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The Joys of a Robotic Neopet

by jayo289


They are quite a rare species, but why are some people put off at the thought of owning a Robot Neopet? Well, I can tell you that I thought the same once. Robots are just too hard to look after, and not worth the trouble, right? Wrong. There are many theories surging throughout Neopia, many of them telling us that Robot pets need special care, and need to be watched extra closely. Before gaining one myself, I passed these theories along too. But now that I have my own Robot to care for and love, I realised just how incorrect these theories are. I’ve made it my mission to educate the population of Neopia on the real qualities of Robot Neopets, to prove that they are pets worth owning.

Lab ray?

We all know it’s risky to use the lab ray! Some believe that the risks are too much to chance using it, while others are okay with the fact that their Neopet might change forever. Well, I can’t argue with this! It is risky using the lab ray, and any number of things can happen. But alas, it really is the most common and probable way of getting a Robot Neopet for your very own. If you’re willing to wait it out and be patient enough until the ray decides to grace you with a metallic Robot pet, then I firmly believe that it is well worth the wait and uncertainty. Though it is your own choice, be aware that your pet could change into a mutated beast. Only you can decide if it is really worth it.

No Swimming?

Most Neopians seem to believe that Robot Neopets cannot go into the water, for fear of cutting out. This seems like quite an intelligent observation, and those who own an aquatic Neopet or who like to visit Maraqua often will understandably be stuck with a Robot pet. However, while it is true that Robot pets cannot go into the water, for fear of short-circuiting, the housing that they have can help. It’s not just for show, you know. Why else did you think their whole body was covered in this housing? It is completely waterproof, so have no fears in placing your beloved pet into the ocean, to take a dive into the depths of Maraqua... well, unless you’ve taken that housing off, of course.

I was quite relieved to learn of this when I gained Orenamae. As a Jetsam, he was simply eager to jump straight into the water, but it wasn’t until I took a trip to Altador, and chatted to Finneus that I realised he was a-okay to jump straight in. He assured me that the housing was there to protect Robot pets against the water, and as long as it was kept on while in the sea, nothing could go wrong. That Lenny really is clever...

Hello, little Lupe... Booom!?

Now many of us are aware of this little avatar, and while it does seem amusing, it did leave a fair few of us wondering if that could really happen to our lovely Neopets. Could a Robot pet really a splode in a raining explosion of death and destruction?... O.o. Well, I can safely say that this isn’t true. The chances of your Neopet a sploding are very slim... *you hear an a splode in the background*... eheheheh... anyways... It is very unlikely that it will happen. In fact, I believe that this poor avatar pet is the only case of a sploding known, apart from the Typing Terror Grundos, of course... but they’re a different story. So, you should have nothing to worry about. Your pet will be completely safe from a splosions! Well, unless you place them next to a Ghostkerbomb. But you would never do that... would you?

Programmed for destruction?

Neopians seem to think that all Robot Neopets have a special programming, to force them to carry out the plans of evil when you’re not looking. Well, I can assure you that this isn’t true at all, unless you want them to be evil and destroy, of course. Despite being my new pet, Orenamae has been nothing but kind and loving to everyone he meets... even that creepy lab scientist! So you’ve got nothing to worry about there. Robot Neopets are just about as loyal as you can get, so you don’t need to have any doubts about that. They’re definitely not ‘out to get you’. Now this leads us to...

Sloth minions?

With the latest Sloth invasion having barely ended, there has been a rising concern over the real allegiance of Robot Neopets. After all, it does seem logical to think that they have some connection to the Virtupets space station, and Neopians have become nervous about whether or not Robot pets want nothing less than Sloth’s complete control. So, while I can’t say that all Robot pets are against Sloth rule, I can guarantee you that they won’t all automatically want him as their leader. Just like with any pet species, they will differ in opinion. Though as far as stereotypes go, Robot Neopets aren’t here to carry out Sloth’s every order. But I guess that creepy defender robot at the Kreludan Mining Corp. doesn’t help matters! What species is he anyway? Some sort of Techo, or maybe... crshhhhhhhhh... hey!... what’s... shhhhhhhhhh...

Sloth: Robot minions? Of course not. You foolish Neopians are quite mistaken. But that is quite a wonderful idea... crshhhhhhhh...

Well... I guess that clear things up nicely then, doesn’t it?... for now at least, I can say that Robot pets aren’t designed for Sloth to take over Neopia. Meepits, however, are a whole different story... O.O.

Well, there you have it. You are now very knowledgeable on the workings and lives of a Robot Neopet... well sort of. They’re really just like any other Neopet. If you wait and meet the right one, you’ll see sparks... ^_^... *ensue chirping crickets*

*Cough* Jayo289 takes no responsibility for your Neopet mutating, sprouting wings, growing gills, short circuiting in aquatic climates, a sploding, plotting to destroy you or worshipping Sloth *cough* ... Meep!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to send me a Neomail. I’ll be happy to answer any questions about Robots, or Neopets in general. Now let’s see that Robot population soar!

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