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Misconceptions About Miss Jhudora

by water_glass


Umm... so... umm... uhh... Oh gosh, what do I say? I don’t know what to say... I’m so nervous; what if I mess up?... Oh wait, this is going IN the paper? Wait, this has already been written as part of my article? Oh no! Oh dear, I hope Jhudora doesn’t mind very much. She does have a temper... I know, because when she asked me to give her this assignment, I said I had to go play Meepit Juice Break and she yelled at me! She said that she was going to send me back to quest one. It made me very sad, so... so here I am!

See, I am currently very proud to say that I am on quest number three of Jhudora’s quest line. I know, I know, I am pretty far ahead of your average Neopian, but I want to succeed, to quest four, then five, then... umm... seven? No, onward! I will proceed onward in Jhudora’s quest line. I am so excited, for you see, Jhudora is the greatest faerie of them all (And I say that in complete and total honesty and belief of the statement myself. No one forced or threatened me into saying such things, especially not Jhudora herself!). And I have proof of this statement. Confused? Read on...

Well, hi! Hello, nice to meet you, howdy, hola, bonjour, farewell... wait... I meant hello, hi! As you can tell, I’m rather nervous. This is my first Neopian Times article ever! And I was assigned to it! Can’t you believe it? I was actually recommended to write this article! But I can’t tell you who; that would get me in trouble. But I think I should tell you a little about myself! I happen to be an owner of Neopets! Most people are owners of Neopets, though, so anyone could have written this article. Friends call me Random; I don’t quite know why. Have I told you about my love of fuzzy socks?

At any rate, I am here to talk about Jhudora! You know, the dark faerie? Who gives out quests? She’s got purple hair with a green steak through it! She is in the Neopedia, so that makes her famous! Gosh, she’s pretty. Her dress really brings out the violet in her skin...

Now, I understand some of you might not know much about this faerie. This is shocking, but I will conveniently present a background. She is a dark faerie who gives out quests as you come to her. In Faerieland she has set up a place where Neopets can go to her and ask her for quests called Jhudora’s Cloud. Since her name is Jhudora and she lives there, it is her cloud. Thus, Jhudora’s Cloud.

See, the nonsense thing is this. Every time you accept a quest, a little warning pops up telling you she is a dark faerie. But does it really matter? When other Dark Faeries give you quests, you don’t get little warnings. When Illusen gives you a quest, you don’t get little warnings. And to that I say bah. Bah! It’s not very fair to a faerie who kindly gives out lollypops. I love lollypops.

Anyway, there are fifty levels you can complete and every three quests or so, she will give you a prize, leading up to a Wand of the Dark Faerie if you manage to finish all fifty of them. Maybe you might get a trophy if you get her items fast enough.

I have composed a very useful list mapping what item you get as a reward with every quest:

Quest Prize

1 Poisonous Lollypop

2 Jhudora saying thank you

3 Noxious Nectar

4 Stepping close enough to Jhudora to hand her something without being zapped

5 Jhudora’s Brush

6 Jhudora’s appreciation

7 Jhudora’s gratitude

8 Purple Blob Potion

9 Jhudora’s affections

10 Illusen’s slight dislike of you

11 Jhudora T-Shirt

12 An appreciative grin from Jhudora

13 Jhudora learning and remembering your name

14 Gnome Shroom

15 Jhudora will sing you a beautiful song composed by her

16 Jhudora’s autograph

17 Caustic Potion

18 A handshake with Jhudora

19 A strand of Jhudora’s hair (For all the elusive collectors)

20 Dark Faerie Magic

21 Listening to Jhudora tell you a joke

22 Listening to Jhudora’s speech on why there should be a Jhudora paint brush

23 Malice Potion

24 A whiff of Jhudora’s perfume

25 The satisfaction that you are halfway to a Wand of the Dark Faerie

26 Purple Spotted Shroom

27 Illusen’s very, very, strong dislike

28 A green streak through your hair – just like Jhudora!

29 Clockwork Rat

30 This one is good – everything half price on the third of every month! (Huh? What do you mean that happens for everyone?)

31 Access to Jelly World! (Haha, just kidding! It doesn’t exist.)

32 Toxic Shroom

33 The promise that if you play games, you WILL get Neopoints

34 An invisible purple Neopoint (You may not see it, but it is there.)

35 Dark Shroom

36 A hug from Jhudora

37 The location of the Hidden Tower

38 Jhudora's Potion

39 Nothing (Due to lack of interest)

40 A visit to the Lab Ray (Once you have acquired all nine pieces)

41 Bartamus

42 Getting pranked by Jhudora (This only happens once, I promise.)

43 Getting pranked by Jhudora (This only happens once, I promise.)

44 Dark Faerie Collar

45 A tour of Jhudora’s Castle

46 An honest smile of gratitude from Jhudora

47 Portable Cloud

48 Illusen’s complete and utter hatred

49 Jhudora’s trust

50 Wand of the Dark Faerie

Aren’t those the nicest rewards you have ever seen? If that does not make you want to complete Jhudora’s quests, I do not know what will.

She is in the Neopedia under Jhudora, the dark faerie. She also has a chapter in the Gallery of Evil. She even has a day dedicated to her! It is the fourth day in the Month of Awakening, which is the same month as Valentines Day! That makes her a loving faerie. Although most people do not seem to agree with me on that for some absurd reason...

Anyway, so I have been skimming past Neopian Times articles and I have come to realize that you think Miss Jhudora is evil! Evil! Actually, evil is a fascinating word. See, if you mix it around, you get Eliv Thade – you know, the game? – or veil... or live... or vile... which Miss Jhudora is not! She is not evil and I am writing to the Neopian Times to prove it! I think all those silly articles, comics, and stories about her being evil are nonsense propaganda! All those writers are probably just jealous of the fans she has!

And yes, she does have fans – those would be her quest-ers. They are quite loyal; some are even on their thirtieth or fortieth quest!

So firstly, I would just like to pose the question as to who likes lollypops? Now, personally, I love lollypops. Remember? I told you this before! I think they are delicious. My two favorite flavors happen to be apple and grape. As you may know, if there was an apple-grape-combo-flavored lollypop, it would be a dream come true! Which it is! Jhudora kindly hands out lollypops to those who complete her first quest. Now, I understand she called them poisonous lollypops, but just because that’s what she calls them doesn’t mean it’s true. Fyora has a Hidden Tower, but most people I know can find that no problem. Labels aren’t always true. I personally believe that those lollypops taste amazing, with no side effects. Except Sneezles, Neo Flu, Doldrums, Pollenitus, D’Achoo, and Floppy Tongue. But it’s just a coincidence that I got them right after I had a poisonous lollypop. You should try one!

Secondly, I think this Gallery of Evil rumor must be cleared up. Obviously, Illusen was jealous one day of Jhudora and stuck her in the Gallery of Evil. It even says – I quote from the book itself – that she “has never done anything to directly harm Neopia,” so it is ridiculous to go prancing around saying that Jhudora is evil! It says in her entry that she hasn’t done anything! It’s not very fair to go pointing fingers because something looks suspicious, now is it? You know, Galgarroth is sitting in the Gallery of Heroes, yet he was on Darigan’s side for the Battle for Meridell. I think that’s suspicious, but he’s still in the hero book settled between Master Vex and Cylara.

Thirdly. Thirdly. Thirdly. Sorry, I just felt the need to say that three times. See, when I said thirdly, it is the third piece of evidence and third means three, so I said it three times. Get it? It makes perfect sense! Well, anyway. Who started giving out quests first? There are two quest chains of fifty quests you can complete – Jhudora and Illusen. Now, Jhudora lives in Faerieland. Illusen lives in Meridell. Meridell was discovered after Faerieland. Meaning Illusen started giving out her quests after Jhudora. I think that Illusen was so spiteful of whatever happened in the past between them that she was going to try to steal Jhudora’s fame and glory by setting up her own quests! In fact, I am sure she got so jealous that she did not allow those poor, misguided (Not that I am biased) Neopets to do both quests. And only to be fair, did Jhudora return the favor. Illusen is nothing but a copycat in my book.

Also! Illusen is kind of strange too, if you ask me. I mean, there are six different types of faeries (Seven if you count the faerie queen, since I doubt she can be categorized) living in Faerieland and Illusen refuses to live there because dark faeries live there. Well, I’m sure Jhudora wouldn’t leave if Illusen lived there. If you ask me, it is rather rude of Illusen to stereotype all dark faeries as evil creatures. If I recall, in a recently told story about Sophie the Swamp Witch, Ilere left poor Sophie to fend for herself in the Haunted Woods. Sure she gave her a place to live, but that is all! Oh, and what was Ilere? Hmm, an Earth Faerie if I recall. There are plenty of other faeries populating Faerieland and if Illusen cannot live there because one bothers her, I doubt Jhudora is to be blamed.

If you look at Jhudora’s picture in the Gallery of Evil, she is holding a wand. The wand looks like a stick with a ball on top. She is also not facing to the center, she is off to the side. I completely understand if this is not a big deal to anyone, but turn your attention to the Gallery of Heroes now, Fyora’s Chapter. Fyora too, is holding a wand that is a stick with a ball on top and she, Fyora, is facing to the side. Also, if you have ever seen a picture of Fyora, she sports the color purple. Purple dress, purple wings, purple hair. What other faerie proudly bears the color purple? The Air Faerie? Water? Earth? Fire? Light? None other than the dark faeries! How awful can Jhudora be if she bears a significant resemblance to the Faerie Queen herself?

And one last little thing. Something that makes Jhudora stand out, besides her original style of handing out quests. And that is her attire. Typically, dark faeries are known for wearing purple and black. By now, I am sure you have realized Jhudora is no typical dark faerie, but still. She wears purple and green. Green, not black. Am I, Riley the roving reporter, jumping to conclusions? Possibly. Yet possibly not. Maybe the fact she chooses to wear the color normally signifying the earth faeries says something about her relationship with Illusen. Maybe we Neopets and Neopians just are not reading into it enough. Maybe I have just read Dark Faerie Magic too many times. But her interesting choice of apparel does make her stand out from the rest.

So go ahead. Feel free to pass judgments and make assumptions about how evil Jhudora is. How awful Jhudora is. How conniving Jhudora is. What makes you think that? Because she is a dark faerie? Not all dark faeries are bad, and not all bad faeries are dark. Because she is in the Gallery of Evil? What has she done to earn her place? Because she decides to wear a little green in her wardrobe instead of black? Since when is being different evil? Bruno the Gelert – Sophie the Swamp Witch’s brother – is different, but no one assumes he is evil. Am I forcing Neopians to boycott the Gallery of Evil until Jhudora is removed? No, no, because I think she likes being there. I think she likes the infamy.

But just in case? I’d watch my back if I were you.

Hey guys! I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it!

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