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5 Reasons Why You Should Feed Your Pets

by guardianpinkneko


Our pets. To some, they are part of family. To others, they are trophies to be displayed. And to others yet, they're merely characters of theirs.

And yet, small things, like how you think of your pets, can determine so much. How you live your entire Neo-life can be based entirely on just one small decision!

But for this article, we are going to focus on one decision, one that could change your Neopets' lives; feeding your pets.

We all know that our pets cannot die. Feeding them and making them happy is completely obligatory. You may or may not choose to take care of your pet, depending on what your pets are to you. There may be reasons to not feed your pet, whether it's because they're just pixels, or you forgot. There are, however, reasons why you SHOULD feed your pets!

Reason #5: No Battledome

For those of you who love battles, or are avatar collectors, not having access to the Battledome can be pretty straining! Did you know that if your pets are hungry or sick, you can't fight with them? Without pets to battle with, you'll never get that fancy Battledome trophy you've been wanting, nor will you get that lovely Space Faerie avatar you've been eyeing. And don't forget about plots! Some plots require some battling, and if you're not able to battle because you forgot to feed your pets, then that costs you points to redeem at the prize shops later.

Then again, not everyone considers the Battledome a necessary part of the site, so let's go to reason #4.

Reason #4: Those sad, sad faces

Ever since TNT implemented the feature of having your active pet show up right below your avatar, everybody can now see your pet without even having to visit your lookup. So, because of this, everyone can now see how poorly treated your hungry pets are!

Not to mention how annoying it can be to have your pet say, "Why don't you just paint me grey if you're going to leave me like this?!" every other page.

At the very least, feeding them would shut them up, as well as the people who scold you for letting them starve.

However, fed pets are not always a social status for people, and some even LIKE the way pets look when they're sad. Let's look at reason #3, then.

Reason #3: It's cheap!

Feeding your pets is rather easy, cheap, and can take less than 2 minutes!

- The Soup Faerie: The most basic way of feeding your pets. If you have less than 3k, she will feed your pets for free! And it only takes seconds to get each pet to 'bloated'.

- Dailies: Your dailies could bring you a ton of free and cheap food items. You can get a free omelette once a day at Tyrannia. Tombola, located at Mystery Island, sometimes gives out food, as does underwater fishing, located in Maraqua, and Coltzan's Shrine in the Lost Desert. You can also sometimes get food from Test Your Strength in the Haunted Woods, and the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale. (I hear that there's free jelly in Jelly World, but we all know that's just a myth!)

- Neolodge: One of the best ways to feed your pet is to put them in the Neolodge. For only 140 NP, you can put your pet in Cockroach Towers for a whole 28 days! Isn't that convenient?

- The Money Tree: Yes, it can sometimes prove difficult to get items from the Money Tree, but at least it's free, right? Cheap food is often given to the Money Tree, and with a little bit of practice, you'll be taking home meals in no time!

- User Shops: There's plenty of cheap food that users sell in their shops. A number of omelettes and jellies can be bought for 1 NP each, as well as a lot of spooky food.

It's certainly not very inconveniencing to feed them. And to think, you could make all your pets bloated with less than 1k! Not much out of your pocket, and you have happy pets to show for it!

But, some people like to spend as little as possible, and feeding your pets doesn't rank as very high on everyone's priority list, so let's go onto reason #2.

Reason #2: Evil random events

Some people don't know about these random events, so I'll explain them.

A pet becomes angry or unhappy when they are not taken care of; that is to say, their owner has not fed them, played with them, and kept them healthy. When a pet becomes angry, there is a random event that can turn this pet to the color red. If a pet is unhappy, a similar random event occurs, only this time, it changes the color to blue. Imagine finally painting your dream pet, or getting that fabled FFQ and turning your Kacheek into a pirate, only to have it turn blue because you didn't feed it! Keep in mind, these random events can strike ANY of your pets, not just your active. That's definitely something to think about.

Of course, this may not be very important to people who, perhaps, zap all of their pets, don't have pets that are painted expensive colors, or are simply okay with saving up for another paint brush. So now we go to the #1 reason why you should feed your pet...

Reason #1: This... is... NEOPETS!

What is Neopets without the pets? Take away the pets, and you become very limited on what you can do here! Neopets is absolutely all about the pets. Think about it; everything we do revolves around them one way or another. So shouldn't we take care of Neopets' main objective, the main theme? And the pets are our constant companions; every time you visit a new page, your pet is right there to visit it with you. So why abandon them, when they never abandon you? As long as you're on the site, they will always be there for you. Shouldn't you return the favor, and be there for them?

And so, we reach the conclusion of this article.

And who'da thunk it? There are so many ways in which feeding your pets becomes essential!

I truly hope that my article has given you something to think about; not feeding your pets can have some serious consequences. Remember, this is Neopets. There is no end to the game, so you have all the time you need to care for them and still enjoy your Neopets experience.

Thank you for reading.

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