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The One about Lightmites: Part Three

by jack_skelling10


14 March

Not much headway has been made in making use of the Lightmite fluid, I regret to write. The liquid appears to be acidic, which makes handling it very difficult. I have already burnt myself numerous times, and am forced to wear cloth wrapped round my paws at all times. Gustav seemed much astonished upon seeing my bandages. I suppose it reminded him of his old master.

21 March

Spring is here.

28 March

I know not what has come over me! A sort of black depression has wrapped itself around my brain, oozing its malice upon my emotions! Is it truly the lack of progress in my research or has that old witch left more of an impression on my mind than I allow myself to believe?

4 April

Success at last! I dare not write it down now, for my paws are trembling so mightily, I fear I may spill ink and ruin all!

5 April

The Lightmite fluid - which I have dubbed ElivLite - glows with a vibrancy unlike any other light source! It was a complex chemical reaction (which I shall not place here for fear I should fill up the rest of this book with the formulas!) but essentially the main element was water! I had not thought such a contrasting combination was possible, but a drop of water for five drops of ElivLite causes the latter to shine even brighter than the electrical lights of the city! Unfortunately, my discovery could not ever be marketed - the destruction of Lightmites would be far more harsh than even the most iron-willed man could endure. True, I did not begin this project to become rich and famous, but to write a thesis, to which I could obtain a higher degree in my science; however, fame and fortune would have been a pleasant corollary.

9 April

I notice that I neglected to put up my B.L. certificate. Perhaps this will motivate me to keep upon the straight and narrow, and as such, no longer entertain such wild notions of fame. As it is rather late as I pen this, I shall have to put off doing so until tomorrow.

21 May

I still feel very much ill, so for now I shall only put that I have been in a rather unfortunate accident, which is the cause of the long absence between entries. Some would consider this a fool's act to keep writing even now, but I would like to have some sort of record of my younger life to look back upon as I age.

1 June

My head is much more clear now, though I confess to still be in much pain. As to what has happened to my poor self, it began with hanging that accursed certificate. I suppose it was mostly my undoing, as I never managed to tell Gustav to tighten the fixings on the artifacts. As can be conjectured from this mangled description, I was attempting to hammer the frame to the wall, and a great shield fell from high above me. I remember not what happened after, of course, but Gustav had heard the commotion and thus, saved my life, for I am certain I would have died under the weight of the thing. As such, only my face was mangled from the elaborate engravings of the shield, my left side taking the most damage. Ultimately, it was Edna the witch who truly rescued me, as she healed my wounds with her potions and stitched up my face. I admit to being only semi-conscious throughout these past weeks, mostly delirious from pain. Weak as I was, I nearly fainted upon seeing my reflection one day in the ill-placed mirror in my room. As Edna had once aptly put it, I am the spitting image of my grandfather. My left eye appears to be permanently stained from the broken blood vessels - or as Sally the cook remarked, "Eternally bloodshot"; also, the fur on the left had to be cut away for the wounds to be cleaned, and, though I knew not this before, Kacheek skin is white.

Perhaps I should don my grandfather's old clothes to fully complete my hideous appearance!

6 June

The Lightmites are gone. Gustav released them sometime during my recuperation. I realize that he did such an act for the sake of the petpetpets, but I feel as though I have lost my best friends.

10 June

Edna visited today, looking most out of place in her wild clothes, and gave to me a few potions to ease my pain, which I confess is slowly waning. I noticed she looked about herself warily as if searching for my grandfather's ghost. Oh, how I wish to have told her that his ghost might not be amongst the walls, but in flesh and bone - mine!

15 June

I admit to being depressed.

21 June


2 July

My curiosity has not been intrigued ever since the discovery of ElivLite - which I may say, still is aglow, to my delight - but Gustav has been acting most strangely, caring about with him always this old book. I had noticed him gazing into its pages many a night ever since coming to this place, but never with such intensity as now. Being still upset over the Lightmite incident, I have not the motivation to inquire.

7 July

There is kindness in the world! The twin maids brought to me a Lightmite! Instead of using it as a test subject, I have decided to keep the creature for what it is - a petpetpet. For its name, I chose Pebeanjay, Jay for short. T’is an odd name, I realize, but as no one else is around to critique, it matters not.

10 July

It is a book of anagrams! I finally worked up the nerve to ask Gustav of his book, who promptly showed me as if he had been meaning to ask me all this while. Apparently, he had been attempting to decipher a particularly knotty riddle. He inquired after my assistance, which I was hesitant to give, fearing the genetics would also bring upon insanity through riddles, but I recklessly took a glance regardless. How silly I felt when I saw the word! T-E-E-S-N-N-I. Intense. I suppose it was the doubling of the letters that threw off the old butler! Gustav remarked upon my astuteness and speed of my decoding, and indeed, I felt quite a sense of pride, for I never have been one for puzzles.

16 July

Anagrams are fascinating! The numerous ways one can twist a word into incomprehensible gibberish is astounding. As I am forced to remain inside all day as the sun's harsh rays would burn my unprotected face, I have naught else to do. My research has been completed, I have created a new light source - why not retire early?

25 July

My grandfather had not gone insane from trying to decipher a riddle; this I finally understand. Gustav has told me the true story: my poor grandfather did indeed have an affinity for anagrams, 'tis true, but it was old age that wiped the old boy out. The rumors that that old witch must have heard were merely started by the coincidence that he passed away whilst finishing an anagram puzzle. Compassion and pity I never felt before for this ancestor of mine filled me as I now understand how he felt - to not finish a puzzle is maddening. Gustav, to relieve all of my doubts, showed me the infamous riddle itself: R-L-C-A-U-T-A-O-C-L. Calculator! A bit on the advanced side, but nothing too terrible. My worries over myself replacing Eliv Thade the First have dissipated and I am much engrossed in the many anagram books in the library.

13 August

I have not slept. Who knew riddles could be so demanding? One in particular took me a full week of many hours searching through a great many books to decipher! But strangely, I adore it. Perhaps it is the scientist in me, never satisfied until a conclusion has been made. Gustav is delighted at my new hobby and has purchased for me a new anagram book. I must give him a raise.

21 August

I cannot figure it out. I must have read all the books in the house, but not one contained this particular assortment of letters that this accursed book has presented! I confronted Gustav, asking if this was a sort of joke, a comedic play on my confinement (though who would be laughing, I cannot conjecture). He denied it, of course, and later I felt guilt that I had even accused him of such an act. Gustav did not write the book, and so he is not to blame.

3 September

Fell asleep upon my desk, which is littered with many papers as I search endlessly for the answer. I am unsure as to the reason, but was in a black mood when I awoke. I noticed Jay flitting about his jar and for an inexplicable reason, this irked me, and as such, I seized the glass bottle with a great suddenness and threw it across the room. It smashed with a reverberating shatter, and at that sudden sound, I felt shame well within me. Fortunately, Jay was not wounded, but he refuses to come near me, and has now made a home at the top of a bookshelf. I cannot say that I blame him. What has come over me?

5 September

I must buy more pie.

12 September

I notice that Jay is not well. Perhaps it is because he too has an anagram to solve.

15 September

This pack of colored pencils is missing the color green. How else shall I draw a picture of myself if I lack that color?!

20 September

I fear for my sanity. Who else but one lacking proper wits would have penned those last entries? I would quit this anagram-induced nightmare, but the scientist in me will not allow such a thing. I must find the answer.

22 September

Ywh od I tno mpilsy eta htsi kobo dan lolaw ti ot ffuidse niot ym narib?

2 October

I tusm rkow pu eht reven ot ndif het tyci fo tslo logd ro Yaj lwli erenv ievl eevrrfo!

13 October

Jay escaped today. I must confess that this is not a surprise. Even the most small of creatures could not tolerate the ramblings of a lunatic. Oddly, the servants do not much notice my behavior, most specifically Gustav. I feel as though they knew this was to happen.

21 October

The answer is close, I can feel it As long as I can write coherently, I can think as such.

24 October

Ipe si oodg.

27 October

I am tired. My mind cannot take much more of this. Perhaps I should stop resisting and give in. The beckoning arms of lunacy are most welcoming.

28 October

I llsah pone ym won wolfer pohs.

30 October

Gustav presented this riddle to me with full intention. He knew I could not solve it, and would follow my grandfather's path. How I know this to be true, I can say not, but I feel the certainty of this speculation. Even my corrupted physique was his doing, as it was he who persuaded me to leave the Mansion, most likely entertaining thoughts of my being hurt, so as to mimic my grandfather's appearance. It was mere chance the accident happened at home. As for his reasons, I also cannot guess. Inheritance money, perchance, but also for thrill. To have the irreproducible power of causing someone such distress as insanity, would give one the sense of supremacy - such an evil act I should never have thought from anyone, much less my butler. Was Edna part of this as well? I believe not, as I believe it is my apprehension over becoming my grandfather that has kept me sane thus far, and this knowledge I would not have had were not for her.

I must leave.

31 October

Ltiovse rae dre,

Rsoes rae lube,

I ma snaein wno,

Adn tusck reeh oto.

The End

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