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Are You Qualified to Challenge AAA?

by faithstarlite


Every November, AAA graces us with his presence (or at least he thinks) to challenge us with the Games Master Challenge. Every March, AAA challenges us to choose between him and Abigail in Daily Dare. Between the Games Challenge and Daily Dare, there is only one question when it comes to games – Are You Qualified to Challenge Aristotle A. Avinroo or should you just stick to challenging his baby sister – Abigail? Either way, this quiz will help you decide. Write down your answers and have fun!

Round One: Attitude is everything!!!

AAA is all about attitude. He knows he is good! In order to really beat AAA, you need to have his attitude – at least toward winning! (Try not to get his arrogance, though. It’s annoying!)

1. When it comes to games, how easily do you give up?

a. I never give up!

b. I give up after I have played for several hours straight only to come back an hour later.

c. I give up after a few hours and don’t come back.

d. I give up after less than an hour and never try again.

2. Do you play the new sponsor games?

a. I play every new sponsor game as soon as I see it – several times!

b. I make sure I play all the new sponsor games eventually.

c. I play the new sponsor games if they look interesting.

d. I rarely or never play sponsor games.

3. How do you feel about game avatars?

a. I love game avatars. They are a great way to brag about my gaming skills!

b. Game avatars are ok, but some are hard to get.

c. Game avatars are really hard. I hardly have any at all.

d. What’s the point of game avatars?

4. How important is it to you to beat AAA?

a. Beating AAA is the most important thing in my life twice a year!

b. Beating AAA is awesome. Bragging rights for six months!

c. Beating AAA is good, but the prizes are the really important part.

d. Beating AAA isn’t really important. I can buy the prizes later.

Round Two: Your User Lookup!!!

For this section of the quiz, you’ll need to look at your user lookup. Your user lookup says a lot about how good you are at games and your participation in special gaming events. I suggest opening another window and using the other window to explore your profile for these answers.

5. What type of avatar is your active avatar?

a. Either AAA or Top Gamer!

b. A game avatar as always!

c. Usually a game avatar, but it changes.

d. Does it matter?

6. How many site event trophies do you have?

a. Ten or more! I love collecting trophies!

b. Five to Nine. Trophies are awesome!

c. Three or Four. It’s hard to get a trophy!

d. Two or Less. What’s the point?

7. How many game trophies do you have?

a. Ten or more! I love game trophies!

b. Five to Nine. Trophies are great.

c. Three or Four. Trophies are almost impossible!

d. Two or Less. Isn’t this the same question as above? (NO!)

8. How many games have you played?

a. More than 300! I love games!

b. Between 250 - 299. I had to get the avatar.

c. Between 150 – 249. I like games, but not that that much!

d. Less than 150. Does it matter?

Round Three: Your Mad Skills!

Now, click on the number of games you have played. That will take you to Your High Scores page. From here, you can see your high scores in all the games you’ve played. Here is just a smattering of some popular games and how AAA or Abigail might feel about them.

9. What’s your highest score at Snowmuncher?

a. Over 5,500. Why stop at the avatar score?

b. Between 5,000 and 5,500. I got the avatar!

c. Between 4,000 and 4,999. I’m working on it!

d. Less than 4,000. What avatar?

10. What’s your highest score at Meepit Juice Break?

a. Over 4,000. That game is easy!

b. Between 3,500 and 3,599. Cute avatar!

c. Between 2,500 and 3499. Close but not there yet!

d. Less than 2,500. I hate that game.

11. What’s your highest score at Meerca Chase II?

a. Over 2,000. I might even have a trophy!

b. Between 1,250 and 1,999. That was hard!

c. Between 1,000 and 1,249. Almost there!

d. Less than 1,000. It’s driving me nuts!

12. How often do you see “Master” or “Grand Master” as your Ranking?

a. Half or more of my scores! I am a master at almost everything!

b. Every three or four. I’m good, but not perfect.

c. Some of them. Sometimes I play games just to have a score.

d. None of them or very few. You don’t have to be good at everything!

Round 4: Scoring and Bonus!

For every time you chose “a”, add four points.

For every time you chose “b”, add three points.

For every time you chose “c”, add two points.

For every time you chose “d”, add one point.

Extra Points!

Add 1 if your current avatar is the Gamesmaster AAA avatar!

Add 1 point if you have the Gamesmaster AAA avatar.

Add 1 point if you have 2 or more Gamesmaster trophies on your lookup.

Round 5: The Big Reveal!

More than 42 Points: You will beat AAA for sure!

Definitely Challenge AAA! You will win! You have the attitude, the skills, and the time to beat AAA at his own game. You have confidence (maybe arrogance), strength, determination, and skills. You can do it!

Between 30 and 41 Points: You will beat AAA with practice!

Challenge AAA, but practice first. You have the attitude, but you may or may not have the skills to match. Practice the game first. Make sure you can handle AAA’s score. Then challenge AAA if you can make it.

Between 18 and 29 Points: It’s a toss-up!

Challenge who you feel comfortable with. You can battle this one out, but challenge whoever you know you can beat. Hone your skills and gain some confidence. And remember, practice makes perfect.

Less than 17 Points: You can beat Abigail!

Challenge Abigail. There’s nothing wrong with needing practice. Just like Abigail, you may be young or have less experience in games. Practice this year and when next year rolls around maybe you will ready to challenge AAA instead.

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