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Spots - Just as Amazing

by sapphirewatercrystal


The Rainbow Pool - Okay, I'll admit it. The Spotted color is boring. Why would you want to spend around 540k just to see your Neopet with black splotches all over its body resembling an always bruised and battered body? Well, of course not. Now, what about the irregular Spotted pets? Those are impressive. What's that? You need proof, do you? Is my waxing poetic not enough for you? Fine, fine. Then let me show you the beauties...

With a Spotted Pet Here, and a Spotted Pet There...

The Tuskaninny - Surf's Up!

First up, it's the Tuskaninny. A Spotted paint job gives the water-dwelling pet the appearance of a realistic seal, complete with a grayish body and a black speckled back. Not many Neopians can afford or be lucky enough to obtain a Maraquan Shoyru, and a Spotted Tuskaninny comes as a much cheaper alternative to fulfilling the dream of owning a realistic aquatic pet. Sure, sea turtles are cute, but no one can resist a cute little seal. It sure gives a nice respite against all those other bold colored Tuskaninnies, that's for sure.

The Gelert - Firefighting Hound

If seals aren't quite your thing, why not try the good old Spotted Gelert? A swish of the brush brings in a white coat with black spots all over, resembling the popular firehouse mascot Dalmatian. Spotted is one of the few colors available to Gelerts that gives them the appearance of an actual breed of dog. It's the same lovely dog but without that nasty disposition to deafness. There's no way you could lose! Of course, there's nothing wrong with your lovable mutt if you don't opt for a black and white dog. (As an added bonus, the Spotted Spardel goes along nicely, as it uses the exact same color scheme.)

The Kau - Moooooooo!

Spotted Kau, holy cow! What other paint brush could give you a legitimate excuse to mix up Kau and cow? You can continue denying your addiction to Neopets for another day. The Spotted Kau looks just like a typical black and white cow. You might not live in the Middle of Endless Farmland, but that doesn't mean you must be without a glimpse of it! Even if you do live in the Middle of Endless Farmland, why not pick up a virtual reminder? It at least won't be as smelly.

The Koi - Stylish and Serene

One of my personal favorites, the Spotted Koi matches its namesake to the traditional orange and black spotted white koi from Japanese tradition. Three distinct colors gives the Spotted Koi an advantage over the rest of the Spotted pets, color wise. These hardy creatures are very pretty and are commonly sold in pet stores. Don't have a pond in your backyard or a lot of free time to care for a koi? Why not choose the just as lovely Spotted Koi instead?

Daddy Had a Good Reason for Painting You Spotted

So, maybe the pets didn't convince all the way. Why should you choose Spotted over all those other extravagant colors? It's time to settle those ambivalent feelings of yours.

1. Price - The Bargainer

Everyone loves the odd and beautiful colors: Maraquan, Royal, Darigan, Faerie, Grey... just to name a few of these beloved colors. These are the most popular kind of colors that despite making your pet a real contender for a beauty pageant comes with one big downside -- it's expensive. Wouldn't you rather just get a paint job at a fraction of the price and is just as wonderful? With a price tag of about 540k, not even the ever popular Baby Paint Brush can beat that.

2. Availability - The Opportunist

Three of the Spotted pets are neither restricted nor limited edition pets. The Koi is easily obtained with the rather cheap 40k Orange Koi Morphing Potion. There's no need to wait around for that annoying lab ray to change your pet's species or buy an extremely expensive potion. Nope, just create, or better yet adopt, and you've got yourself a pet that's ready for a makeover!

3. Appearance - The Fashion Queen

Oh come on, have you seen these four? They are absolutely amazing and unique. Also, because Spotted is considered a more default color, the conversion process hasn't affected them as much as say, the Faeries or Royals. Sure the Spotted Koi makes that ugly little fist, but it's forgivable (and would look cool with a trident of some sort *sigh*).

4. Uniqueness - The Sentimental

Very few colors have an alternate style for pets and even fewer for multiple pets. With Spotted, you get a choice between a grand total of four pets, with each very different in its own right. It's an amazing feeling knowing you have a pet that's one of a kind and stands out in the crowd.

It's the Most Exciting Time of the Day, Painting Time!

Whoa, whoa, slow down there! So you decided to get one of these Spotted pets, have you? Excellent! Now, before you go rushing off to the Rainbow Pool, don't forget the most important step of the process -- getting the color!

The Paint Brush is going to be your most reliable method. At around 540k, it's not a bad deal and certainly beats waiting around for the lab ray when all it might do is change the species or mess around with your stats. If you're lucky enough to get a quest from the Fountain Faerie, you're probably better off using it on a more expensive color. Don't get me wrong, Spotted is a great color, but you're probably not going to paint all of your pets that, right?

I hope I've convinced you of Spotted being as fantastic as any other color -- in the right hands, of course. If not, well, I like to think that you at least have a deeper appreciation for spots. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a copy of Sick of Spots to go irrevocably tarnish, err, gently and humanely dispose of. *shifty eyes* It most certainly does not involve harassing Sloth to get him to fire his ray gun at the book or feeding its ashes to Sophie's Meowclops bit by bit, what are you talking about?

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