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What Defines a Dream?

by tinselteeth_kinda


I asked myself this question after seeing a poll on the Help Chat a few days ago. Many Neopians were discussing their goals and dreams, and commenting on each other's. Sure, there were the common ones- get a baby paint brush, make 1 million neopoints, get a Draik egg, etc. However, I was curious as to what some of the less known dreams are. Do all Neopians strive for the same goals, or does each Neopian have their own dreams? Armed with my red techo pen and notebook (techos rule), I set out to find out what each and every Neopian dreams about.

Before I could find out about current dreams, I wanted to know how goals came about. After neomailing a few friends and friendly board lurkers, I learned that most dreams are a heat-of-the-moment decision. I know that my current goals came about through boredom, as I wanted a challenge to keep me extra busy here on Neopets. Others have been dreaming of a specific pet since their first day as a neopets newbie. =) My advice to all those looking for a goal? Just keep saving! You’ll think of something you want eventually, and at least this way you won’t have as far to go!

Unfortunately, the only board that would respond with any sort of real answer was the Help Chat, but I feel that I still got the results I was looking for. Many of the dreams, as I expected, hinged around pets, be it making a family, or painting that beloved pet. I understand this, as my dreams hinge around my pets as well!

However, I was a little surprised about some of the dreams people have. Many Neopians are eager to learn how to restock, or make money in the stock market. Some dream of having a famous screenie page. Others dream of just being famous. The strangest goal, without a doubt, was to buy the Darigan Sword of Death and discard it, just so the weapon would be lost forever. The most wonderful thing to see, however, was the large number of Neopians who dream of helping others- be it an entire account devoted to random gifts, or such extensive riches that they may grant any and all of other’s dreams. Sure, many goals are driven by greed, but I was happy to see that many Neopians are devoting their time and effort, whether currently or in the future, to helping others.

The second thing I noticed about Neopians’ dreams is the cost. Sure, to have a goal, you have to be able to work towards it, but even I was shocked to see the price tags on modern dreams. I saw many siggies detailing their progress- 1/20million for a Maraquan Draik, or even 3/300million for an MSPP (TCG)! Sure, working towards a dream makes reaching it all the sweeter, but it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth to see dreams that won’t be achieved for years to come.

On a happier note, I wanted to see not only dreams to come, but dreams achieved as well. So, I wrangled up a new pen and notebook, and headed back into the glitch-crazy HC. The results were similar to my first poll, but I could hear the pride in their posts, as they discussed their achievements. One person used thirty smilies to tell me about achieving their Packrat avatar. Without a doubt, goals and dreams are a big part of the neopets experience!

However, there is a group of Neopians who don’t have a goal. These were harder to find, but I still managed to scrape together enough facts to add to this article. Some Neopians have nothing to save for, so they spend most of their time chatting on the boards. After I achieved my goal of painting my Techo, I was goalless for a while as well. It’s very strange, as you have no real reason to play games, or even do your dailies! Sure, it may seem less stressful, but in the end, it makes setting a goal even harder, as you are more likely to spend your funds for no reason. I remember spending 590k on a baby paint brush to send to a random person when I had no goal. Now that I’m saving up for another paint brush to paint my pet, I really regret it.

Of course, that’s not to say those without goals are unhappy. Many of them have no goals because they’ve already completed them! Many of these Neopians wield the Adam avatar, multiple Draiks, and complete galleries. Most have been on Neopets for eight years or so. These “senior Neopians” get a lot of respect around the boards, not only for their experience, but for their wealth as well.

My goals are surprisingly simple- I want to FFQ my Chomby to chocolate, get matching petpets and petpetpets for all of my pets and get a baby Gelert.

Surprisingly, there are many Neopians devoted to granting dreams. I have seen several guilds that do nothing but randomly give out items on the boards, users who give NP or money to the unlucky, and agencies like my own that adopt out zapped pets to wonderful new homes. It warms my heart to see that, among the spammers and harassers, many Neopians have dedicated themselves to helping others, less fortunate or otherwise.

In the end, I believe that dreams are a fundamental part of the Neopets experience, and they affect every facet of our time here. Whether it gives you a reason to play that one extra game of KeyQuest or lets you save for one more day, goals certainly provide many benefits. I advise you to find a goal today! Go and draw an entry for the BC! Start learning how to restock! Upgrade your bank account and head for Turmac Roll- you’ll get that paint brush in no time! Heck, even make an offer on the Darigan Sword of Death! After all, it’s your chance to make history! I have my goals to save for, and I hope you’ll find your own as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed my article, and I wish you all the best of luck in reaching your goals, be they far reaching or just a few NP away! :)

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