulling him up off the ground.

      “Don’t ever mention that in my presence again!” she yelled, her teeth gritted and her eyes bloodshot. Blitz nodded vigorously and Tsukasa dropped him on the ground, before floating back to the corner. Blitz gasped for air and quickly ran back out the door. That was one place that he never wanted to visit again!

      He still couldn’t believe that the wish had come true! Some aspects were rather grim, but others were still good, weren’t they? He then went to Hennagell’s room, which had also undergone a rather surprising transformation.

      Everything was so... so... scientific!

      Lab desks were everywhere, and experiment records were scattered about the floor. Bunsen burners were alight and little explosions were taking place. Lights flickered and walls were somehow moving. Blitz couldn’t believe it! Hennagell had always been against science, now he was backing it up!

      “Good morning, Brother,” a voice said. Blitz turned around to see the checkered Gelert standing high up on a ladder, placing books back on the tallest bookshelf Blitz had ever seen. “I was just working on a new experiment. Would you like to see?”

      Blitz nodded, and Hennagell slid down the ladder to meet him. He was dressed in a long white lab coat with safety goggles over his twinkling eyes. Blitz followed him through the lab.

      “I am working on a device which will transform Neopia forever!” he exclaimed. “Look!” He gestured to a table, where something was covered with a sheet. Hennagell dramatically pulled it off and showed it to Blitz.

      “Whoa...” Blitz gasped. Before him lay the strangest creature he had ever seen. It had the body of a Warf, head of a Whinny, wings of a Angelpuss and the tail of a Weewoo.

      “It’s fascinating, isn’t it?” he said in awe. “It has the bravery of a Warf, personality of a Whinny, flight skill of an Angelpuss and the rarity of a Weewoo. I sometimes don’t know why I am so smart...” He drifted off into a kind of trance, smiling lopsidedly.

      “FREEZE!” someone yelled. “Defenders of Neopia! Hennagell Hunter, you are under arrest for mutation and unlicensed use of a science lab. You’re coming downtown.” Hennagell broke from his trance and was handcuffed by a member of the Defenders.

      “You can’t do this to me!” he yelled, “I am a SCIENTIST! NOOOO!”

      Blitz watched as his brother was carried away out of the door. Capricorn came round the corner.

      “Don’t worry, Blitzy,” she said. “He’s always getting dragged off. They said he gets four warnings... or was it one... oh well!” She smiled.

      “Wait a minute!” cried Blitz. “You don’t even care that your pet has been taken by the police? He might get put in prison!” Capricorn ruffled Blitz’s hair again.

      “Don’t keep worrying,” she said. “He’ll be fine. But I do have a surprise for you.” She brought Blitz into the living room, where something was awaiting him.

      “A pirate captain’s hat?!” gasped Blitz, his mouth wide open, “But these are nearly five million neopoints!” He picked it up, his hands shaking.

      “Anything for you, Blitz,” Capricorn cooed, hugging him. Blitz couldn’t believe it. It was so amazing! He had wanted one of them forever, but never thought he would get one! He stroked its smooth surface, before looking around the room. He remembered what it used to be like – homely and warm. Now it just looked like a show room, with perfect white sofas and everything in its place. There were no family photos like Capricorn always used to take (unless of course you counted all of Feather Dust’s platinum CDs that covered the walls). Blitz stared at the hat and then around the room and back again.

     “I can’t do this,” he said, placing the hat back down again, “I want to go back to how it used to be around here.”

     “What are you talking about?” asked Capricorn. Blitz just couldn’t take it.

     “I’m talking about this life!” he yelled, “Everything’s supposedly perfect, but it’s not! Look!” He flung open the curtains only to be bombarded by paparazzi once again. He ran up to his room and flung himself on his bed.

     “What am I going to do?” he sobbed. “The star is gone and now I can’t get back home! I just wish that I hadn’t made the stupid wish!”


     “The bells!” Blitz cried, “Maybe it’s not too late!” He ran to the window and stared up at the daytime sky. “Can you hear me, star!? Please! Grant me one more wish!” There was no sound. “Oh no...” he continued, “I’m going to be stuck like this forever...”

     “Blitz!” a voice suddenly yelled. “What on Earth are you doing shouting out the window.” Blitz looked down below to see Capricorn, her hands on her hips, a frown on her face. Her hair was brown! Blitz yelped with joy and ran out of the door. Downstairs, he saw Capricorn, and he ran and hugged her.

     “What’s all this about, Blitz?” she asked. “Are you okay?”

     “I’m fine now,” he said, hugging into his owner’s warm jumper.

     “Guys! I finished my first song!” exclaimed a familiar voice, but without the attitude. Feather Dust came running down the stairs, jumping for joy.

     “Congratulations, Feather!” said Blitz, hugging her as well. Tsukasa then came, wearing her swim exercise clothes. She certainly wasn’t Goth. Blitz ran and jumped on Tsukasa, embracing her with open arms.

     “What’s up with you?” she asked. “I was just going to swim practise.”

     “Swim practise!” Blitz yelped. “Swim practise! Swim practise!” He had never been happier in his life.

     “I’ve finished replanting my flowers,” said Hennagell, removing his boots as he came into the house.

     “Hennagell!” shouted Blitz. “You’re not in prison!”

     “I sure hope I’m not!” he replied.

     “What’s got into you, Blitz?” asked Capricorn. “You seem rather happy for somebody who got told off yesterday.” Blitz smiled and formed a big group hug.

     “I’ve just had a bit of an epiphany, that’s all,” he said.

     “Epiphany?” questioned Tsukasa. “That’s a big word for you.”

     “Just promise me one thing,” Blitz said. “Don’t ever change. Even if Feather Dust becomes famous or Tsukasa turns Goth or Hennagell becomes a scientist or Capricorn dyes her hair purple. Just don’t change.” His family stared at him, confused, but they didn’t care. They just smiled.

     “We promise.”

The End

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