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Neggs and the Wonderful Things They Do

by danceswithpampers


Also written by windatmyback

They’re relatively round in shape. They’re occasionally edible. They tend to alter your Neopet in one way or another. They taunt you in Meerca Chase. That’s right, you guessed it correctly: They’re neggs, and they’re coming for you. Seriously, they’re coming. Why are you still reading this?!

Okay, so they’re not coming for you [;)], but if they were coming after you, we can’t honestly say that we’d be surprised. Whether you restock them from the Neopian Fresh Food Market, snipe them from a fellow Neopian’s shop, or trade for them at the Neopian Neggery, Neggs are one of the most interesting, delicious items in all of Neopia. Unlike most foods in Neopia, however, Neggs have special abilities that set them apart from every other Neopian food – not to mention they’re awfully pretty! Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal, or a unique gift, there is a Negg to suit your every need, for every occasion!

1. Cackling Negg:

We’re going to start this list off right. Why, then, are we starting it with the Cackling Negg, you ask? Well, because it cackles, and we feel that that makes it qualify for the top of the list. Seriously, though, this Negg is actually very unique. “This evil Negg will grant your pet the ability Shadow Health, for use in the Battledome.” You heard right. It’s evil, and it helps your pet in the Battledome. In addition to those two lovely, little qualities, this Negg looks really very cool. Does it get any better than that? We don’t think so. This Negg is in a class of its own. It’s only available for sale in the Neopian Neggery, and it costs ninety-six tokens. It may seem a little costly at first, but we think you’ll really enjoy this Negg. After all, it cackles, remember?

2. Christmas Pattern Negg:

Are you feeling a little festive? The Christmas Pattern Negg is perfect for you, then! With a base as white as snow, this little Negg is decorated with crimson red stripes and green, hand drawn Christmas trees, which perfectly accent this holiday-inspired Negg. Though not budget friendly, the Christmas Pattern Negg is the perfect addition to any Negg-lover’s gallery. Also, for those with extra neopoints to spare, the Christmas Pattern Negg is a gourmet food! (Though, we only suggest feeding this Negg to your Neopet if you are completely certain that you want to do such a thing.) Exquisite in both flavor and physique, the Christmas Pattern Negg, which is worth eight Negg tokens at the Neggery, is a beautiful, truly timeless Negg.

3. Cool Negg:

Who doesn’t love things that are cool, right? Exactly, and with that being said, I’d like to introduce you to what is possibly the coolest Negg in Neopia. The Cool Negg (Someone was really creative with the name, right, right? anyway...) “is for cool Neopets only.” With its carrot colored exterior and tinted shades, the Cool Negg is perfect for any Neopet who’s a member of the “in” crowd. Costing a total of two hundred and forty-seven Tokens – a very reasonable price for such a chic Negg – the Cool Negg is more than just a fashion icon. This exceptionally stylish Negg actually has the ability to increase your Neopet’s level by one or two points, as well as the ability to increase your Neopet’s strength, hit points, or agility by one to three points. It’s no wonder that this Negg is all the rage.

4. Happy Negg:

The name of this Negg alone is enough to make you smile. The Happy Negg, which can be purchased at the Neopian Neggery for the tiny price of four Tokens, has a bright, cheery yellow base and can be distinguished by its broad, smiling face. The purpose of this Negg can be detected by a mere glance. When your Neopet is having a tough day, this Negg is just the thing to lift his or her spirits. Yup, you guessed it. The Happy Negg increases your Neopet’s happiness level, with little effort and a big smile. This little Negg is the perfect “pick me up.”

5. Dung Negg:

Mmmm, nothing is quite like the sultry aroma of a Dung Negg in the morning. Now, don’t come to a rash decision involving this Negg. Sure, it’s made of dung, but keep in mind that it is a Negg. And after all, most Neopians would agree that Neggs are delicious. “If you can get past the smell, this Negg is rather delicious!” This seemingly putrid Negg is actually quite tasty; you just have to have an extremely large appetite and... perhaps a nearby bathroom, just in case things don’t work as planned... Really, though! It’s quite delicious! –shudders-

6. Cupid Negg:

Ah, love is in the air, or love is in the Negg – whichever you’d prefer. The Cupid Negg is the image of all things lovely. Shot straight through the core with Cupid’s arrow, this soft pink Negg, complemented with delicate, creamy swirls of white, reminds us of those we care for most – whether it be our friends, family, or our pet rock. This lovely Negg would fit flawlessly in a love-themed gallery, and it also makes a fantastic gift for those you treasure most. Why not tell your favorite Neofriend – or Neopet for that matter! – how much you care with this charming Negg?

7. Happy Anniversary Negg:

Sometimes, words simply cannot express the emotions you experience. When these events arise, it can be beneficial to have something to show how we feel. The Happy Anniversary Negg serves that very purpose. This exceptionally elegant Negg acts as a platform, displaying a truly exquisite diamond ring intended for your special someone. After the dazzling ring has been removed from this alluring delicacy, the Happy Anniversary Negg may be consumed, as it is a gourmet food and can bring your Neopet closer to obtaining a trophy! Two gifts in one!

8. Congratulations Negg:

Similar to the Happy Anniversary Negg, the Congratulations Negg serves two primary purposes. The first and probably most obvious purpose (considering a Negg is an edible Neopian item) is to satisfy that rumbling tummy. Before indulging, however, the Congratulations Negg acts as a way to fully congratulate a friend on a job well done. Decorated with bright, vibrantly colored balloons, sitting happily on a bright yellow base, the Congratulations Negg is certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face. What better way to express a “hoorah” than by a delicious little Negg?!

9. Kaleideonegg:

The Kaleideonegg is one of the most interesting Neggs in all of Neopia (and yes, I realize that that can probably be said about any of the Neggs in Neopia, but this Negg really deserves such praise!). The bright, colorful surface of the Kaleideonegg might give away its function, but in case its purpose isn’t perfectly clear, we’ll let you in on the secret behind the distinctiveness of this Negg. Much like the Secret Laboratory, the Kaleideonegg has the ability to randomly alter your Neopet by increasing or decreasing your Neopet’s stats, altering the species of your Neopet, or even changing its color! Pretty cool, right? We think so too. Though this Negg comes with a relatively expensive price tag (generally priced around 100,000 Neopoints*), unless purchased at the Neggery for fifty-two Tokens, the Kaleideonegg is certainly one for the books.

10. Fish Negg:

The Fish Negg: one of the rarest, most elusive Neggs in all of Neopia. Shaped to perfectly mirror one of our aquatic friends, the Fish Negg is matchless in both color and taste (though with its elevated level of rarity, eating this Negg would not be an advisable activity). While its exact purpose is not evident, the Fish Negg is a truly striking Negg. Featured in games such as Meerca Chase, the Fish Negg is one of the most sought-after Neggs in Neopia, second only – perhaps – to the 00 Negg, of which has been rumored to not exist at all. Nevertheless, this ultra rare Negg is one to remember.

So, there you have it. Neggs, whether eaten or placed delicately upon the highest shelf in your living room, are one of the most fascinating, appetizing items in all of Neopia. From their many unique abilities to their various exterior shells, the Negg is unlike anything else in existence. Hopefully, now that you have finished reading our article, you will feel compelled to go out and sample a Negg for yourself (that is, if you haven’t already!). Bon appétit, happy battling, and good luck!

*Price determined via regular shop wizard, trading post, and super shop wizard.

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