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How to be a Neoslang Nerd

by surfy_chick27


You are at the trading post and you see the rainbow candychan that you have always wanted, so you look at the wishlist just to find that you can’t understand a word of it. BAM!!! Your dream is gone, disintegrated, vanished.

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Not knowing what something means could lead to a sleepless night, a week searching the Neopedia or a day spent on the Neoboards trying to find out the answer. The word or phrase that you don’t understand is what I like to call Neoslang, named because it’s slang you use on Neopets. Well, if you read this guide, hopefully it will never happen again, as well as the bonus of getting to be one of the users that uses the phrases. In this list I have written all the gibberish phrases that you’ll find on Neopets, and if you ever find one that isn’t on this list, which I’m sure you won’t, then just neomail me the word or phrase and I will decipher it and neomail it back to you. At the end, to make sure you have been concentrating, I have made a challenge. By the way, don’t stop reading because you know the first few; I’ve started with the most commonly known ones. Also, just because I have written most of these in capitals doesn’t mean that they are always written in capitals.

1. NP

Meaning: Neopoints (Kind of obvious).

For Example: A red mirror costs 300 NP.

2. NC

Meaning: Neocash (Again, kind of obvious).

For Example: Wings of Flame cost 100 NC.

3. K

Meaning: No, not the letter K, the K meaning thousand.

For Example: An altachuck costs 1k.

4. Pure

Meaning: Only neopoints (kind of like the other meaning).

For Example: "I will take 4k pure for this Bri Codestone."

5. Auto

Meaning: At the trading post, if someone’s wishlist has auto on it, then offer what they want and you will automatically get it (unless, of course, someone else offers more).

For Example: 13k= Auto

6. TP, SW and SSW

Meaning: Trading Post, Shop wizard and Super Shop Wizard.

For Example: This is the cheapest bottled water faerie on TP, SW, and SSW.

7. LOL / lol

Meaning: It stands for laugh out loud.

For Example: I’ve been waiting for Kiko Day all year and then I forgot to go online that day.

8. PB

Meaning: Paintbrush

For Example: A baby PB costs 595,000 NP.

9. FQD

Meaning: Faerie Queen Doll (You’re probably getting bored of abbreviations, but it will come in handy when you’re racking your brains for an item or place it could stand for).

For Example: Can I borrow a FQD?

10. N00b

Meaning: Newbie (Not an abbreviation this time).

For Example: Go to the n00b board.

11. Siggy

Meaning: Neosignature (Those that appear under your text when you post a message).

For Example: I just changed my siggy.

12. Avvie / Av

Meaning: Avatar, of course.

For Example: I just got the Brainy avvie.

13. IDK

Meaning: I don’t know (Back to abbreviations).

For Example: What is a Chomby and the Fungus Balls CD worth, because idk.


Meaning: Check out my other trades (this one is not very well known so people don’t use it very often because no-one knows what they mean).

For Example: I will take 30k. COMOT

15. PPL

Meaning: People (there is also a Neopets competition called Petpet Protection League).

For Example: Hurry up ppl.

16. NM

Meaning: Neomail.

For Example: NM me to borrow scroll of dark nova.

17. PLZ and THX / THNX

Meaning: Please and thanks.

For Example: Plz can I borrow FQD? Thx in advance.

18. Packrat

Meaning: The packrat avatar (not really slang, but I put it here because when I first started Neopets, I used to have no idea what people were talking about).

For Example: I’m trying to get the packrat avvie.

19. UFT

Meaning: Up for trade (You will hear this mainly on the pound board).

For Example: Faerie Grundo UFT.

20. ACCT

Meaning: Account

For Example: Your acct is too young for me to give you a maraquan jubjub.

21. TNT

Meaning: The Neopets team (Why do they get that special avvie all to themselves?).

For Example: Hey TNT, I’ve got a question.

22. NT

Meaning: Neopian Times (While we’re on the subject, do you like my article?)

For Example: Hey TNT, I really want my article to get printed in the NT.

23. BRB

Meaning: Be right Back

For Example: Just going to get some lunch, brb.

24. NTY

Meaning: No thank you

For Example: “Would you like to join my guild?” “NTY, I’m already in a perfect guild.”(Neomail me for invites to my guild.)


Meaning: It stands for I taunt the Pant Devil, which is an avatar you can get. (If only we all did.)

For Example: Who has the ITTPD avatar?

26. MSPP

Meaning: Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie, which is an avatar, a colour exclusive to poogles and a Trading Card.

For Example: I’ve got the MSPP avatar.

27. :D

Meaning: It is what you type to make a particular smiley appear on the neoboards or in a neomail. Some people just use it in their trading post wishlist, meaning the same thing. To find out what it looks like, go to the neoboard smileys page, or test it out yourself!

No example.

28. :)

Meaning: The same sort of thing as the last one, only this one makes a different smiley.

No example.

29. HTML

Meaning: It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Which is all the text (all different sort of gibberish) that is used for coding graphics?

For Example: Would anyone like to be head of html in my guild?

30. BGC

Meaning: Bony Grarrl Club. An expensive item used in the battledome

For Example: I used the BGC to beat the Ghost Lupe in the Battledome.

31. TCG

Meaning: Trading Card Game. This is a set of cards that you can collect on Neopets.

For Example: Does anyone know where I can find the Green Negg (TCG)?

32. SuAP

Meaning: Super Attack Pea. Another expensive item used in the Battledome.

For Example: I used the SuAP to beat the Ghost Lupe in the Battledome.

33. AC 1/2/3

Meaning: Altador Cup 1, 2 or 3. 1, 2 and 3 could also be written as I, II, III.

For Example: Did you enter ACIII?

I guess you’re getting a bit bored of finding out what all this nonsense means. Well, you’re in luck; I’ve almost finished.

34. Separate / Separates

Meaning: The slang meaning is if someone’s got a trade, they might say “Neomail me to separate,” meaning neomail them if you only want one item in their trade.

Example: Neomail me for separates.

35. BG

Meaning: Background

Example: I like your pet’s BG.

36. BC

Meaning: Beauty Contest

Example: Spare a vote for my BC entry.

37. Mil

Meaning: Million, usually used when talking neopoints

Example: A Bony Grarrl club sells for 23mil.

38. Unbuyable

Meaning: It describes an item that is usually too expensive (over 100,000NP) to buy on the Shop Wizard.


Now for that challenge I was telling you about back when you didn’t know that much about Neoslang. I have written a paragraph using lots of (not all) Neoslang terms and you have to decipher what it means. So here goes:

I was at the TP browsing through Newest 20 Trades. I came to one that had an AC BG from Terror Mountain. In the wishlist it said “1k Pure COMOT:)”. That’s a good deal but I don’t want that item. So I decided to follow the instruction of “COMOT”. I clicked on the link to her userlookup (I noticed that she had ITTPD as her av.) and then clicked on the link to her trades. Her first trade was a load of items that sell for about 100NP. The wishlist said “Packrat lot~ Free~ COMOT”. I already have packrat so I looked at the next one. It had a BGC and an FQD. That wishlist said “23,000,000NP for BGC~ 950K for FQD~ NM for Separates~ Vote for my BC entry~ COMOT”. I didn’t want a BGC, but I had always wanted a FQD, except I didn’t know how much they cost. I thought of checking on the SW but then I remembered that it was an unbuyable. So I decided to see if she would go 50K cheaper. I sent her an NM asking if she would take 900K for the FQD and she replied back saying NTY. I sent her another NM saying OK I will offer 950K and she accepted. A few days later I found out that a FQD normally sells for 1.1mil. I must have had a lucky day!

How did you go at deciphering it? You will know you got it right if it made sense. Anyway back to my article. If you ever find any other Neoslang that you don’t understand, it could be one of the following:

  • The initials of a guild
  • The initials of an item that gets you an avatar
  • A username
  • An Avatar

If you are sure it’s not one of them, you could post on the Neoboards (*cough* or Neomail me *cough*). Now, since you have been reading carefully, I am giving you a Neoslang Degree!!! Congratulations!!! (Am I overdoing it with exclamation marks?) So that means that now you will be able to travel around Neopia annoying everyone.

Well, that concludes my article. I hope that you have learnt something from this article. If you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to Neomail me. And remember a Negg a day keeps Doctor Gelert away!

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