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Jhudora Day Joy for Anti-Valentines Day Pets

by almostcasandra


Hello, Neopia! I'm Obriareus, Neopian Times correspondent, reporting from the cloudy land of Faerieland. It's almost the beginning of the month of Awakening, and I've come here to investigate a curious phenomenon of the Neopian calendar that many of you may also have noticed. In the midst of the red rose bouquets hung everywhere in preparation for Neopia's day of love is the celebration of one of Neopia's darkest and most mysterious characters!

Have you ever been confused by the closeness in the calendar of Jhudora Day and Valentine's Day? As an owner, have you ever wondered what to do for your favorite Jhudora-loving, Darigan-painted Neopet while so much of Neopia is shrouded in pink decorations? Well, then this is the story for you! I spent three days sitting by the murky purple entrance to Jhudora's Cloud, interviewing questers about their perspective on these difficult questions, and have composed this list to help you be a sensitive Neofriend to those pets whose favorite Dark Faerie's day may feel a bit overshadowed by the hearts and the flowers.

Top Ten Ways to Make a Jhudora-lover Happy

10. Repaint your Neohome: It's great for pets who may be feeling sad at this time of the year to be involved in new projects, and what better project is there than repainting? Neopets might work just on their own rooms, or you might choose to take on a new color for the whole Neohome! Darigan Citadel purple or Krawk Island dark red are cozy colors for winter, and will remind dark Neopets of some of their happiest, and darkest, times. Besides, many colors are available cheaply in the Neohome Superstore, making this an economical solution for those owners who are taking care of many pets with diverse needs.

9. Training: What is a better distraction than getting strong for the next Battledome tournament? A few codestones to the Techo Master, and your pet will be feeling more like him or herself in no time! An added bonus of this course of action is that your pet may run into some Bottled Dark Faeries on the way to training school, and be blessed with amazingly useful dark abilities if they choose to release these small creatures, which is also highly recommended.

8. Dark Faerie Weapons: If you happen to have an unlimited budget for a gift, but no Jhudora Quest experience, you might be able to find an Amulet of the Dark Faerie or even a Dark Faerie Collar in the auctions or at the Trading Post! I have chosen to place these items lower on the top 10 list because your Battledome-fighting pet will forget all about the scourge of Valentine's Day with one of these weapons in his or her hands (or paws, or fins), but you must be prepared to pay top-dollar for any of them. Also, watch out for flying curses as your pet masters these tricky weapons!

7. Travel: Instead of taking your pets to Kelp for a Valentine's Day dinner, fly or catch the air shuttle to the Darigan Citadel for an inspiring look into one of the great dark forces of Neopia! Your pet could take his or her petpet to the petpet arena to further its Battledome prowess, commune with other dark Neopets in the streets, or even become an expert Cellblock player! No evil villain was ever complete without a keen sense of strategy...

6. Jhudora Stocking of Treats: This marvelous item might have initially been conceived to celebrate the Day of Giving, but the Jhudora questers I interviewed say that it is perfect for celebrating Jhudora Day (and forgetting about Valentine's Day) as well! Full of delicious purple and green treats and trinkets, plus some extra creepy crawlies to keep your pet on its toes, it is everything that Jhudora likes best. Besides, who doesn't like another occasion to hang stockings by the chimney with care?

5. Jhudora-themed Toys: Do you want to give a special dark Neofriend a gift for Jhudora Day? The Toy Shop and Usuki Shop have an amazing selection of Jhudora-themed items for every budget, from Jhudora Marbles and Jhudora Music Boxes for everyday games to the beautifully-crafted and collectible Jhudora Snowglobe and Jhudora Usuki Doll. Awww, Jhudora makes such a cute little lavender usuki. These gifts are sure to impress any pet.

4. Dark Faerie Sundaes: This is another terrifically economical option - many Neopians could probably afford to take their pets for sundaes on Jhudora Day and on Valentine's Day! A traditional Jhudora Day treat with delicious vanilla and grape swirling flavors, Dark Faerie Sundaes are available right down the way from Jhudora's Cloud at the Faerieland Food Shop. If your pet is not as fond of ice cream as I am, the Dark Faerie Apples are also said to be quite amazing. Mmmm, yummy.

3. Dark Faerie Wings: If your pet is a dark faerie fan, then chances are that they have always harbored a secret, deep wish to be a dark faerie, as well. If you suspect that might be the case, try taking your pet to Uni's Clothing and looking for a gorgeous set of purple Dark Faerie Wings! Expensive, but not exorbitantly expensive, and suitable for male or female pets, these wings look just like Jhudora's and will make your pet feel glamourous, elegant, and darkly powerful - the perfect antidote for walking around in the sickeningly-sweet Valentine's Day Neopian streets.

2. Paint Brush: One of the most profound gifts that an owner can give a Neopet who idolizes Jhudora is a complete paint brush makeover! If you plan to help your pet to his or her ideal new look on Jhudora Day, try to make sure that know exactly what your pet wants. Does your pet just adore the imposing purple of Jhudora's wings? A purple paint brush might be just the thing! Do you think that your pet harbors a small mischievous evil streak? You might consider a Darigan brush. Is your pet just extremely stealthy, and desiring a look that coordinates well with almost any devious disguise? Think about shadow. The newness of any of these paint jobs will help a dark pet feel better almost immediately, and the effects will surely last throughout the month!

And finally, the number one way to...

Oh no.

Hang on just a second, we're experiencing one small technical difficul--

1. "GAH! You have been sitting just outside of MY cloud for DAYS now, disturbing the concentration of my questers! I'll tell you how to make Jhudora-lovers happy on this abomination of holidays called... ugh... Valentine's Day." Jhudora practically spat the word "Valentine" out at me. "The only way to make them happy is to let them do MY quests. Isn't it obvious? Forget hearts and flowers, what neopets REALLY need is magical artifacts of ultimate power!"

"Your list is useless. Painting? Wearables?" Jhudora sneered. "Any neopet who is depressed by flowers at the beginning of the Month of Awakening need only come right here to my cloud, because my quests will set them right again. And did you know? If you do a quest for me on MY day, I might just decide that you are worthy to receive a very special reward! You know, YOU might even be a good quester for me, with those wings and all. Can you fly very quickly? Are you interested in magical artifacts of ult--"

Thanks so much for that interview, Jhudora.

Okay. Where was I? Hang on, let me just wipe off this microphone...

So there you have it, Neopians. Right from the infamous faerie herself, the number one way to make Jhudora lovers happy on Valentine's Day. All of us here at the Neopian Times wish you a safe and happy Valentine's Day and Jhudora Day.

This has been Obriareus, reporting from Faerieland. Good night.

Thank you for reading my article, and happy Jhudora Day!

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