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5 Great Things To Do With Cheese

by chubycheeks16


Hey, all you Neopians out there! Today, I debut in the Times by introducing this new series, 5 Great Things to do with...! In each issue, we here at the 5 Things HQ will provide YOU with 5 amazing uses for a common item! By reading these articles, you will be able to do stuff with random items that you never dreamed of before! To start off our series, this article addresses 5 great things to do with cheese! So here’s this week’s Top 5 Uses countdown!

#5: Roll it. Yes, you heard me correctly. Who would be crazy enough to do such a thing, you may ask? Well, just head over to Meridell to see this insanity at work. Pretty much, you buy a cheese from this blue Techo with a funny hat. And after spending (possibly thousands of) neopoints on this fancy cheese, you grab it and roll down a hill with it, smashing into rocks and branches in the process. (That cheese better have a tough rind.) And after this overpriced dairy product is rotated down a steep incline, guess what? You might not even get to keep the thing! But on the plus side, you can potentially win a bunch of cash! (And maybe keep the cheese.) The Meridellians may be insane, but their games can make you rich. (Need I mention Kass Basher? Or potato counter?) Nice, eh?

#4: Drink it. What? Is the author insane? No, there is drinkable cheese. Where, you may ask? Well, in the slushie shop, of course! Pick up a “Cheese Slushie”, slurp, and enjoy! And it’s a gourmet food, so you can treat your pet to a five star experience! Now, how exactly to suck that stuff through a straw is a good question. Make sure your pet doesn’t pass out from all that frantic slurping. (However, a top secret experiment is being conducted to see if removing the cap might help.) In our experience, Skeiths and Grarrls are the pros at eating this item, as they simply eat everything, including the plastic straw and the lid, not to mention the cup. Alternatively, pets can treat themselves to a Cheeseburger Slushie... if they happen to have 1,000,000 NP lying around.

#3: Get an avatar with it. Many people these days are experiencing the craze to collect secret avatars to display on their lookup and show off on the Neoboards. Well, what would be cooler than having an entire little blinking pile of pixels devoted to this wonderful dairy product? Having two, of course! That’s right, the “Drackonack- Hungry” and the “Techo- Cheesy” avatars are yours for the taking. Once you receive these two icons, head over to the Neoboards to show everybody your love of cheese, and maybe even start a cheese guild. The possibilities are endless.

#2: Sell it. Not everyone likes cheese. *Gasp* But hey, everyone’s different. Or else they’re lactose intolerant. But whatever the situation, cheese is still enjoyable. How, you may ask? Well, cheese is expensive. (Probably because it tastes so good.) So, many enterprising Neopians make plenty of neopoints off buying cheese and selling it for more, also known as CRSing (Cheese Restocking.) This is an excellent opportunity to make a few more neopoints. For example, let’s say Jason walks into the food shop and buys some cheese for 323 neopoints. He then sells it in his own shop for 650 neopoints, making an easy 327 neopoints. As you can see, Jason made more than twice as much NP as he spent on the cheese in the first place. However, some cheese can sell for a lot more. For example, if you can get you hands on a “Fun Icy Cheese Pop” or a “Mouldy Cheese”, you could be walking away with over a million neopoints in your pocket. As you can see, CRSing is a good idea!

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for...

#1: Eat it. Yes, eat it! This is the greatest thing to use cheese for. You and your pet can enjoy a huge variety of cheese-related food, ranging from the cheap (and possibly bitten) “Cheese Omelette” for the user who loves a good deal, to the middle priced “Ham and Cheese Sandwich”, to some “Plum Cheese Bread” for the richer Neopians! Cheese is an important staple of a neopet’s diet. And, cheese is very high in calcium. Maybe your pet will be a master in the Battledome because of their strong bones that they acquired through eating cheese. Or maybe your pet will look forward to lunchtime and Neoschool to enjoy the cheesy—oh, yeah, Neoschool doesn’t exist. Right. Or your pet could join the Gourmet Club by eating great-tasting cheeses! As we said before, the possibilities are endless, and there are hundreds of cheese foods out there. So get munching!

Well, that concludes this week’s Top 5 Uses list. But remember, folks, your choices are not limited to these 5 ideas. There are plenty of things to do with cheese, such as making a cheese gallery, or buying some furniture made of cheese for your Neohome (“Smelly Cheese Bean Bag” and “Cheese Mat” are some examples.) If you own the Lab Ray, or get a Fountain Faerie Quest for that matter, your pet could be painted Cheese. We could go on and on, but we’d prefer to let you come up with more creative, wacky, and possibly totally insane ideas by yourself. Hopefully by reading this article, you realize how much fun cheese can be. So what are you waiting for? Cheeseroller beckons!

Coming next issue: 5 Great Things to do With One Neopoint!

Congratulations! You read the whole article! This is my first Times submission, so I’d appreciate any feedback you might have!

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