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NeoQuiz: Pound Edition

by sylviau


-Breaking News- The pound is out! Neopians everywhere jump to their feet, kissing the news page, rejoicing. After a year and a day, our beloved pound is back! But there’s a new danger unseen by theneopetsteam. Instead of the usual petname UFA, Adopt petname, petname looking for a good home, there are people “trading pets”. Although this is now allowed, there are mixed feelings about this. I’m not scolding the transfer system, I can just be a little annoyed by the new trades, but I’ll get through it. The point of this article is to see what kind of Neopian you are in relation to the pound. Take this short NeoQuiz to find out!

1) You march into the pound board. What immediately goes through your head?

A) How can I make a profit here?

B) Time to give foster pets a good home!

C) I’m never at the pound board.

D) Let’s trade some pets!

E) Hmm... How can I get some avatars here?

2) Someone offers a ROYAL DRAIK!!! for your favourite yet unpainted blue Kougra. What do you do?

A) Think how many neopoints I’m saving!?! Now I don’t have to buy an egg and make an unnecessary trip to the Hidden Tower.

B) No, I love my Kougra, he means the world to me! However, I know of some nice foster pets looking for good homes...

C) They wouldn’t find me, I’m too busy lurking and having staring contests with meepits.

D) OMG!!! Like totally, dude! I’ll just go make another one! What an awesome trade, I can’t believe I got lucky! (Thinks) *totally crazy guy*

E) Like yay! Now I have a shiny new avatar and a kind of matching pet.

3) Do you still have your very first pet you started Neopets with?

A) Nah, I totally pounded it months ago, and found a prettier pet that was already painted, saving me the trouble of buying my own paint brush.

B) Of course!!! My very first pet is so special! I’d never give up the very first thing that brought me to this site! They are my forever loyal companion, and I love them with all my heart; nothing can ever replace them.

C) I never even made a pet when I joined up. I’d much rather explore Neopia in the shadows. *creeps*

D) No way! I traded my very first pet within a week, I’d much rather just keep replacing pets; I get tired of them easily.

E) Yeah, I have it, but only because my favourite avatar matches up with it, and I can’t have a non-matching pet/avatar combo. Think of the humility!

4) You find a very pretty painted pet in the pound, what do you immediately do with it?

A) Adopt it, neglect it, and go to the pound board and start trying to ‘get something for it’.

B) I adopt it, heal it, feed it, make it happy, attach a petpet and then put them in my foster care until a wonderful owner comes along and spots them.

C) Back away from the pound, and tell the meepit overlords to spread the news about it, then watch poor n00bs scrambling to get it. Muahahahahahahaha.

D) I run like mad and adopt it, then rush to the pound boards trying to trade something for it. Hey, you never know what I can get. It’s a decent pet.

E) I look to see if it’s got anything to do with avatars, and if it does adopt it and proudly sport a brand new avatar.

5) What do you mainly use the pound for?

A) Adopting pets, getting bargains, killing time and having fun.

B) Fostering pets, finding loving owners, sharing good times with kind souls who have great lessons to teach about love, tolerance, and patience.

C) Lurking, causing mayhem, amusing myself, staring idly into space.

D) Trading pets, killing time, trading pets, finding awesome trades, trading pets, oh and trading pets.

E) Getting avatars, testing out my new avatars on people, trying to get more avatars and thinking about avatars I’ll never get.

6) Dr. Sloth appears and hands you a transmogrification potion. What do you do?

A) Try to sell it for a little more than it’s worth, and make more neopoints than the next guy.

B) See if any of my pets would like this new look and morph them, or sell it and buy a prettier potion or paint brush.

C) Hug him, run around laughing like crazy, and then offer it up to the meepit overlords to get on their good side.

D) Transform any pet I happen to have unpainted, then go to the pound chat and try to get some offers.

E) Morph my pet to get the avatar! Yay!!! Sloth just saved me a whole bunch of neopoints!

7) Someone offers you a pet that in so called “Painted Value” is worth less than yours. You...

A) Block them; why would I want that pet over mine? Mine is worth more.

B) Tell them that I'm not interested in trading, but that pet I have is up for adoption, and if they apply they just might get it.

C) They won’t contact me. My preferences say neofriends only, and I have NO neofriends. Requests are blocked. *evil stare*

D) No way! Any good trader knows never to go lower than your pet’s worth.

E) Criticize them on their avatar count and choice; tell them how I feel about their letter being plastered with that ‘unworthy’ avatar.

8) Why do you play games? How do you spend your earnings?

No fair! Double question.

A) To make neopoints! I have to have the most neopoints in Neopia. Spend them?!? Why in Neopia would I spend them?

B) I play games to earn enough neopoints to keep all my neopets happy, and I spend them to buy them food, clothes, and toys. Any extra is saved to buy them something special, or donated to the Money Tree.

C) I don’t play games, except when the meepit overlords need some extra neopoints. I don’t spend neopoints; that would just reveal me to others.

D) I make neopoints to earn paint brushes and morphing potions, to trade pets for others.

E) I play games to get the avatars! And then any extra neopoints are used to buy avatar items and such.

9) One of your friends just lost the avatar pet she was kindly lending in the pound, and the user who got it just won’t give it back. What do you do?

A) I ignore it, it’s her neopoints lost.

B) I offer words of encouragement, that it’s not her fault, and she was doing the right thing. I help her earn the neopoints to earn her pet back.

C) I have no friends.

D) Too bad for her; I should totally contact that owner to set up a trade and snag the pet for myself.

E) I scold her, for not lending that avatar pet to me first. Now I have to find another lender!

10) Your motto is?

A) You can never have too many neopoints!

B) Pets are Priceless!

C) Bow down to the Meepits!

D) Trading is an art.

E) Avatars Forever!

How did you do? See which letter you got most of, and match your answers below. I was a B if you’ve been wondering.

A: Greedy Kadoatie

You come on Neopets to hoard all the neopoints you can. Your bank is bursting, yet your neopet is sad. Try spending some neopoints now and then to keep them happy, and treat them to a trip to kelp once in a while.

B: True Neopian

You know the spirit and meaning of Neopets. Your neopets are healthy and happy, they have petpets, a full plate of food and wonderful toys and accessories. You also foster pets and lovingly care for them. Good for you! Every Neopian should try to be like you. You’re loving and caring, and anyone who comes to your doorstep is never turned down.

C: Meepit Worshiper

You’re creepy. You’re scary. You lurk in the shadows and pop out screaming “Boo!” You worship the meepits, and are totally oblivious to anything else. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were in Sloth’s Weekly Cooking Club. –oops, *hides from zappermajigray* Try having one neopet, and lovingly caring for it. (Get them a meepit as a petpet, and then paint them Darigan if you must.)

D: Born Trader

You love to trade. You trade pets, items, and anything else you can get your hands on. Just remember, neopets are not items, so try making one and earning everything for it yourself. You’d be surprised at how much you’ll end up loving it in the end.

E: Avatar Hunter

I thought I liked avatars. I think you’re at the wrong article. You should try going through the Neopian Times Archives. I’m sure you’ll find something more suitable for you there.

Anyway, this was my article, and I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please remember that the views expressed here are not the same for the entire Neopian population, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I just hope that I’ve helped you see the true meaning of Neopets. Make sure to check out my next NeoQuiz when it comes out.


[EDITOR’S NOTE] *Gulp* Dr. Sloth, could you point that zapray away from me please? I’d just like to say that Dr. Sloth does not run a Cooking Club, and that the next meeting will be postponed to next Wednesday. That is all.

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