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Whistles, Cheering, and Slushies

by kittykatluver4ever


Altador Cup. Those two words give most of Neopia’s inhabitants the urge to dash off onto the Yooyuball field and play Yooyuball, sling some slushies, or scream alongside that Techo fan.

Numerous Neopians are participating from all around Neopia and they all share one goal: to bring the Cup home. Every team dreams about being in first place, but only one out of sixteen teams can be in that first place.

The Altador Cup is the biggest event in Neopia, so I thought I’d interview a few Neopians who work long hours just to keep the Altador Cup enjoyable for everyone.

Me: Today, I am going to be interviewing the Tuskaninny Waitress, the Scorchio Referee, and the Techo Fan. First question: what do you guys do during the Altador Cup?

Tuskaninny Waitress: I run the Slushie Concession Stand... and I’m an expert at slinging slushies...

Scorchio Referee: I blow my whistle! *blows whistle* You see, without my whistle, those poor Yooyuball players would never know when to stop!

Me: *mutters something about that timer and how blowing whistles is quite unnecessary during an interview*

Techo Fan: GO MYSTERY ISLAND!!! YEAH! GO *insert all the other teams here*!!! YAY!

Me: All right, that’s very nice, I think I know your job during the Cup. Anyway, second question: what do you guys do after the Cup ends?

Tuskaninny Waitress: Well... after I clean up the Concession Stand, I try to help around at the Slushie Shop in Terror Mountain. Mmm... slushies...

Scorchio Referee: I buy whistles! *nod nod* See my collection? I have over 400 whistles so far! Such a nice number of whistles... but I want more whistles. *sigh*

Techo Fan: I SCREAM!

Me: o__O So... you scream after the Cup is over?

Techo Fan: YEP! I train myself to scream even LOUDER for next year!!

Me: So... Tuskaninny likes slushies... Scorchio likes whistles... and this Techo likes to scream. I see. Okay, third question: Do you guys enjoy the Cup? I know that many Neopians all across Neopia are delighted to participate in the Cup, but are you guys just as delighted as everyone else?

Tuskaninny Waitress: I suppose so... but you see, the fans who storm into my shop and demand a slushie are the most irritating of all fans. I mean, really, a “please” and a “thank you” would be appreciated, but all I ever get is “Hurry up! I want my slushie NOW!” So I hurry over to get whatever flavor they want, and then I skillfully sling them that slushie, but guess what? After slurping noisily, they sling their empty cup back at me! How rude, I tell you! Sometimes, I just want them to be the owner of the Slushie Concession Stand so they see how it feels!

Me: I really am sorry... but maybe the fans only treat you that way because they’re excited to get back into the game... how about you, Mr. Referee?

Scorchio Referee: Of course I enjoy my job! I get to blow my whistle all day! Of course, all the fans have their attention directed towards the Yooyuball players, and only a few fans glance in my direction each time I perform my extremely important task of blowing my whistle, but I still like my job! Imagine, where would Neopia be without whistles? Oh, the poor Yooyuball players, how they would ponder over the whereabouts of their beloved Referee! It hurts me to think of it... so you see, I am very needed in the Yooyuball field.

Me: *mutters something else about how useful clocks are*

Techo Fan: OF COURSE I ENJOY MY JOB!! Screaming is the BEST THING about the Altador Cup! As I yell out my support for the teams, I feel as if I am making a HUGE difference!! Imagine this: a team is filled with dejected players because they were swept by a larger and more powerful team yesterday. Then, I come running in like a hero with my fans close behind, and then we cheer until their frowns turn upside down! YOU SEE? CHEERING LOUDLY MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!

Me: Yes, I think it does as well. Okay, final question: What are you guys going to do when this issue of the Neopian Times comes out and you guys find yourselves in it? *grins widely*

Tuskaninny Waitress: That’s a rather odd and irrelevant question... but I guess I’ll pick up my issue like I do every time it comes out, scan over everything, show my customers the fact that I’m famous, and then go back to serving slushies to impatient customers.

Scorchio Referee: I’m going to celebrate with my whistles! I would never have been able to be interviewed if it weren’t for my whistles and my skill at blowing whistles! *chuckles*

Techo Fan: For this next issue, I’m going to shout “HOORAY FOR THIS ISSUE!! I’M IN IT!” and then I’m off to MAKE SOME NOISE!!

Me: Well, that’s very nice to know. Thank you for being here, Tuskaninny Waitress, Scorchio Referee, and Techo Fan. I learned a lot more about you three and I’m glad I got to know more about you. Before we leave, any words of wisdom to every Altador Cup fan out there?

Tuskaninny Waitress: For all of you fans out there, I have this to say: don’t be so rude when you order slushies so that a certain Tuskaninny can turn into a happier one when she serves her customers!

Scorchio Referee: Make sure you pay more attention to the Referee! Stop by to admire his whistles!

Techo Fan: Don’t be shy! SCREAM OUT YOUR SUPPORT!!

As the three of them shuffle out, I ponder over their words. You know, it would be a good idea to show the Tuskaninny a little more respect. I mean, throw in a quick greeting before you demand your slushie or something. After all, you wouldn’t want her to come after you with her slushies, would you?

For the Scorchio and his obsession with whistles, you might want to tell him how shiny the whistles are. I’m sure they’re very shiny. He has shiny whistles! Yay...

Also, the Techo Fan might be right... there’s nothing wrong in showing your support by screaming! You might not want to do that everywhere, though, if you don’t want Neopians questioning your sanity.

That concludes the lovely interview. Oh, and few words of wisdom from the Techo Master: never test depth of water with both feet! :o

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