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Altador Cup IV - What Awaits Us?

by cloudy_7_7


As many of you know, the greatest sport event that Neopia has ever seen is quickly approaching. That’s right, the Altador Cup is coming back in full swing again this year! It may still be about one and a half months before the actual event, but this gives you enough time to get ready for what awaits you in the not so distant future. We are going to discuss the games, players, and who may emerge victorious.

The Players

We shall begin this segment by discussing some of the teams, members, and whether anyone might be retiring or moving to another team.

Roo Island

What better place to start than with last year’s winners themselves, the Roo Islanders? Lilo Blumario is the captain of last year’s winning team, and a very good one at that. He has been nominated for MVP the past three years, finally winning it last year. He was also a forward for an All Neopia team for the past three years. Perhaps we will see a fourth All Neopia appearance from this superb captain? Only time will tell.

Then comes Jair Tollet. She was a forward for team Maraqua before switching over to Roo Island after some ‘difficulties’ with team leader, Elon “The Black Hole” Hughlis, two years ago. Will she leave because of teammates again, or has she found a home?

The rest of the team; Clutch Billaban, Fenny Vail, and Gordo Gunnels, the defensive glue that keeps it all together, are most likely staying with Lilo seeing as there hasn’t been talk of them leaving or retiring in the near future.

Darigan Citadel

*puts on Vintage Darigan Jersey and gets Water Bottle*

*sees you staring* What? Even I have a team. Last year team DC suffered from a fall from grace by getting seventh place after winning the year before. Will they settle for this, or will they get their revenge? We’ll see soon.

*ahem* WOOT! LAYTON VICKLES! YEAH! WOOOOOT! Ok, I’m done now. Well, Layton Vickles is the captain of the Darigan Citadel squad (Hence why I went insane). He’s my favorite. *drools*

*sees you staring again* What? It isn’t like I have a shrine to him in my room or anything. How could you ever suggest that? Oh, you didn’t? Well, I didn’t either. Anyways, he was nominated for MVP in Y8 and won it in Y9. He was also a forward in those same years on an All Neopia team.

The next Darigan we shall discuss is none other than Tandrak Shaye. Sadly, he is injury prone, so it will be interesting to watch him as he may have to quit mid-season due to injuries. We will just have to hope nothing bad happens to him.

The rest of the team, Tormo “The Terror” Frein, Kep Bonnefie, and Reshar Collifey round out the squad with their superb defensive abilities. Also, an almost shameless shout towards Vickles: Can I have your autograph?

Krawk Island

Moving on before I embarrass myself too much. We are now at last year’s runner-ups. Now, there is a very big rumor surrounding this juggernaut. “Dasher” Soley has been hinting towards a retirement in the near future for several years now. Will this year be the year that the nightmare of every Krawk Islander comes true? Possibly.

Ealyn Hawkshanks is the other forward on the team, rounding it out with his sportsmanship and passing abilities. He is a great team player.

The defense is Garven Hale as goalie and Zayle Sufhaux and Nitri Cassale as defenders.

Haunted Woods

Is that tree moving? Well, yes, since it is the Brain Tree. The very first winners of the very first AC. In recorded history, anyways. The HW team shall always be a force to be reckoned with. It is my belief that they will mount a tragic comeback this year after getting seventh in Y9 and eighth in Y10. Will this prediction come to pass, or will the seven who beat them last year keep them from realizing their goal?

Krell Vitor is the captain and defender of this squad. He won MVP in the first AC. Fanetti is the goalie, even though many question whether this is wise, due to his size. But he proves them wrong whenever he stops the opposing team from scoring even once.

The other three players; Zo Junior, Wan Dirx, and Autrey Fulse all add their on abilities to the mix.

Kiko Lake

This team was disqualified last year after a rockslide kept them from participating. What kind of training have they been going through since then? No one knows, but it is certain that this team will be interesting to watch to say the least.


After cheating in the first Altador Cup, Brightvale seemed to learn its lesson and abandoned their underhanded ways since. Will last year’s losing team revert back to its tricks, or have they permanently seen the light?

“Squeaky” Tressif is captain and was the only one who did not use tricks to help his team win in the first AC (although they didn’t win anyways; Haunted Woods made sure of that). He plays as defender (while DEFENDING good sportsmanship. Ha, that‘s a knee slapper. Ok, I’ll stop now) and is a great team leader.

The Games


Let’s start this segment by discussing Yooyuball, often abbreviated as YYB. Yooyuball is the main event, the thing the crazy Techo super fan is a, well, super fan over. In the competition, it carries the most weight of all three games. But don’t think that just because your team wins every YYB match, that means you’ll go home champions. The other games are just as important as YYB. In YYB you want to get the Yooyu and use it to score in the other team's goal. Easier said than done. Especially since there is a Yooyu, Fire Yooyu, Snow Yooyu, Clockwork Yooyu, Faerie Yooyu, Mutant Yooyu, and Darigan Yooyu. And now I shall discuss each of these. The Yooyu is average; no special powers what-so-ever. The Fire Yooyu is super fast. The Snow Yooyu is super SLOW. The Clockwork Yooyu explodes after so long (And makes everyone go FLYING, bwahahaha). The Faerie Yooyu curves as it flies. I hate it. The Mutant Yooyu acts as any of the others. The Darigan Yooyu goes in the opposite direction than it would as a regular Yooyu.

Make Some Noise

And we will now discuss one of these important “mini-games”. Yeah, remember that time when I talked about that crazy Techo super fan? Good times. Well, this next game is based on him. That’s right, it’s Make Some Noise! You just rapidly press two keys that are indicated at the top of the game window in order to get a high score.

Slushie Slinger

Are you thirsty yet? Do you want a nice, refreshing slushie after a long and grueling day in the hot sun? Well, this next game is perfect for making that thirst much, much worse. That’s right, folks, it's Slushie Slinger! You have to sling slushies to the thirsty spectators, while you lick your lips every ten seconds imagining how a lime berry slushie would taste right now. *drinks one* And trust me, they taste wonderful.

Who Will Win?

Finally, we will end this article with who might win. Now, any of the 16 teams that will play have a great chance of success. Will Faerieland or Brightvale win? Will Krawk Island fulfill the role that is expected of them? Will Roo Island capture another victory? Will Darigan Citadel or the Haunted Woods come back and reclaim former glory? Perhaps Kiko Lake will steal the spotlight? I’ll meet you this summer to answer these questions and more in what is to be guaranteed as the most thrilling and suspenseful Altador Cup in all of recorded history. Only one team will win. Are you ready?

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