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Ugga Smash Game Guide

by gipskrabbel


"Oh my," shouted the Kougra. "You ruined my car!!"

"You'd better run now, or you will be ruined by that Grarrl!" The Nimmo smiled.

Welcome to my guide to Ugga Smash. The most beautiful trophy is awarded when you get in the high scores. Starting to want it? Good! Follow this and you'll definitely get one. Promised!

There are as usual three trophies to get. You cannot get an avatar with this game. What a pity. :(

To begin with:

Some basics you might need to know, if you don't know them already. There are four cars. You, and the three enemies. Picking the car which is controlled by the arrow keys seems the best in my opinion! So, that means, driving goes with the arrow keys. Use your arrow keys wisely and fast. Don't push too hard, that's gonna hurt! Learn to drive (backwards).

Get used to the game first, before trying to get a trophy. Each hit you deal will get you 5 points. Each hit you take will lower your health. A wall is surrounding the war-field. The wall can be annoying, and is a reason to learn to drive backwards. You can take advantage of it by cornering your enemies!

In this game there are five levels, and in each level there are five possible boosts to spawn, and three enemies a level. I'll explain the boosts to you and say what is good to use and what not.

Health: This will get you some health! Very useful. xD

Invincible!: Your shield. It will make you... yeah... just invincible!

Turbo: Makes you go ultra fast.

Slide: Makes you slip like a hyper Chia.

The red Grarrl: So terrible! Kills you and that's a direct game over.

My opinion on the five boosts: Get always the health and shield, except from level 1. Why, you'd say? I will explain later in the guide. Never take the other ones. Only take Turbo if your health is extremely low and you want to run away (sometimes you just need to do that, yes)!

The shield and the health can be life-savers in the later levels. Note: The shield doesn't protect you from the Grarrls! Take that in mind. A Grarrl is the same as an automatic game over when it touches you.

There are for me three ways to deal damage.

#1: First, there is cornering. Use your other enemies to corner one car and keep hitting it rapidly. Gives you a lot of points! But it isn't always possible to do.

#2: Second, there is just the old fashioned way. BUMPING IN FRONT OF YOUR ENEMIES! It's huge fun, gives you a lot points fast, but you'll take a lot damage as well.

#3: At last, there is hitting your enemies in their flanks. It costs time, but always possible, and you won't lose health.

With the point solutions I don't say that is super needed. But it is useful to follow it.

In level 1, you should get 280-350 points.

Level 1

I'd say, use #1 and #2. Your enemies aren't that good, and you have a huge amount of time.

Let them take the shield and the health. This way you can deal more damage a car. Quit when an enemy is being eaten by a Grarrl, and start over. Remember, you can still get points off hitting a car with a shield.

In level 2, you should get 475-550 points.

Level 2

Same as level 1, but keep an eye on your health. You can use the health and the shield now. In this level the Grarrls are starting to spawn. Watch out! It is great when no Grarrl spawns. This will give you more time to get some points. Try not to let the cars hit each other. Be part of the action!

In level 3, you should get 625-675 points.

Level 3

The Grarrls come much faster now. Try to hit as much as possible. Due to lack of health, you should try to use #2 and #3 more than #1. Always use the shield and the health. They're important. But remember, a shield doesn't defend you from a Grarrl (again).

In level 4, you should get 715-760 points.

Level 4

Things are getting hard now. If your enemies won't be killed by the Grarrls, you are lucky. But watch your health! Very important thing. You should try only to use #1 with a shield equipped. Same as in level 3, try to hit as much as possible before the enemies are gone.

Your enemies are now almost as dangerous as the Grarrls! Drive back immediately when you are cornered. It'll mean your downfall almost every time. I only try to say, don't focus on the Grarrls only.

Your trophy depends on the points you get in level 5!

Level 5

Simple enough. Just hit. HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT! and try to stay alive. As mentioned above, the points here are really important for your trophy. If you started level 5 with 750 points, 50 points in this level will do.

Some tips:

-Learn to drive backwards. Seems very important to me. It saves you the seconds you'll need in the later levels.

-I got my high score with the music on. The sound of smashing seems as victory for your brains.

-Play on a small screen. Helps you to focus better.

-Try, try try, and try again! It would take you some hours to get it. Or if you're good, less than one hour. xD

-Skill in this game is not everything. Luck is a part as well.

-Send your score in the beginning of a month. Later in the month, they scores will be all 800+.

-Don't think you'll score a trophy with 625. This is just the border between not redeemed and redeemed scores. When scores will be redeemed, the trophies will be handed out. Early in the month, 795(what I scored) will be enough for a golden trophy. Later in the month, you'll need 800+ for sure. Maybe that won't do if you even want a bronze trophy.

Remember, mail me if you are in trouble! I'm always open for questions. :D

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