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More Than Just Cheap Regular Foods

by twilight_vampiregirl


So we have all heard of getting free food from the giant omelette, giant jelly, and the soup faerie’s kitchen. We have heard about getting cheap food like, I don’t know, maybe a Hot Buttered Baguette or a Lemon Sprinkle Doughnut, or a Hot Dog. But why not mention the items you can make from Jhuidah’s Cooking Pot? They may be a bit more expensive still since they take more than one item but they are good foods. I will soon be putting a complete list on one of my pets’ web pages, probably my Aisha’s, so if you want more recipes please look at that. But now it is time to introduce the recipes.

Recipe one: Matoast - Snack

This food is made of Stale Bread, which is around 250 neopoints, and Baby Tomatoes, which are around 250 neopoints also. So for around 500 neopoints and a trip to the Cooking Pot in Mystery Island, you could have something new to eat. However, one thought on this recipe. Why does the bread have to be stale? Why can’t we use kacheek bread or peach bread or yeasty or flat bread? It should have been ionic or altadorian bread? Or how about Jelly bread? There are so many breads out there and they chose stale bread? Wow. I cannot believe it. Wow.

Recipe Two: Chicken Bread Bowl - Lunch

Ah, one of my personal favorites because it is yummy and cheap. This splendid recipe is made up of just two ingredients, Orange Chicken, which is only about 25 neopoints on the Shop Wizard, and Neowaiian Bread, which is around 100 neopoints on the Shop Wizard. So altogether we spent 125 neopoints on the Chicken Bread Bowl. See, I told you it was cheap.

Recipe 3: Ice Chocolate Cake - Dessert

This superb dessert is made of Chocolate Cake, which is around the small amount of 300 neopoints, so that isn’t too much, and is also made up by an Icy Negg. An Icy Negg might end up being a little pricey. There are three quick ways to get one. The Trading Post is one, though it will probably cost a lot. On the Shop Wizard, it only costs about 2000 neopoints at the least, or you can by just playing Key Quest. Any key you win from Key Quest except lead gives you the chance to get an Icy Negg. However, this is not guaranteed. But you can see if someone will trade an Icy Negg with what you win. So you can get this cake for around 2500 neopoints.

Recipe 4: Cherry Neocola - Drink

As you might have guessed the two ingredients are Cherries and A Can of Neocola. The Can of Neocola costs about 400 neopoints. The Cherries cost about 250 neopoints on Shop Wizard. So this drink costs about 650 neopoints. Please, please, remember that this only works with a plain Can of Neocola, not diet neocola, not caffeine free neocola, not apple or raspberry or grapefruit neocola, or a dancing neocola can. This only works with a plain old Can of Neocola. This is the same with Cherries. It does not work with organic cherries, cherries jubilee, sand cherries, jelly, cherries, or chocolate covered cherries. Just regular Cherries.

Number 5: Cream Roll - Breakfast

This breakfast meal will definitely wake you up when you taste the delicious mixture of Strawberries And Cream Baby Food and a Jam Pastry. The Strawberries And Cream Baby Food is around 210 neopoints and the Jam Pastry is around 900 neopoints on the Shop Wizard. So, if you are looking for a yummy breakfast for your neopet, look no further. At around 1100 neopoints, this gives any neopet a great breakfast.

Recipe 6: Chicken Roll - Lunch

The Chicken Roll has two simple things in it. And those are Spicy Wings and Hot Cakes. Hot Cakes cost about 200 neopoints and Spicy Wings cost about 280 neopoints. This whole thing costs about 480 neopoints. But be warned; when your pet eats this, they better have a drink close by. This thing is spicy!

So we have planned all the meals for our neopets. We have Breakfast, Lunch, Drink, Snack, Dinner, and Dessert. But now I’m putting some very interesting recipes down for you.

Weird Recipe 1: Stuffed Surprise

Ewww. This looks and tastes disgusting. Well, to my pets anyway. Your pets might like it. This contains two ingredients. They are an Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) at 300 neopoints and Chewing Dung at 65 neopoints. The whole thing only costs about 365 neopoints.

Weird Recipe 2: Pizapple Surprise

Who thought of this? They put pizza stuff in an apple! An apple, people!! This used to be a perfectly good pizza and a perfectly good apple! You know it is sort of like the Matoast. Why couldn’t we put a pineapple in an apple? Or jelly beans or jelly coffee? But no, they had to ruin it by putting pizza stuff in the apple. So, in this recipe there is Cheese (just cheese not organic cheese or something) at around 400 neopoints, a Green Apple that is around 400 neopoints also and a Negg at 600 neopoints. Wait, how does a NEGG fit into a pizza? But then how does a pizza fit into an apple? This is messed up. Pizzas don’t go with apples and neggs definitely do not mix with pizzas. And apples, well, of course they don’t go good with neggs OR pizza. What has happened to this world? We are to the point of mixing pizza with negg?

Weird Recipe 3: Gwernial

This is made of a Grunion at 2000 neopoints and Gwermal, which is at like, what, that can’t be right! A Gwermal at 30000 neopoints? What? You have to be kidding. We spend 32000 neopoints on an ugly onion thing. I refuse to believe this. There, I said it.

Weird Recipe 4: Melted Delight

This thing is made of Faerie Block Mallows at 2000 neopoints and Crabett 50 neopoints. Well, this thing is certainly weird. Yup, can’t deny that. But we have to spend 2050 on this thing. Weird.

Weird Recipe 5: Banana Grub

Who thought of doing this? Bananas? Mixed with grubs? NO! Well, in this creation there are Organic Bananas at 400 neopoints and a retired Wriggling Grub at 300 neopoints. Grubs and bananas don’t mix!

Well, that’s it. Remember, my Aisha’s pet page will soon have the entire recipe list. Have fun feeding your pets new and interesting foods.

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