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Battledoming With a Budget: A Guide to Cheap Weapons

by sicillan_killer



Training your pet and watching him succeed in the Battledome is one of the most satisfying experiences in Neopets. Unfortunately for most Neopians, the average user cannot afford the fancy Battledome items such as H400 Helmet, Thyora’s Tear, or any of those fancy Hidden Tower weapons. Luckily, you don’t need a bloated bank account to make your pet an effective fighter. This article will show you eight essential weapons to utilize that will only cost you 100,000 NP total.


Leaf Shield

Defense wins games. This sports saying applies to the Battledome too and the Leaf Shield is a must have defensive weapon for anyone Battledoming with a budget. The leaf shield, although it has been inflating in price, is still a bargain at 9,000 NP. It blocks 5 Earth, 5 Water, and 3 Physical Icons (13 total) and is the top shield for beginner and intermediate players. This blocks most snowballs and common weapons and will give you the edge in many battles.

Estimated Cost: 9,000 NP

Scarab Ring

The Scarab Ring deals 6 total icons (2 Dark, 2 Water, and 2 Physical) while defending up to 3 Fire and 3 Physical icons. This is an amazing economic cornerstone for new battlers costing a mere 2,000 Neopoints. It’s a combination of offense and defense that is a must have for any fiscally concerned Neopian.

Estimated Cost: 2,000 NP


Not everyone can afford a Thyoras Tear, which for one turn blocks ALL icons of damage, leaving your pet completely invulnerable for one turn. However, Downsize! is the next best thing, blocking 50% of all icons coming your way for a small fraction of the cost of Thyoras Tear. Downsize! is used by both beginner and intermediate Battledome fighters because there is simply no defensive alternative unless you spend massive money to invest in a Tear.

Estimated Cost: 7,500 NP

Obsidian Dagger

Even the stingiest of Neopians can afford the Obsidian Dagger that will cost you as much as you will earn in one play of Meerca Chase. The Dagger does 2 Fire Icons, 3 Earth Icons, and 1 to 3 Physical Icons for a total of 6-8 total icons of damage for almost nothing. This is the literally the best bargain in Neopia.

Estimated Cost: 500 NP

King Kelpbeards Blessing

This should be your third offensive weapon in your arsenal, offering a hybrid of offense and defense with 3 icons of water and 3 icons of dark (6 total) as well as defends 3 total light icons. Though not as strong as other weapons in your arsenal, this weapon is balanced in offense and defense and serves as a good backup weapon.

Estimated Cost: 3,500 NP

Enchanted Wooden Bow

If you’re looking for maximum firepower, this is the weapon for you. This bow does a variety of icons that are tough to defend against, including 2 Fire, 2 Air, 3 Light, and 1 or 2 Physical icons of damage, adding up to 8 to 9 icons of damage for less than 25,000 NP. You simply will not find a better bargain and this bow is a step up from the previously mentioned multiple use weapons, albeit more expensive.

Estimated Cost: 24,000 NP

Greater Healing Scroll

One of the more costly weapons on the list, the Greater Scroll of Healing is worth every last penny... or Neopoint. Healing is an essential strategy that unravels your opponents work as they watch all the damage they inflicted disappears. The Greater Scroll of Healing will restore 50 HP, which is remarkable for its price. However, if the 40,000 NP is too steep for you, there are cheaper alternatives such as the Lesser Healing Scroll, which heals 25 HP for only about 3,500 NP.

Estimated Cost: 40,000 NP for Greater Healing Scroll

Estimated Cost: 3,500 NP for Lesser Healing Scroll

Von Roo Dice

In terms of pure offense, the Von Roo Dice is a great runner up to the Enchanted Wooden Bow and much cheaper at only 6,000 NP, dealing a hefty 2-3 icons of Air, Dark, and Physical, which adds up to 6 to 9 icons of damage; it equals the Bow in strength but not reliability. This is another great option for multiuse damage.

Estimated Cost: 6,000 NP



Not bad, huh?


Species Weapon

Each of these weapons are not MUST HAVE. Depending on your pet’s species, there are various weapons you can use that are simply amazing for the cost. For example, Lupe owners who would like to freeze their opponent but cannot afford a H4000 Helmet should consider using an Ancient Lupe Wand, which is also a guaranteed freeze for only a few thousand Neopoints, but be careful, because the weapon is semi-fragile, meaning it can break.

Other examples of useful species weapons include the Gelert Healing Remedy, which heals 50% of your Gelert’s HP for only 36,000 NP. The Elephante Unguent does the same for your Elephante for about 70,000 NP. There are many cheaper weapons for offense. The Mighty Techo Helmet and Dazzling Steel Lenny Mask each do 6 icons of damage and 3 icons of defense for only about 10,000 NP apiece. Other powerful yet cheap species weapons include Koi Battle Gloves, Cybunny X Ray Glasses, JubJub Helmet of Doom, Quiggle Boomerang, and the Kau Knight Helmet, all under 100,000 NP, dealing about 6 icons each.

Single Use Weapons

Single use weapons are weapons such as snowballs and muffins that deal a great number of icons but disappear forever once they have been used in battle. Single use weapons are terrific for giving you that edge in a battle that you just have to win. However, I’d recommend against using single use weapons too much because spending Neopoints on a weapon that you will only use once can become costly and sometimes it may be better to invest in a more expensive permanent weapon.

Examples of good single use items are the cheap Sticky Snowball that acts as a substitute for the Honey Potion by dealing 11-15 icons for only 200 NP per use. The Slippery Floor Potion is a common item that deals 6 icons of damage but blocks all fire and water icons for only 200 NP per use too. Other snowballs and muffins are also useful and easy to obtain through Snow Faerie Quests. Use them whenever you want that extra firepower in the Battledome.


I know that there is a perception that in order to be successful in the Battledome you need to be filthy rich and blow millions of Neopoints on the best Battledome weapons. However, hopefully this article has changed your perception on Battledome weapons. These weapons I mentioned probably won’t allow you to defeat an opponent with a H400 Helmet, Ghostkershield, Thyoras Tear, and a pet with 100 more HP than you. However, you will still be massively overpowered against people of similar pets and wealth as you and should give you the edge you need to beat many of the 1P challengers. Have fun in the Battledome!

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