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A 'Dreamy' Valentines

by blonde310


February fourteenth. To those who reside under a rock, It may seem like any ordinary day. You wake up at the chime of your alarm clock, you gobble down breakfast without hesitation and waltz around for the rest of the day, doing what has to be done. But, for all those who know better, February fourteenth means Valentines Day, a day where all come together, where love is spread across Neopia and where everything is at peace. And, it is on this day that our story takes place.

     In a room cloaked in a rich purple and snot green colour, a faerie stirred in her sleep. She groaned as she woke up. She didn't need to be awake today, at least, not this early. Jhudora slid out of bed and walked over to her calendar. She gasped as she noted the date. Valentines Day?! "Oh, how can this be!?" she cried in despair. Today would bring love and joy to everyone in Neopia, the exact opposite of what Jhudora had in mind.

     She groaned and tapped her forehead with a long, slender finger. "How can I make this day better? For me, of course," she thought aloud. There was no way she could allow joy and love to be spread around. Faerieland was already cheery enough, and no more was needed. As the faerie thought and thought, a sly smile graced her purple lips. "If everyone hated the day as much as me, then I wouldn't have to worry," she said, her smile growing wider as her mind clicked into gear. "Maybe I can finally use some of those 'Jhudora's Quest’ items that have been sitting around here..." she said as she hurried out of her bedroom and down a long, spiralling set of stairs. Normally, everything from the quests would go in her potions, though there were occasions when the last few items weren't necessary. Perhaps these few items would help her in creating her worst concoction yet.

     After descending the stairs, Jhudora opened a secret trap door and walked down those stairs. The light was dim as she climbed down, though it was enough to make her aware of her footing. The light slowly became more apparent as she reached the end of her stairs. The room was filled with eerie objects, foul-smelling liquids and, most importantly, Jhudora's book of home made spells. She grabbed it and scrolled through the pages until she found one that suited her fancy perfectly. "Here we are: The Hate Potion," she announced, a foul grin on her lips.

     The faerie's plan was horrid. She was going to send a potion of gas flying through the air, spreading hate to all that it crossed. The yellow Chomby would no longer fancy the blue Kacheek. Fyora would no longer be kind and loving to her subjects. And the grumpy king would be grumpier then ever. It was so depressing that Jhudora did a little leap in joy. But there was no time to waste. She had to make the potion and spread it through Neopia.

     With that in mind, she grabbed a few things off a timber shelf and assembled them next to her open spell book. She then grabbed a large cauldron and a spoon, and began to pour and sprinkle things into it. A grey tear cake, to make everyone miserable, a dash of dark vine potion and other things that were rotten, foul-smelling or just plain horrible. She then turned to grab one final item, when a calm and soothing voice caused her to shriek.

     "Happy Valentines Day, Jhudora."

     The dark faerie turned, horror on her face. "Fyora! Why, what a surprise! I was just... making a cake," she said as she stirred her cauldron so that the foul smell it emitted was lessened.

     Fyora chuckled and handed Jhudora something. "A small present from me to you. Enjoy," she said. Fyora smiled kindly before turning and leaving the 'secret' room.

     Jhudora scowled as the Queen left. She then stared at the object in her hand. "Bottle of Love?" she sneered. Jhudora tossed the bottle carelessly behind her, though it was a rather foolish mistake. It landed in the potion, causing the cauldron to bubble and shake. Jhudora stared at it, mouth ajar. Before long, the potion erupted into the room, its scent now sweet. Jhudora shrieked as the potion hit her. Everything went black for a moment, but then Jhudora could soon see again.

     The room was once dark, creepy and foul smelling, though now it was well cleaned, pleasant and cute. Instead of shrieking in total horror like she usually would, Jhudora smiled pleasantly. "My, what a charming room!" she remarked. Not only did the room appear different and charming, but Jhudora as well. Her unkempt her was pulled back in a neat bun, her ragged clothes were now clean and freshly pressed. But, most of all, her attitude had changed. She now LOVED Valentines Day, and was keen to spread it! The new Jhudora walked out of the room and out of her house. Her first stop: Meridell.

     Jhudora waltzed blissfully through Faerieland, a smile on her lips. She received constant stares as she wished people a happy Valentines, but they weren't to know what had happened. You see, the addition of the Bottle of Love to Jhudora's hate potion had turned it into a love potion. It made Jhudora pleasant and a lover of Valentines Day. And, it of course added to everyone's confusion. Still, she walked around, cheery as every. She stopped to sniff flowers, she helped a confused Lupe with some heavy bags. But Jhudora was not doing what she wanted. She wanted to see her sister, Illusen, and wish her a happy Valentines. It was the right thing to do when you were filled with so much love!

     After wandering around for quite some quite, Jhudora came to Meridell. She hurried through and over to Illusen's home. "Sister? Sister?!" she called out as she walked through the doors.

     Illusen starred back at her sister, confusion on her face. "What on Earth are you doing here?" she asked, her tone matching her confused expression.

     "I love you, sister. Happy Valentines!" Jhudora cried out in joy.

     Illusen pinched her arm to check if she was dreaming. Nothing happened. So, she smiled widely at her sister and jumped around happily. "Yay! Happy Valentines!" she called out. The poor thing had waited so long for her sister to show affection, and here it was. But Jhudora's love wasn't over. She approached her sister, arms outstretched. The two embraced with a warm hug. As did everyone else around Neopia. And, for once, all of Neopia was at peace, forever and-

     "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" shrieked Jhudora. She sat upright in her bed and panted heavily. "What a horrible dream!" she cried. Thank goodness for that! Jhudora didn't make a hate potion. She didn't get hit with a love potion. And she most certainly did not hug her sister. She had been dreaming.

     Jhudora breathed a soft sigh of relief and slid out of bed. She walked over to her calendar, and- "OH NO!" she cried. It really was Valentines Day! With an angry groan, Jhudora stormed over to her window that overlooked a fair bit of Faerieland. "Watch out, Valentines Day!" she bellowed at the top of her voice. "Jhudora Day will become JHUDORA WEEK!" she yelled. Jhudora added a cackle at the end of her words. If there was Jhudora Week, then there would be no Valentines Day, and all would hail her! But that seemed like a lot of work. "Maybe a hate potion instead..." she said. Obviously, her dream hadn't taught her a thing. Oh well, at least Jhudora was nice for a little while, even if it was a dream!

The End

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