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Vacation Anyone?

by dragonfire1722


AWAY ON VACATION - Are you and your pets planning on taking a vacation anytime soon? Oh really?! Fancy that. Well then you absolutely must read this! Where were you planning on going? Meridell? Terror Mountain? Well before you make your final decision, let’s go over our choices!

Faerieland: Ahhh so peaceful. An ideal spot for faerie lovers, who like heights! There are quite a few places to visit, maybe even Jhudora? ::shudders:: Anyways, if you are looking for a good read, why not try to bookshop? Maybe looking to pick up a few extra Neopoints? Yes, I know that it is your vacation, but who doesn’t like Neopoints? If this is what you desire, why not go to the city and find a little job? Overall, I think this is a pretty nice place, as long as aren’t afraid of heights! Rating: 8/10

Haunted Woods: ::shudder:: For those of you Halloween lovers, who just can’t get enough of the cute witchy Chias, this may be a good stop for you! Funky foods, Halloween, and crazy costumes all year ‘round, what more could you possibly ask for? First, why not visit Edna’s Castle? Yes, her cackle can get a bit annoying after a while, but hey, at least she’s nice O___o… ::Looks into the distance:: Afterwards, you should definitely go to the Haunted Fairgrounds. Now, if you are planning on riding the roller coaster, hopefully you didn’t eat too much before you came. Perhaps you shouldn’t try your luck at Test Your Strength…It is very hard, and you don’t win easily…I think the Mynci is tricking everyone…::shifty eyes::. Uh-oh…We’d better move along before the Korbats spot us…Rating: 7/10

Krawk Island: Mmmm…Pirates! This small island off Mystery Island is full of them! It may be a small island, but there are many things for ye to do! First, how about a game of Deckball? Maybe while walking along the sandy beach, you shall stumble upon a bit ‘o treasure! Want yer pet to grow up bit and strong? Why not take them to get trained at the Swashbuckling Academy? Maybe you will be lucky enough to train them for free before you leave! Rating: 8.5/10

Kreludor: Woohoo! Neopia’s moon! ::stares:: So pretty…This hunk of rock is where Dr. Sloth originally found the Grundos, where some of them still live. It is such a mysterious place, there isn’t much to do, yet! If you have a Neocola Token, why not get a Neocola from the machine? Or maybe try and find a way into the mysterious Mining Corp. Either way, you better not stay too long, the robots might eat you! Rating: 6/10

Meridell: Very oddly, a medieval land from the ::past::, has been recently discovered. For being so new, there are quite a few things to do in Meridell. Lot of games, with lots of vegetables, shops, frog kissing O___o, and Turdle Racing! Yay! There is a castle, but a grumpy old kind, named King Skarl lives there, so you might want to steer clear of him for now…Maybe you want to visit Meri Acres Farm? Perhaps even The Darigan Citadel? ::teeth chatter:: Scary, cold, and dark…Fancy a cute little mote from The Motery? Well then you would be off the Brightvale, the newest edition to Meridell! Ah, what a wonderful place, when it isn’t being attacked by monsters that is! Rating: 9/10

Mystery Island: A great place to relax…An island surrounded by water, awesome games, and even some beautiful tours! Don’t forget to take pictures! There are also some interesting shops, the trading post, and don’t forget the Tombola! It is free and you can get random prizes from it! Well fancy that…There is a training school here too! ::Looks to the sky:: What an interesting mountain…Techo Mountain to be exact…Well I won’t give it away, visit for yourself! Rating: 7.5/10

Terror Mountain: ::shivers:: It is s-s-so c-c-cold here… I have never seen the temperature higher than 30 degrees…But there are three lands in one! Happy Valley, at the foot of the mountain in which you can get free things from the Advent Calendar through the month of December, the Ice Caves, where you can plays games, and battle in the Ice Arena, and then the peak of Terror Mountain itself! But be careful, as it is very slippery, so don’t fall! Maybe you could even be lucky enough to grab something from the pile of treasure protected by the Snowager! Well, whatever you do, be sure to dress warmly! Rating: 8/10

The Lost Desert: Technically this world was an accident…Brucey B. discovered this when he was chasing his lucky coin! Here you can find some funny foods, interesting petpets, especially the Baby Mummy, it is so cute! Maybe even visit Coltzan’s Shrine! It’s a very mysterious place, and if you go at just the right time, maybe you can find 1 Million Neopoints! Wouldn’t that be great? But, the very first thing that I would do is play Tug-O-War! But remember to dress coolly, because this place is the complete opposite of Terror Mountain! Rating: 8.5/10

Tyrannia: Oh Prehistoric Times! Tyrannia is a great place to go for, well, dung…But there are better things to do! Lot of games, wheels, and Rock Concerts! Literally, they are Rock Concerts…Watch our for the evil pterodactyls though, and don’t even ::think:: about going near that cave in the Tyrannian Plateau. It’s scary and icky and slimy, and BLECH!!! Care to test your strength in the Tyrannia Battle Arena? Perhaps try your luck at the Wheel Of Monotony…Well if you do that, be sure to take a book. It might take a while. But before you leave be sure to grab some free Omelette. ::rubs tummy:: It is YUMMY! Rating: 7.5/10

Virtupets Space Station: Oh spacey! A fan of Dr. Sloth? Maybe you want to destroy Dr. Sloth, and his evil plans to turn all the NeoPets in Neopia into his slaves?! Then this would be your perfect vacation spot! Floaty foods, funny petpets, and cute little Grundos to adopt as your own! There are also things to buy, games to play, and the Grundo Ware House, where you go to enter secret prize codes to get cool stuff! Maybe you fancy a game of Gormball? If hat be the case, prepare to get wet! But watch you head, you might get hit by an Evil Fuzzle From Beyond The Stars O____o…Rating: 8/10

Well that’s it folks. I hope that I have helped you in your quest for the perfect vacation spot. Well you probably didn’t listen to a word that I said, so I will let you go now. Have a great vacation!

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