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Snowball, Shmowball!

by dudetti


Winter has just arrived, and it’s time for – you guessed it! SNOWBALL FIGHTS!!!

Now of course, you don’t wanna get clobbered three seconds into the ultimate battle. You have to defend yourself well, and, big duh – get a good supply of ammunition! You want the best kind of snowballs – one that’s hardest, easiest to throw, can get thrown far, right size, fastest in the air, and not too expensive. You’ll want to buy your snowballs from other users’ shops or the Ice Crystal shop. The plain snow that falls every winter isn’t exactly what I’d call the best snow. Sometimes you get fluffy snow, which smells (like Adam!) for making snowballs. But it’s the best kind of snow if you want to have snowball fights! Why? If you fall down, you’ll fall gently on a soft blanket! Isn’t that just wonderful?

Alright, so now you’re trying to decide what type of snowball you want. But how are you to know which kinds are good? Well, luckily for you, I’ve already done all the research (*sniff*…I always have to do the work!!) and tested all of them in the Battledome. So, here we are, starting from the most common type…

Wet Snowball:

Wet snowballs are made of wet snow. (I just love stating the obvious!) They cost no more than 10 NP each, and at times they can be found in shops for JUST 1 Neopoint! These are perfect if you are very tight with your precious Neopoints and/or are a newbie to Neopia. They are reliable, and can take off a few HP points in a Battledome fight. The stronger your pet’s throwing arm is, the more damage it causes!

Poison Snowball:

Poison snowballs are made of poisoned snow. (Ha, don’t you just love it!) They are sold for around the same price as Wet Snowballs. In fact, almost all its characteristics and specialities are the same! But having a variation is nice, I suppose.

Evil Snowball:

Evil snowballs are made of evil snow. (*smiles angelically*) If you’re thinking, “How can snow be evil?” Well, I’ll tell you how. Evil snow is an eerie green, and when thrown upon another, your opponent will get shivers all over. Isn’t that perfectly demonic?

Yellow Snowball:

Hehe…you guessed it, yellow snowballs are made of yellow snow! (*makes face*) They are just around 5 NP each. Why are they so inexpensive? Well…think logically, my dear readers. Who would want to keep a stock of yellow snow?!

Peach Snowball:

Peach snowballs smell absolutely amazing because they are made of peach-flavoured snow. (Mmm…) Opponents will drop everything and sniff the air entranced while you aim and wipe them out! They probably won’t mind since it smells so good, and they’ll start eating the nice snow. Take advantage of these precious moments to whip some more damaging snowballs at those fiends! These are also around 5 NP each.

Brown Snowball:

EWWW!! These are sold for less than 100 NP because…well…it’s brown snow!

Ugly Snowball:

Ugly snowballs are ugly. Of course, this is why makes them get angry and launch themselves at other people, which gives your arm a bit of a rest. These teased snowballs usually have a 100 NP price tag on them.

Extra Evil Snowball:

Extra evil snowballs are extra evil! (Yep…it’s a true fact!) These snowballs go for 100 NP – 500 NP, depends on the user. It even has a big yellow ‘E’ on it!!

Icy Snowball:

Icy snowballs are made of more ice than snow, as you may have guessed. They are hard and boy do they hurt!

Snow Mudball:

OK, you can classify this as a snowball, OK? Snow Mudballs leave a pretty brown stain on your opponent’s face and clothes. A charming item, indeed!

Exploding Snowball:

Three words only: Exploding snowballs explode. =D

Jhudora's Snowball:

Jhudora makes her snowballs display her colours – purple, green and black, of course – in order to show the enemies that she is here and isn’t afraid to blast their brains out! Beware, she is merciless!

Icy Eye Snowball:

Icy Eye snowballs glare at your opponent menacingly as it flies towards him. They aren’t too expensive either – just for less than 400 NP!

Tortured Snowball:

These poor but evil-looking snowballs have been badly tortured before, therefore holding inside grief, terror, revenge and hatred. Throw one of them at an opponent will rid it of its misery – and give your opponent a nasty feeling!

Sticky Snowball:

Four words: Sticky snowballs are sticky. Like the Exploding snowball, it is worth more than the Wet, Poison, Evil, Yellow, etc. ones.

Sand Snowball:

Sand snowballs are made of sand carefully molded together with a bit of snow. (Back to being obvious!) These are rough like sandpaper, of course, and are quite amusing to hold. (Don’t ask me why, find out for yourself…) They cost anywhere from one thousand Neopoints to ten thousand Neopoints!

Stone Snowball:

Now, here we have a more expensive but powerful snowball. This one is as hard as stone (as the name suggests) and causes quite a bit of damage. They are sold in users’ shops for at least 2000 NP Ponder about it…=)

Spiky Snowball:

Spiky snowballs are spiky. (Mwahahaha!) These are a little less than 5000 NP, and were given as a Mystery Pic prize recently. They may be hard to hold or throw, since you might prick yourself with one of their symbolic spikes. So be careful!

Minty Snowball:

Minty snowballs are minty, of course. They give your opponent a nice minty fresh smell after they get hit! They are unbuyables, though, and can only be found in real Neopian Shops and other users’ trades or auctions. Currently the cheapest one I could find was on the Trading Post, for 300k. Others asked for 400k, 500k, 800k, and even 900k! (For those of you who have no idea what “k” means, it stands for “thousand”. You know, the Y2K = Year Two Thousand??)

Spicy Snowball:

Spicy snowballs are spicy. They make your opponent get very confused and frustrated because they just got hit by a cold, hot, spicy glob of…of…matter! They are also unbuyables, however, and the lowest price I saw was 500k in the Trading Post.

Good Snowball:

Good snowballs are good, cause tons of damage, but are extremely expensive. Guess how much it’s worth??

If you guessed 1.5 million, then (hears reader cheer)…you’re wrong. (Hears reader groan.) Good snowballs are worth two whole million Neopoints! Impressive, eh? Well, don’t think of getting one so fast now. (These come with cute little wings and golden halo for accessories!)

Taelia's Snowball:

The Lord of All Snowballs, the kind made by the Snow Faerie herself – Taelia’s Snowball! She is famed throughout Neopia for making the best, strongest, swiftest snowballs ever. But snowballs such as hers are very rare and hard to create, so they are far beyond unbuyable. I can’t imagine how much it could be worth! I couldn’t even find one on the Trading Post!

So there you are, all the snowballs known in all of Neopia, the Virtupets Space Station and Kreludor. Hope you find this helpful! If you’re planning on stocking up and snowball fighting with your pals soon, let me give you three last tips:

1. Never throw snowballs at someone larger, stronger, and tougher than you are, unless you want to get murdered!!

2. Be careful of incoming snowballs – don’t concentrate on your own snowballs only, or you won’t be on your feet to show off your marvellous snowball collection!

3. Remember that the main purpose of snowball fights is for fun and games! Don’t get all huffed and puffed up about whose snowball, hit or fort it is. Get out there and, as my grade six teacher would say, “Chillax!”

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