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NTY - A Story of an Unwanted Lupe

by _tweek


I stepped up to another serious looking owner. A girl this time, her bright blonde hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, revealing a scowl that probably inspired the phrase, "If looks could kill."

      I looked back nervously. My master, who had told me to approach this matted teen, was finally walking up next to my side, disgruntled as well. "My orange Lupe for your Faerie Buzz?"

      I cringed. The girl moved her bottom lip in frustration, "NTY." Her Buzz standing next to her let out a almost relieved breath of air. I didn't blame them.

      My master groaned and grabbed my collar, forcing me to follow after quickly. Another day, another 50 offers. I didn't think I was that bad of a pet, that my own master wouldn't even want me... I guess I must have been.

      A big 'N-T-Y' was the most common acronym ever spoken to me. My goodness, has the reply 'No thank you' gone out of style? Or is everyone just too caught up in trying to get their hands on a more sought after pet to even take the time to consider replying in a dignified manner?

      "Avatar, you have dirt on your paws; clean them off. We're never going to trade you if you don't make yourself more eye appealing!" Master hissed, still dragging and fretfully looking around the crowd of traders for another rare or expensive pet.

      I quickly began rubbing my paws together, hoping to either get the dirt to fall off, or to ground it in so far it wasn't noticeable.

      Before I even had time to realize, we were at yet another trader. "Orange Lupe for your blue Cy?" Master jaunted, using another short answer name.

      The boy who owned the Cybunny eyed me carefully. My insides churned, almost excited. ANYWHERE would be better than here. I hated being treated like some sort of item.


      I looked up at Master and knew this would kill it.

      "Avatarpet2," he replied.

      And just as expected, the Cy owner sneered, "NTY."

      "35th offer today and STILL I can't trade you." My collar rubbed and tugged hard against my neck again as my master ripped me away from the burning gaze of the boy he had just offered me up to. "Not even a basic Cy. Are you kidding me?"

      His messy black hair flopped around his topaz eyes from the wind that was now rising out in the gloomy scene of the trading gathering. I looked down ashamed at the ground. I didn't have a good name, and my color wasn't rare. Or as the traders would call it, a BN Orange Lupe. All I wanted was to be loved, and cared for, like a neopet should be. I didn't need a big fancy neohome, or expensive wearables to be happy. I wanted a owner who would truly desire me. But that just didn't seem to be possible.

      "Let's take a break. We'll try again in an hour or so." Master flopped down on a bench and began popping open a nice can of Cherry Neocola. I licked my jaw, wishing I could have one of my own... But Master spent all his money on trading expenses so that sort of luxury was out of the question.

      He noticed me watching him.

      "What, you just going to sit there? Get out of here. I said we would try in an hour!"

      No need to tell me twice! I pranced off into the bustling crowd, thankful to be able to investigate the trading scene without his cruel and annoying company.

      After only about three minutes, I fixed my eyes on a blue Draik, looking around lost in the crowd. The absolute most expensive species of pet out there, and no one was with her! Without any hesitation, I ran up to her, smiling brightly, full of curiosity.

      "Hi! What are you doing out here all alone? Are you just here to watch or are you un-owned?" A little blunt, but still quite friendly in my perspective.

      She jumped slightly at my approach, looking about me to see if I had my master with me. After she came to understand I didn't, she finally said in return, "O-oh, hi! Nice to meet you, my name is---" But before she could go on, her hand was snatched by a human's.

      "There you are! I have been looking all over for you, sweetie! Come on, let's go now. Bunch of things to do today and we haven’t much time!"

      I didn't even get a look at the owner's face but saw a mane of brown, straight hair, disappearing into the growing crowd with a blue tail slinking away behind her. Typically, I assumed she was also one of the U-F-T ones. Up for trade like almost everyone else here. I bet she was getting offers like crazy.

      Don't get me wrong, I don't hate trading. Not at all, but I was horribly upset that my owner thought of me as nothing more than property. I didn't even know what he was trying to get for me! Why wasn't I good enough! Why wasn't I !?

      And through my fit of rage, I saw the most amazing, mind blowing object lying out on the nearby hill that I had ever seen in my whole entire life.

      On top of the rolling green hill, hardly noticeable by the long, swaying blades of tall grass, was a Draik Transmogrification Potion in all its bubbling glory. Just sitting there, unnoticed. My heart caught in my throat.

      I ran, as fast as my short little Orange Lupe legs could carry me. My whole being fixated onto this one little thing... This one little jug of liquid... I pounced through the air and rolled onto it, grasping it in my paws and ducking beneath it as I turned so I wouldn't smash the fragile glass. Nobody seemed to have noticed anything. I was safe.

      I sat up straight and turned the jug around in my paws, knowing I was holding one of the rarest potions ever to be created in neo history. I almost hugged it. This was a gift! If I drank this, I would become wanted. I would finally be traded! Never again to be pawned away by my master! I would have a home!

      But through the joy, another lump of grief swelled in my throat. This thing was incredibly unstable... Even if I used it and became a Draik, I might end up having some sort of horrible side effect, aside from being a mutant. I had to think if it was worth the risk..

      Yeah, it pretty much was.


      After taking a moment to find some stray cloth to cover the potion in disguise, I staggered nervously back to my owner. He was still drinking the Neocola. It took me a minute, but I realized it was actually his second. Apparently he didn't have one for me in mind.

      "Huh? Oh. Hey, wuzzat..." He pointed to the clothed up bundle I held in my paws, tightly and protectively against my chest, "Oh? this? Oh yeah.." I looked about frantically for an easy excuse, "Uh, just some rocks, I found by... the stream. They are fun to collect."

      Leaning forward he furrowed his brow, "Since when did you collect 'rocks'?" he accused, looking at my ludicrous cover-up.

      "Since you never bought me any real toys to play with..." I stammered, almost wincing with pain at the truth in the statement.

      "Hopefully your new owner will have more money than I do to get you some then! We are going home for now. Tomorrow, we are going to get serious. I'm going to go after some more BN L.E pets and I am determined to get you off my hands." He smirked, tossing his now crushed up silver can into the trash sitting next to him.

      My heart sank. I knew he was lying. If he didn't spend all his money on transfer fees, then maybe I could have some form of entertainment! But I would show him. When he went out and made deal of searching to trade me, then, in front of everyone, I'd down that potion and I would be traded! To a good home! And I mean it! But I would feel bad for the poor pet he traded me for. Could he possibly choose to keep me after I morph myself? Could he love me?

      My eyes lit up when he grabbed me by the collar again to start taking me to our tiny little house, because I knew it would be for the very last time.


      After a night of dreaming and planning, my master and I arrived once again at the trading scene. Many, many people were here today! Oh, how much fun! How much opportunity...

      Master set up and un-folded a lawn chair, carefully sticking a sign on a post into the moist soil. I couldn't see if from my angle, but I was pretty positive it said, 'Seeking BN L.E pets."

      I felt the side of my muzzle twitch as I swayed above the bundle of cloth that was the Draik Trans in-between my feet. But then, I herd my owner shout something I absolutely did not expect...


      I gasped and did a double take when I realized that the sign read, "BN ORANGE LUPE UFA." I looked around frantically, nobody was coming. Wait, nobody was coming, and I was up for ADOPTION. I began unbending the cloth, not caring that my owner's amazed stare was fixed straight on me. Now or never, this is your only chance!!---

      "Hi!" I looked up when I heard a female voice. A brown hared girl stood smiling at me and my master, not even noticing the potion now rolling away. And to an even greater surprise, the blue Draik I saw previously stood smiling next to her too.

      "My name is Tweek, and this is Macookie220. I herd your Lupe is up for adoption? I am very interested!"

      The rest... was history.

The End

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