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A Premium Experience!

by inmemoryofromeo


No doubt you’ve heard it around the boards, about this pay to play business! You may have heard of Premium, Charter and the SSW. But what exactly are they? What is premium?

Well, to stop my inbox from being overrun with premium related questions, I am going to tell you. :) Premium is indeed a pay to play service provided by Neopets. The easiest way to get it is to ask someone with ‘ask me about premium’ in their siggy, shop or lookups. It will cost you $7.99 a month (a little less if you choose to pay by the year) and this gives you access to some special areas that normal Neopians cannot visit. Now let me state very clearly that having premium, while it certainly has its perks, does not give you any massive advantage in the Neopets world. Premium also requires a credit card or paypal account to pay for it, but let me tell you it is definitely worth it! So what does your hard earned real money give you? Well, let’s take a look :) In no particular order:

1) First and foremost, premium allows you to enjoy Neopets without those ads popping up everywhere. That's right; no ads at all! Ah, bliss! No ads in your games, none on your favorite pages, no annoying ads at the top, bottom, and every blank part of your screen. NO ADS AT ALL!!! It is brilliant! Especially helpful if you are on a low usage internet plan or have slow internet, because it uses up fewer downloads per page load and it also speeds up the loading time. It's a win win situation for the user. :)

2) Secondly, you can enjoy a monthly 1000 NP bonus. Ok, yeah, that's just one game a month that you need to play to earn that, but hey, it's free Neopoints, who doesn’t like that? And you don’t need to lift a finger to get it! 1000 NP for doing nothing; can’t do that in the games room, can you? :)

3) The third fantastic bonus you receive is a free weekly scratchcard. But it’s not just any scratchcard; nope, it's a Space Faerie scratchcard, and no matter what squares you choose, you are guaranteed to win! Yep, that's right, a free scratchcard every single week which absolutely, 100% guarantees that you will win! Take a look at what I have won. :)

2000 Neopoints 989 Neopoints The Space Faerie 2220 Neopoints

1000 Neopoints 1651 Neopoints 1045 Neopoints 364 Neopoints

954 Neopoints 1205 Neopoints 1200 Neopoints 1288 Neopoints

250 Neopoints 1435 Neopoints 250 Neopoints 250 Neopoints

1953 Neopoints The Space Faerie 1626 Neopoints 500 Neopoints

4) Your fourth fantastic bonus for paying for premium is your portal. You can find everything you need right there in one fully customizable page. There are an abundance of themes to choose from and all your quick links and dailies are fully customized how YOU want them and just a click away. Here in the portal you have two clocks displaying local and Neopian time. You can scroll through your dailies, play the stock market, access beta test games, use your calculator, check the calendar, keep an eye on your actives stats, check the news and weather (both real and Neopian) and snipe on the amazing and fantastic SSW all from your portal. But hey, don’t play the stock market? Well, no problems; a quick click or two and voila! It's gone. :) Want the SSW right up the top where you can get to it fast? You can do that too. The Portal is awesome!

5) Number five in the bonus list is the mysterious and allusive SSW! The SSW, you ask? Yes, that's right; the Super Show Wiz, the stuff of legends, every Neopian's dream, the most stupendous, wonderful, bril... Yeah, ok, you get the idea. :P The Super Shop Wiz scans every single user shop in Neopia at the same time! The ordinary shop wiz gives the lowest prices for a small section of the marketplace, but the Super Wiz gives you the lowest prices of every shop, with just one click! It’s every sniper's dream! ...Ah, I will never forget the day I sniped my first unbuyable. :o A Zafara Transmogrification Potion for a mere, minuscule 12k! Wow!... Oh sorry, where were we? Oh, that's right; the Super Shop Wiz. The Super Wiz, the stuff of legen... WHAT DO YOU MEAN, COME BACK IN TEN MINUTES!!! Oh yes, that's right, the SSW is not unlimited. Spread your searches out or search later in the hour to avoid being locked out too fast, nor can you search for paint brushes and the Secret Lab Map (although treasure maps and morphing potions are fair game :) ). This is necessary to prevent premium members from having too big an advantage over non premium players. It's only fair. But search wisely and you can make a HUGE profit!

6) The sixth benefit to make our list is the special Premium only random events! Neopoints, rare items and lottery wins can be tossed willy nilly at your premium email address, just waiting for you to collect! And you don’t even need to be online; many times I have logged in only to have a SHH (Something has happened) just waiting for me. :)

7) Next on the list is the private premium members only chat boards. Yep, that's right, private chat boards. You can choose from the main boards to talk about anything and everything Neopets, the help boards, where some wonderful lovely people are only to willing to lend a helping hand, the beta test boards for various games (yep, we get our own private board :P), plus the premium spotlight and games board! The premium boards are slower moving, are virtually spam free, and have an open and friendly atmosphere. No need to worry about your board being buried in five seconds flat, no need to worry about spam, just friendly helpful people to converse with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8) Stay on premium for a couple of months and you can also access the Charter boards. Honestly, Charter alone is worth paying $7.99 for. Let me demonstrate with a couple of our Charter threads: ‘I want to meet every single Charter member’, ‘Say Something Nice About the Person Above You’, ‘Quest Help’ (this is where you go to ask for quest help anytime :) ) ‘Happy Meerca Day!’, ‘keeping in the grand tradition-charter 3 NP auctions’, and ‘Welcome to the Charter chat board #16’. We also have a rants board where you can go air your frustrations and have someone make you feel better. Yes, Charter alone is worth paying for! (But don’t tell TNT; they might get ideas, SHHHHH!) *charter hugz to all the wonderful charter peeps*

9) So we are getting near the end of all the wonderful Premium bonuses, but I still have a couple up my sleeve. :) Number nine on the list is the beta test games. Yep, premium members get to test each and every game before it heads out into the big wide Neopian world. Before you even had an inkling of Neohomes 2.0 and Key Quest, we were playing it, working out the kinks, and providing feedback for TNT. Let me tell you there are a couple of more games coming your way in the future that are sure to be a hit. :)

10) Finally, here we are at the last premium bonus on my list... You can sign up for a fourteen day, obligation-free trial of Neopets premium. Yep, you heard me, free trial. You get to check out all the neat features of Premium (except Charter) for fourteen days to see if you like it. :) What more could you want? Just send a neomail to any of the helpful premium members *cough cough* for a point in the right direction. You will need a credit card or paypal account for the trial, but as long as you cancel before your trial is up, then it won’t cost you a cent. But trust me, it is worth every penny. :) Come and see for yourself.

Who knows; I might run into you one day in Charter. Be sure to give me a wave. :)

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