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10 Rarest Stamps: Shedding Light on the Most Elusive Collectables

by sicillan_killer


Any avatar collector will tell you that some of the most difficult avatars to obtain are the ones for completely filling out portions of the stamp albums. Stamps are some of the most expensive items in Neopia, rivaling only Battledome items in terms of demand and price. Once a stamp has been placed in a Stamp Album, it cannot be removed, so as the stamps are consumed by Neopians pining for their collections, the quantity of the stamps drastically decreases.

We are all fascinated by expensive things: cars, houses, clothes, and jewelry. Well, for Neopians, it’s the same thing. When I first started playing, I was fascinated by the hefty price tag on some of the Hidden Tower items and even now I still am fascinated by the rarity of the most expensive stamps in Neopia. This article will shed light on the ten rarest stamps in Neopia.

10. Sticky Snowflake Stamp

Released Through: Restockable r99 the Post Office

The Sticky Snowflake Stamp is the most expensive stamp in the Snowy Valley Collection, which is the cheapest Collection Avatar. Nonetheless the Sticky Snowflake Stamp is worth approximately 60 million NP and is in very high demand for avatar and stamp collectors who are looking to fill the final slot in the Terror Mountain Collection with this stamp.

The good news is that the stamp is Rarity 99 and if you’re an expert restocker, you can still restock one from the Post Office at the moment. However, this stamp has the distinction of being the rarest and most difficult to restock stamp in the Post Office currently. Fortunately, this also means this is the only stamp on this list that is still being created.

9. Scary Tree Stamp

Released Through: Mystery Pic Competition in 2002

Scary Tree Stamp begins a round of r101 stamps that are not officially retired but are essentially considered retired because no more new copies of the stamp are being made and the stock begins to decline as more stamps are albumed to obtain the rare and coveted Haunted Woods Stamp Collector Avatar.

Fortunately, the Mystery Pic Round 151 in which the Scary Tree Stamp was the prize was solved correctly by a large number of people making this stamp not as rare as some other r101 stamps. However, the price tag is still going to be astronomical.

8. Commander Garoo Stamp

Obtained Through: Lenny Conundrum in 2002

This dark stamp was released in a Lenny Conundrum in November 13th, 2002. It is by far the most expensive stamp in the Virtupets Stamp Collection, which would otherwise be a very easy Stamp Collector avatar to obtain. Because of the high amount of collectors who have only the Commander Garoo Stamp as the only obstacle to completing that page of their Stamp Album, the demand is exceptionally high and opportunities to obtain the stamp are very infrequent as any user selling the stamp would likely be flooded with enticing offers.

7. Wock Till You Drop Stamp

Released Through: Lenny Conundrum in 2002

This gem of a stamp is not only exceptionally shiny, it is also most difficult to obtain of the Tyrannia collection. Released exclusively through a Lenny Conundrum prize on September 17, 2002 that was not solved by many Neopians, very few were actually made into existence. The Kyruggi Stamp was released the week before but since more people solved the puzzle, the price isn’t nearly as high as the Wock Till You Drop Stamp that makes the Tyrannia Stamp Collector Avatar one of the hardest to obtain.

However, due to the aesthetic appeal of the Snowy Valley, Lost Desert, and other album collector avatars that are more attractive and desired than the Tyrannia Stamp Collector Avatar, the demand for this stamp is not as high but this stamp is still almost non-existent in circulation.

6. Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp

Obtained Through: A Better Than You Prize in 2002

Anybody who was really good at the old Igloo Garage Sale back in 2002 had an opportunity to obtain this gem of a stamp by defeating Spectre’s score in the Better Than You competition. The Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp is the rarest of many rare stamps in the Mystery Island Collection, which is by far the hardest to obtain due the sheer quantity of r101 stamps in the collection such as the Bottle of Sand Stamp, Mystery Island Kiko Stamp, Tombola Stamp, Mystery Island Chef Stamp, Island Uni Stamp, and a r180 Island Acara Stamp as well as five r99 stamps.

Compared to other collections which have only one r101 stamp, this avatar proves to be extremely hard to find among Neopians and the Mystery Island Grarrl is the toughest stamp to obtain in the toughest collection to fill.

5. Coltzan Stamp

Obtained Through: Lenny Conundrum Prize in 2003

This signature stamp graces the avatar of the Lost Desert Stamp Collector avatar. Not only does it feature one of Neopets’ most treasured characters but it is by far the most expensive stamp in the collection. The popular avatar has plummeted the stock quantity of the stamp and skyrocketed its price. The difficult Lenny Conundrum was not solved by many people and the demand for this stamp is ridiculously high.

The Lost Desert Stamp Collector avatar has no real difficult stamp to collect other than a retired Ummagine Stamp and a r99 Holographic Coltzans Shrine Stamp and but this stamp makes the Lost Desert avatar unobtainable for the majority of Neopians. The last known Coltzan Stamp that was sold went for well over 250 million NP and few owners are going to part with this stamp. Until r101 stamps are re-released, this stamp will only get rarer and more expensive.

4. Midnight Jelly World Stamp

Obtained Through: Old Lenny Conundrum Prize

The remaining stamps no longer fulfill an avatar requirement but are so rare that they are still rarely found. The Midnight Jelly World Stamp is a very mysterious and old r101 stamp that was released exclusively through a difficult Lenny Conundrum. Very few can be found in galleries and you will almost never find any being distributed or up for sale on Neopets.

3. Golden Mr. Irgo Stamp

Obtained Through: Retired restockable stamp

Well this elusive stamp took quite a bit of digging to uncover its secret. I found one user who was selling it and I found some information. This stamp restocked less than one month as a R90 and was retired October, 2003. Due to the infrequency of R90 and above restocking especially over the course of only a month combined with eager collectors filling their Stamp Album, this stamp has become one of the rarest in Neopia. Rarely will you ever find such a rare stamp even being sold.

2. Petpets Stamp

Obtained Through: Old Lenny Conundrum Prize

Alas, we find yet another rare old Lenny Conundrum Stamp. I know very little about the stamp except that it was another very difficult Lenny Conundrum and that this stamp probably has the fewest seen in galleries of the r101 stamps, putting it at number two on my list.

1. Emerald Eyrie Coin

Obtained Through: Extremely rare r100 restockable item

Okay, okay, so it’s not actually a stamp. But since coins do occupy the stamp album, I’m going to include it here. The Emerald Eyrie Coin is the dream restock for many. Unfortunately, none have been recorded to restock in a very long time due to its status as an r100 item.

You will find none in any galleries, up for trade, or in any shop. The only Emerald Eyrie Coin I’ve seen is in one particular Neopian’s stamp album, making it by far the most exclusive and rare stamp in Neopets. Perhaps one day though a lucky Neopian will restock another one, which would make him instantly rich beyond his or her wildest dreams.


I hope this article gives the casual stamp collector an idea of what some of the rarest items in Neopia are like. Stamp collecting is among the most involved and NP-consuming hobbies in the game. Unless one day, the r101 stamps are re-released the majority of Neopians can only dream about fulfilling their stamp collections and the Stamp Collector Avatars remain among the elite avatars in terms of difficulty.

However, the challenge is what makes this hobby enjoyable for many and finally filling your collection after many long days of hard work is a satisfying experience. Good luck, collectors!

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