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If Neopia Were Plantopia, An April Fool's Day Joke

by wildanimal7722


Accompanying the last April Fool's day, TNT played their annual prank on all of Neopia. In the past, some of these pranks have been funny, some not so much, and others, much like neocharge back in Y8, just plain cruel. This year was the announcement of “Neoplants” taking over. So instead of having those pesky Neopets whining all the time about “I want this” and “I want that” they'd all be replaced by some adorable vines. All they'd need is water and sunlight, no toys or books, they'd be very money efficient. But what if “Plantopia” weren't a joke? What would all of Neopia turn into?

Plantopia Central

In this new world of plants, Neopia Central would be replaced with Plantopia Central. Here there are many places to visit with your plant. First off, why don't we stop at the Fertilizer Shop? Here you can purchase many different kinds of fertilizer and compost for your lovely plant. Hey, that bedding's got to stay fresh one way or another. Then you can take a stroll down to the Buggy Shop. Plants need friends too, so why not get yours a cute little bug to play with? Just make sure the bug doesn't eat your delicate plant. One last stop would be to the Nutrient Store. Get water and many other nutrients to help your Neoplant grow strong and healthy.


Plantaqua is all the rage for aquatic plants. Replacing the world of Maraqua, there are many things to do here too. Maybe you want to take your plant to the Aqua Buggy Shop. These small aquatic bugs are great for plants like lily pads and cattails. While you're here, you might want to stop by the fishing hole. Maybe if you're lucky, your Skunk Lettuce might catch a Neopet!


Ah yes, one of my personal favorites, the new Shenkuu; Bambuu. If you're an avid avatar hunter, you may want to stop by Chef Bonsai's place and see if you can solve the mystery behind that elusive avatar. After an hour of watching poor Chef Bonsai become charred and withered with every failed attempt, why not head on over to the exotic soil shop. This soil is all natural and has many nutrients for your plant. Once you are done buying some fresh soil, straight from the mountains, why not head over to the Lunar Circle? Here your Neoplant can get special strength from the magical rays of the moon Krelotus. These special rays only have an effect while at the Lunar Circle, the highest point in all of Bambuu.


Why not stop at Aphidor, formally known as Altador? First, let's go to the Hall of Holly. Here you can access the history of famous plants in Aphidor's history, while viewing statues of each of them. Some of the plants in the Hall of Holly are Lilyia, the first to grow, and even King Aphidor himself.

Next we'll stop at the Aphidor Archvines. There's lots to do here. Among these activities, there is reading to your plant and many different clubs, including the Astronomy Club where you can observe Krelotus. One last stop to the Aphidor Defence Store before we move on. Here you can purchase magical defence items for your plants to use in the Vinedome. Here your plants can battle one another in a rousing battle. How exactly plants fight, I do not know

Kumquat Island

On Kumquat Island, plants belonging to the genus Krameriaceae were first discovered. Kumquat Island is the new Krawk Island. While you're here, why not play a fun game of Dalea Ball? This interesting game is much like soccer. Two Buggies have to move a ball around and get it into the other Buggy's goal. Like I said, much like soccer. After playing several rounds of that, you and your Neoplant must be getting hungry. So head on down to the Golden Daffodil for a bite. With their great gourmet compost, it's one of the best restaurants in all of Plantopia.

Lost Seedsert

The former Lost Desert, the Lost Seedsert is still a very dry place, just waiting to be explored. You may want to take a gander on down to Colts Foot's Shrine. The famous plant king was poisoned, which led to his death. Someone had mixed poison into his water and... well, no need to get into the entire long story. Anyways, after you do or possibly don't receive a blessing from King Colt's Foot, then you may want to head over to the city of Sago Palm. There is much to buy here, like many dried, sandy fertilizers for your plant, weapons and defence items only from the Lost Seedsert that your plant can use in the Vinedome, and much more. You and your Neoplant could also stop by Sago Palm Solitaire, and play a couple of games to cool off a bit after spending all day in the sun. Even your little Neoplant doesn't like that much sun.

Magnolia Island

Welcome to the beautiful and tropical Magnolia Island. Once known as Mystery Island, this large island is quite the tourist attraction. Here you can play a free game of Toad Shade, winning prizes, plantpoints, and for those unlucky ones, nothing. Or you could do a Kitchen Quest and help the Fox Glove Chef gather the ingredients for the meal he must cook. After you are done helping the Chef, why not head on over to the Lost City of Ginkgo (well, not so lost anymore). Here you can venture inside the Deserted Planting Pot, where you can find riches, or be chased off by a rabid fly catcher. But if you aren't up for that risk, maybe you would like to just get a Tropical Buggy at either the Lost City of Ginkgo Buggy shop, or the Rose Pool.


Our last stop for the day will be at the world of Tansyrannia, the former Tyrannia. This ancient land of stone is not the best place for plants to live, but the forest section is very nice, with fertile soil. You can visit the Cave paintings, which has many drawings done by these strange, unknown creatures called Neopets. As mysterious as they are, they are also very beautiful, if I do say so myself. After this, you may want to do the the giant compost pile. Here, you can get a free mound of compost just for your plant! That's how nice the people of Tansyrannia are. Once you are happy with your new compost, maybe you'll head over to the Cotton Hall, and see a musical performance by your favorite plant groups. Make sure you buy a ticket first, though!

So this is just a small tour of some of the places around what may have been Plantopia. Now why don't you go back home to your planting pot... I mean neohome and get a good night's sleep after a long day of exploring.

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