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Unsung No More. Neopian Heroes Revealed!

by jayo289


Neopia is filled with shops and services that I am sure you use daily. But do you ever stop to thank these Neopians who provide you with the food you need, or perhaps a boost in health? No? How about a courteous thank you? I didn’t think so. Well, while taking a few trips around Neopia, I decided to write some notes on some of the unsung workers, who diligently take the time to serve you and your neopets’ enjoyment. Although it was impossible to include everyone, I chose five Neopians who seem to be taken for granted by many of us every day, but who never seem to complain or have a bad word to say about anybody, but instead diligently work away to make Neopia a better place for everyone to live. After all, without them, where would we be today?

1) Post Office Chias

I’m sure that all of you early-Lennies, and stamp collectors know exactly whom I’m talking about here. The quietest of workers, the Chias work very early indeed, making their rounds to your Neohomes and delivering your Neomail whatever the weather may be. Whether it’s the freezing climate of Terror Mountain, or the sinking depths of Maraqua where your home is situated, they deliver you letters and gifts without giving it a second thought. I’m sure most of you get up early enough to maybe hear your Neobox open and close without giving it a second thought, and those of you who like a little lie in, I bet you wonder who delivers that Neomail you so eagerly await every morning. Well, now you know. These Chias risk getting knocked off their feet by eager Gelerts, or abducted by angry Sloth minions who are intent on brainwashing them for their own evil plans of neomail domination... ahem, well, whatever the case, they brave the morning and always have a nice smile and a catchy whistle. So perhaps next time we can all say a nice ‘hello’, and a polite ‘thank you’ whenever you see them. I know I will.

2) Hospital Gelert

I for one know that deep down I don’t really want to see the lovely Gelert that diagnoses any illness that your Neopet might get. I’m sure I speak for us all when I say that I completely hate to see my dear Neopets with a nasty disease that is completely foreign to me. But it does happen sometimes, whether it was from travelling through the vast sand dunes of the Lost Desert, or depositing a scarab at the Qasalan Expellibox only to find that it contained a contagious illness. Whatever the cause, we can all quickly run to the hospital in Neopia Central to find out what this illness is, and what to use for a cure. The kind Gelert performs these services for us all free of charge, giving us helpful advice of symptoms and remedies for the cure. This helpful Neopet could quite easily charge neopoints for this service, due to it being a necessity for the wellbeing of our loyal companions, but it’s all completely free. I know we’re all very impatient to run off to the pharmacy and get our Neopets back to tip-top Battledome-fighting shape, but I think we could all take the time to thank this loyal and selfless Gelert for all his invaluable help and information. He definitely does deserve it.

3) The Water Faerie

A lot farther away than the previous two Neopian helpers, Faerieland is filled with... you guessed it, Faeries. It’s quite a journey to get to this magical place, but when you arrive, you’re sure to see the long line leading to the healing springs, home to the Water Faerie. Neopians flock from all over the world to experience her magic, and maybe buy a special potion to keep your Neopets healthy. I know I try to go as often as I can, but it’s usually just a quick stop before I jet off to Mystery Island for an afternoon at the beach. But with the thousands who visit her daily, I wonder how many actually recognise her talents and help. Although her magic is limited due to the amount of Neopians that visit her, she can heal your Neopets, give you potions, or get rid of hunger, all free of charge. This is likely to leave her awfully tired, but regardless of that fact, she still arrives every day to keep everything in perfect shape. I know that the next time I take a visit to the wonderful Water Faerie; I’ll take the time to chat, and thank her immensely for her work in Neopia.

4) Sabre X

Another far away land, my worldwide search for the unrecognised Neopian workers took me to Tyrannia, where I came across the giant omelette. Now of course everybody knows about the giant omelette, and whether you use it or not, it is a big landmark in Neopia. But does everybody remember the faithful protector of that omelette, stopping villains who could try to use it for their own omelette throwing schemes? Sabre X is invaluable to looking after the omelettes and making sure that everybody has a chance to get some. It’s one slice per day, and he always knows if you try to sneak seconds! So watch out, or you’ll be facing him in the Battledome. His service is one that keeps peace in Neopia, and stops arguments over who gets the last piece of the omelette (he does, of course!). So maybe next time you could talk to him, and make his job a little happier, or even offer him some of your omelette. He must get mighty hungry guarding that omelette all day and night. And you can always pay a visit to the jel... I mean soup faerie, eheheh!

5) Tiki Tack Tombola Native

Journeying farther around Neopia still, we come to the last of my five Neopians, and he’s found in Mystery Island. I for one like to go to Mystery Island often as I find the natives very friendly, and think it’s generally a fun place to be, and my first stop is always the Tombola to try my luck and see if I’ll win something special. Upon arriving, I always see the smiling... mask of the Tombola native, who gives me one free go a day. It a great game of chance, and sometimes even if I lose, the native is kind enough to give me a ‘booby prize’. His generosity has previously gone unnoticed, but now I realise that he deserved to be recognised as one of the great Neopian workers. That smile of his mask never disappears, and his prize stock is limitless. He’s also very kind, and I think it’s about time we repaid that kindness, even by a simple greeting or short conversation. I’m sure it will make his job more worthwhile, and make that smile even bigger.

So there you have it. The five under-recognised Neopian workers who I think deserve some praise for their selfless work every single day. Now I’m sure you’re thinking ‘But I know some other workers who I think should be recognised’ and you’re completely right. Every single Neopian does a commendable job daily, and works hard to make it a happy place for us all to live. I simply picked five people who I personally see quite often. But don’t just limit yourself to the five I’ve mentioned. Go out and recognise the effort of any Neopian worker who is doing a good job. From Altador and Shenkuu, to Meridell and Darigan Citadel. Even if you see Doctor Sloth, don’t forget to congratulate him on his determination to take over Neopia! Your one bit of kindness can go a long way.

Thanks for reading!

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