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Homemade Valentine's Gifts (Now with 37% more Love)

by mistrissmanda


I am sure some of you may have noticed that your bank account is looking a little less stuffed as of late. I certainly know I have. And if you have looked at your calendar lately, you may have noticed that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! You do know that, right? No? Well, then, now might be the time to freak out.

Just kidding. No, really, you can stop now. I’m here to help.

Now, you may be thinking, “How am I going to be able to afford presents for everyone I love and care about? Those Mysterious Valentines Cards would be nice for that special someone, but really, the prices are ridiculous! I don’t have the kind of money for that.” So what is a Neopet to do?

Why, it’s quite simple, really: make all of your presents! Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” more than something you took the time and care to make. Besides showing the special Neopians in your life how you feel, making your Valentine’s gifts is often a lot cheaper than the alternatives!

Without further ado, I present to you six beautiful* homemade gift ideas for your consideration!

Gift Idea: Garden Gnomes

Materials Required: Chomby Gnome Making Kit

Approximate Cost: 4,000 NP

With the recent release of the new Neohomes 2.0, everyone is stalking the Garden Center and Fine Furniture shop in search of that perfect addition! While the crowds spill out the doors there, why not head over to the quieter Toy Shop and search out a nice Chomby Gnome Making Kit? You can’t go wrong. It’s cute, it’s homemade, and it’s useful! Imagine the awe on your recipient's face when they unwrap the pink paper to find a brand new decoration for the garden they worked so hard to create!

Gift Idea: Homemade Candies

Materials Required: Candy Making, Assorted Ingredients

Approximate Cost: 4,000 NP

Now, we all know that the classic gift is a box of chocolates. It’s delicious, it’s always in style, and everybody loves it! But, really, there are only so many coconut squares and nougat peanut butter crunch bonbons a Neopet can eat before taste bud boredom sets in. What you need to do is spice up the candy intake! Head on over to the Book Store or Lenny Library and get a copy of Candy Making. Read it. Drool over it. Learn from it. Bust out your Flaming Oven Mitts and your Rustic Wooden Spoon and set yourself up in the kitchen. Start experimenting and soon you’ll have a host of homemade concoctions that are sure to please!

Gift Idea: Miniature World Models

Materials Required: Sculpty Dough (Evil Alternative: Darigan Dough)

Approximate Cost: 6,000 NP (6,800 NP)

Now, we can’t live in two places. That would be silly and, quite frankly, not very practical! So if you know your Neofriend in Tyrannia would also love a home in Maraqua, why not create a mini version of the underwater city for him? Sure, it is not quite the same, but your Neofriend will appreciate the gesture nonetheless. This is especially great if your Neofriend is a big Usuki fan and they are itching for something new to do with their Usuki dolls before this year’s Usukicon. If you are feeling a bit on the dark side, Darigan Dough makes a very evil alternative.

Gift Idea: Paper Neohome Garlands

Materials Required: Blue Cybunny Scissors, Making Paper Dolls

Approximate Cost: 200 NP, 1,200 NP

Now, if your Neohome isn’t in the best location for a garden (for example, those of you up in Terror Mountain), perhaps some indoor decorations would be more your style. A lot of the decorations can get expensive, or they are simply not your taste. Maybe you like the Paper Snowflake Garland you have decorating your walls, but it just isn’t practical as spring rolls around. Once you’ve read through Making Paper Dolls, you’ll have a plethora of ideas for new, seasonally appropriate garlands! Hearts for Valentine’s Day, Yooyus during the Altador Cup, or maybe Sloth, which is always appropriate! Whatever you choose, the thought and care you put into the garlands will put a smile on your recipient's face whenever they see it up on the wall!

Gift Idea: Warm Wool Clothes

Materials Required: Woolen (Scarf/Glove/Jumper) Knitting Set

Approximate Cost: 300-800 NP each

While spring will certainly be rolling around the bend soon, it does not mean that a nice, woolen article of clothing will not be appreciated for years to come! That is, I suppose, unless you are giving it to somebody who calls the Lost Desert home. Then you might get laughed at. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now, if you have never knit anything before, it would be best to start with a scarf. Simple, easy, and always elegant! If you are more advanced, a pair of gloves or a simple jumper will be worn with love.

Gift Idea: Sock Puppet (with accompanying Show!)

Materials Required: Torn White Gym Socks, Sparkly Blue Paint

Approximate Cost: 3,000 NP, 6,950 NP

Ah, sock puppets. What could be more fun? Now, before you go throw out those ripped gym socks, hold on just one second! You know what you can do with those? (After you wash them, that is. Have you smelled those things lately?) You can make sock puppets! Grab a bit of paint (or markers if you prefer) and start getting creative. Eyes, ears, a mouth, maybe another pair of eyes... Decorate them however you want! Then, not only can you present this fun little fellow as a gift, you can put on a special Valentine’s Show to show just how creative you can be!

Most of these gifts can be made fairly easily and by Neopets of all skill levels! It may take you more than one try, though, so I would recommend that give yourself at least a few hours to get it down right. Although, looking at the time, I would suggest that you get cracking, oh... nowish. The best of luck to you.

*Level of beauty commensurate with level of skill. No quality guarantees are made by author. Create at your own risk.

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