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Gadgadsbogen: The Festival of Delicious Food

by danceswithpampers


Also written by pand00

Mystery Island is home to numerous phenomena, each unique in its own way. Gadgadsbogen, the festival of fruity renewal, is one such phenomenon. This festival, which occurs once a year at Mystery Island during the Month of Running, is the celebration of new life, great friends, and most importantly delicious fruits and vegetables. Now, of course, I realize that not everyone enjoys eating fruit, let alone icky vegetables, but ten out of ten agree: “The fruits and vegetables of the Gadgadsbogen festival are a tasty treat for the eyes, as well as the taste buds.”

There is something for everyone, when it comes to the mysterious, and sometimes magical, fruits and vegetables of the Island. Whether you’re interested in a sour snack or a sweet treat for the road, the fruits and vegetables of Gadgadsbogen are sure to satisfy even the toughest case of the munchies. Gadgadsbogen translated means “good, good day,” and when Neopians sink their teeth into the sultry flesh of the Island fruits and vegetables, they’re guaranteed to have just that. Whether you come for the sights, the aromas, or the scrumptious island flavors, the Gadgadsbogen festival is not one that you want to miss. So, without further ado, my esteemed colleague and I wish to present to you a list of the top ten fruits and vegetables of the Gadgadsbogen festival!

1. Flaming Bomberry:

One of the rarest, most elusive fruits of the Gadgadsbogen festival, the Flaming Bomberry is appealing to both the eyes and the stomach. Its taste, which is claimed to be “out of this world,” is legendary – probably due to the fact that so few exist throughout Neopia. It has been rumored that this delicious little fruit adapts to its devourer’s taste buds, meaning it will be sour if you desire a sour fruit or sweet if you desire a sweet treat. But the fun of this fruit doesn’t stop there! The eye appeal of this fruit is bound to make your mouth water – even if you’re not a fan of fruit! With its rich golden skin, and the crimson red stripes that perfectly accent the golden, delicious fruit, the Flaming Bomberry lives up to its name.

2. Tigerfruit:

Disclaimer: No tigers were harmed in the making of this fruit. But really what is this fruit you may ask? This exotic legume, if you will, is the tigerfruit, of course. Well, surely enough the type is classified among many as a legume. Sounds yummy, right? Crazy as it sounds, it's totally described as a pod. Huge seeds are enclosed onto the shells of this fruit, protecting it from any destruction there may come upon it. ;) You can keep searching in Faerieland, or in the Haunted Woods, but you won't find it there. No, where else would a wild fruit be found like this one? No other than Mystery Island, where all the natives are grouped at. If you really do look into the fruit, you can very much tell it came from there. Stripes of a tiger no doubt, as well as seeds coming to and from the inside out. There may not be an animal used in the process of this delectable of a fruit, but it sure looks like an odd one at least, but a juicy snack to sink your teeth into.

3. Fiery Doughnutfruit:

Caution: This fruit is hot! In every aspect of the word, this festival favorite lives up to its fiery reputation. A crowd favorite, the Fiery Doughnutfruit is an explosion of flavor, as well as color. Unique as a result of its flaming appearance and spicy, yet surprisingly cool, taste, the Fiery Doughnutfruit is a gourmet delicacy. The savory experience of eating a Fiery Doughnutfruit is one that you will likely remember for the rest of your life. Yum!

4. Starberry:

Oh, shiny! The Starberry is known best, not for its taste (though its taste is quite delicious) but rather for its alluring exterior! Resembling an apple, the Starberry is a brilliant shade of blue, accented perfectly by dazzling stars – thus the name Starberry! In addition to its simply exquisite physique, the Starberry has a ripe, delicious inside – tasting incredibly similar to that of an apple. Shiny and scrumptious!

5. Chokato:

Over fifty items in Neopia have been named in honor of this distinctive fruit. Exclusive to the shores of Mystery Island, the Chokato is one of the strangest, most appetizing combination vegetables in existence. What is a combination fruit, you ask? Well, it is a fruit that possesses characteristics of more than one distinct flavor. In the case of the Chokato, the two flavors that this rare fruit possesses are that of a ripe tomato and a bar of rich, luxurious chocolate. Chocolate + Tomato = Chokato! Now, I know this combination may seem a little... disgusting to say the least, but believe me, it is divine! On those days when you really want to eat something healthy but don’t want to skimp on taste, the Chokato is the perfection solution. Complete with the nutrition that you need and the taste that you crave, the Chokato is certainly worthy of a spot on the top ten fruits and vegetables of the Gadgadsbogen Festival!

6. Hot Skrazzle:

Hot Skrazzle? The name alone is delicious! Shaped like a carrot, this spicy pepper sizzles before reaching your mouth. Definitely not for the faint of heart, the Hot Skrazzle’s intense flavors will leave you begging for more (and perhaps for a glass of water!). Nevertheless, for those of you whose taste buds prefer the daring tastes of all things spicy, this fruit is most definitely intended for your mouths!

7. Vinarok:

This unique fruit is so delicious; it actually wraps a vine around itself to protect the savory flavor from escaping into the mouths of hungry Neopians. A scrumptious, gourmet native of Mystery Island, the Vinarok is popular with most Neopians, as well as with Neopians’ petpets. In fact, for a time, the hungry little Kadoaties at the local Neopian Kadoatery craved nothing but the sweet, succulent taste of the Vinarok. And who can blame them? With its ripe, tart flavors and bumpy texture, the Vinarok is perfect for that hot summer’s day. In fact, it’s perfect for any day!

8. Fruitmallow:

Bring on the s’mores! Normally, the scrumptious marshmallows we love so dearly come in the form of a nice, round cylinder. This Fruitmallow, however, is shaped more like an ice cube. Nevertheless, it’s delicious. The perfect snack for camping, Fruitmallows are bound to make your taste buds tingle with delight. With their smooth exterior texture and sticky insides, Fruitmallows are sure to please everyone.

9. Blurf:

At first glance, you may not realize that this furry little specimen is a fruit, but alas, it is just that! The Blurf is perhaps one of the strangest looking fruits you will ever find on Mystery Island. With a fuzzy blue exterior, the Blurf doesn’t actually even resemble a fruit at all. Don’t let its appearance full you! Inside of this hairy little sphere is one of the most succulent tastes you will ever experience. Though it is rare and not exactly eye-appealing, this little ball of fur is sure to satisfy your fruity cravings.

10. RainbowBerry:

While some might argue that there are better-tasting berries in existence, no one can deny the sheer beauty of this Mystery Island fruit. The RainbowBerry, which according to legend “was sent down to brighten Neopia with its happiness in its darkest hour,” is perhaps the most exquisite fruit in all of Neopia. No two RainbowBerries are alike, meaning each RainbowBerry is entirely unique – in taste, as well as in appearance. Its brilliant shades of blue, pink hues, bursts of gold, and ripples of green lure hungry Neopians to its presence. Then, as if its appearance alone were not good enough to eat, the taste of a RainbowBerry is mouth watering. This tropical delight offers an array of delectable flavors that cater to every taste bud.

As you can see, the Gadgadsbogen festival truly is a reason to celebrate. Each year, when the great celebration begins, the inhabitants of Mystery Island anxiously watch the ground for new, exotic fruits to appear. A celebration of renewal, Gadgadsbogen is the perfect time of year to try something new. So, if you haven’t already, why not try one of these delectable morsels today?

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