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Top Tips for Neohomes 2.0

by danielleplicka


Everyone wants that "perfect" neohome. But what is perfect when it comes to decorating? Well, I can tell you it doesn't matter what everybody else thinks. It's natural to want some good critique from other players every now and again, to help you find your perfect taste, but make sure but it's mostly YOU who enjoys your home. It's for you and your neopets, not other players and theirs, so if they choose to be rude and insult your neohome without proper critique, just ignore it and move on.

There are some general tips that you might enjoy, however. Personally, I like it when other people enjoy my home almost as much as I do, so I've figured out some things people usually like in a neohome. Once again, remember, if you cannot make these tips work to your taste, DO NOT USE THEM. They are suggestions only, and I wish you take them as nothing more. If you find out you can make them work to your appeal, then feel free to use them in your neohome that way.

Tip #1: Make Rooms

Probably the most basic piece of advice--when it comes to neohoming--out there. Have a kitchen, a bathroom, some bedrooms, a living room, etc. Most of the time it would look much better than one big jumble of a room with random beds and couches and tables. You can add flooring and wall paper to different areas of the neohome for a reason!

Tip #2: Color Coordinate

Yet another simple, but overlooked tip. Occasionally you can make random colors look nice together; other times not. Not many people like having just one color in one room, so don't! Take multiple items with the same colors that will combine to create the perfect room. There are many perfect combinations, and I hope you get what I mean. For example, red wall, wooden flooring, red, gold, and green furniture with the occasional exception of something brown or gray.

Tip #3: Separate Rooms

Do more than just separate rooms by choosing different color flooring and wall paint for each part. There are some items in Neopia, that if you flip around, you can turn into the perfect divider! I won't spoil any secrets, but perhaps you should take a look in some other peoples' neohomes just to have a peek at what I mean!

Tip #4: Don't leave too much space; don't crowd with too much furniture

Perhaps you want a very spacey or very crowded neohome. Fine, that's up to you. But sometimes it looks much better when you have an equal amount of space and furniture to add up to a balanced scale. If you have two rooms right next to each other, and one room has too much space and the other is too jumbled up, expand the crowded room and shrink the spacey one. Most of the time this does just the trick to perfect and top off a great neohome.

Tip #5: Match a room to your pet's personality!

If you're going to place your pets in your neohome, maybe make them their own personal space: a bedroom! Maybe match it to their color or personality to really throw the room together with them in it. Maybe for certain colored pets you could match up their color with the type of wall paints that are named after a region of Neopia. Or even, go to the NC mall and purchase some furniture from one of the many lands in Neopia that match where your neopet is from. There is plenty for pirates, islanders, Maraquans; you could even just throw together a random collection for the family lab rat!

Tip #6: Don't abuse decorating the exterior!

The first place you see when you go to your neohome is your yard; the exterior of your house complete with little trees and plants and any other decorations you have chosen to put out there. Many feel as if the yard isn't important and to just deal with decorating the inside. I can't force you to do anything, but might I add that the yard is a very important place to decorate! Dazzle yourself and others by having an amazing yard first thing. Maybe try to match the trinkets with the surroundings; many dark, spooky things for the Haunted Woods and Darigan Citadel, Autumn colors for Altador, and so on.

Tip #7: Expensive doesn't always mean better

You don't have to buy a 50k piece of furniture when there is a substitute nearly as good for 5k. If you can truly afford it, great! Spend, spend, spend! But don't disappoint yourself when you see you can't afford your dream chair or bed. Really hunt around; maybe you can find something equally good for much, much cheaper! Who knows? I understand not everyone can use the NC mall either, but I personally only have two NC items in my neohome and I think it looks great. Don't upset yourself if there is a really fluffy couch you can't afford or cannot get; just substitute for a while and buy it later. You might even get attached to the replacement you buy!

Tip #8: Improvise!

With Neohomes 2.0, not all furniture works. So, sometimes, you have to improvise with what you CAN get! To make a pool or a pond, use some rugs. Use pictures or posters for fencing. Use tables, couches, and lamps to create a fireplace! Some people can't make this work for them, and sometimes it's just bad luck. But there is an endless amount of creativity in Neopia, so if you like the idea, test it out a bit! A lot of the time, when someone comes up with a great improvised idea, it spreads and many people use it and love it. Maybe if you try hard enough, you could come up with the next greatest neohome idea!

I hope you enjoy the little ideas I pitched for all the neohomers out there. You can do so much with Neohomes 2.0, and it's so much fun! I would absolutely love it if you took a look at my neohome for some other ideas, but always remember, it's YOUR neohome and all that matters is that YOU like it. Happy neohoming!

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