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Top Ten Petpetpets

by reeses_pet


From the writer of the article Top Ten Weirdest Slushies and the Top Ten Garden Gnomes... I present, the Top Ten Petpetpets!!

*loud presenting music that sounds like french horns*

Ah, petpetpets. They are not the oldest things on Neopets, yet they seem to already have found their place- on petpets’ fur! Petpetpets are very much desired and there is a grand variety of them. But certain ones shine brighter than the others and I am here to reveal to you, dear readers, which ones are the top petpetpet people!

10) Jermite

Description: This little guy loves longhaired Petpets. It has special antlers to part their hair as it moves.

This is a very... intriguing looking petpetpet! I mean seriously, how many petpetpets have a pair of forked antlers!?! Their antlers are cool for another reason too- they’re useful when parting hairs out of their way when they crawl upon your petpet’s fur! These little guys must be super-strong, as their antlers are twice their size. How can you resist such an amazing and mind-boggling petpetpet!?

Estimated Shop Wizard Price: Around 60,000 neopoints

9) Jiggybug

Description: This bug lives in water and favours aquatic Petpets. Beware if you see him on yours.

I have to say this petpetpet is one of the top gold stars when it comes to looking cool! He is really the only petpetpet that resembles a solid hunk of ice, which is a nice reason to say he ROCKS! Isn’t it also interesting to know he lives in water- but can also live OUT of water? Oh, and have you ever seen one swimming in the water? They are super speedy guys! If you live in Maraqua, he is the ideal petpetpet for your petpet if he or she wants one!

Estimated Shop Wizard Price: Around 61,000 neopoints

8) Glyme

Description: This bug loves to eat plants of all shapes and sizes, especially sweet flowering plants...

So who cares if he eats up pretty flowers? He looks like a flower himself! From different points of views, he could look cute or just plain creepy. A slug-like petpetpet, he is the outdoors type who does well in moderate temperatures. I think he is awesome because of that realistic flower shell on his back! And besides, you can have a nice weed-eating pal for free if you find him in YOUR garden! So go out there and FIND YOURSELF A GLYME!!

Estimated Trading Post Price: 200,000 neopoints off Trading Post

7) Flankin

Description: Careful, this little mite burns!

Cool, awesome, interesting! This petpetpet is lit on fire and yet acts as if he doesn’t feel a thing! Flammable to everything BUT neopet/petpet/human/etc. hair, this Flankin can amaze you! You should see what happens when you make it mad... It’s dangerous and awesome to keep. Don’t worry; it won’t burn you if you don’t touch it without a glove or mitt!

Estimated Shop Wizard Price: Around 97,000 neopoints

6) Lightmite

Description: Be careful you don't get too close to this little guy, he tends to bite.

Oh, who cares if he bites? He’ll be like a guardian that occasionally practices his chomping on you. This petpetpet looks beautiful and is very bright. He can also double up as a night light! But because of the large wings and shape, this petpetpet can fly very fast and is best kept in a closed area when not attached to a petpet. One lucky Lightmite even gets to star in a game! Lightmites rule and rock!

Estimated Shop Wizard Price: 99,500 neopoints or more

5) Blechy

Description: Blechy can eat a lot of food, but it tends to come right back.

Ok... Maybe this petpetpet is a bit disturbing with the way they throw up all the food they constantly eat... but still. Blechys have stubby bodies and their amazing ability to eat large amounts of food at once with their tiny size still baffles scientists, though it really is no wonder why they are called ‘Blechy’ and why they can’t keep all that food in them. But they are still pretty cool! It’s a bonus when you discover that they are one of the cheaper types of petpetpets (I wonder why...)!

Estimated Shop Wizard Price: Around 45,000 neopoints

4) Snailien

Description: If you see your Petpet moving around strangely and acting a bit odd, the Snailien could be sliding along its back...

These petpetpets are out of this world! Oops, sorry for the lame phrase. With an alien like head and a snail-like body, there is really no reason to wonder why it was named as it is! They tend to leave a slightly cold snail trail behind, which is the reason for a petpet to act odd. For the first time, a Snailien slime trail can make your petpet act abnormal for a little while. And no, a therapist is not going to help. Why is this on the list? Because it looks so cool- that’s why!!

Estimated Trading Post Price: Around 100,000 neopoints

3) Strale

Description: If your petpet complains of painful scratching, you might check it for this bug.

Without their suction and slithery underbelly, these petpetpets would float off your petpet and straight into the sky like a cloud!! Resembling a living sluggish cloud with a face and a little antenna, this is a cute petpetpet in the eyes of some neopets and their owners. The strale is on this list because of their unique appearance and perhaps-cute-to-some-people features! This is one petpetpet that is worth the itching!!

Estimated Trading Post Price: Around a 400,000 neopoint average

2) Rainblug

Description: This bug will munch on just about anything it can find.

Ooh, pretty. It’s a bug and yet it looks so... artsy and colorful. The natural colorful body sections are amazing and it will be hard to lose it because of its color that attracts the average eye. It won’t be hard to feed either, as it will literally eat anything given to it except for the fur it lives upon! They are slow and do not have the ability to fly. These are in relation to a rainbow rolly polly bug. This is a petpetpet some pets would think of as very different and special in the world of petpetpets!

Estimated Trading Post Price: Lowest is about 110,000 neopoints

Ta da!! The most awesomest and coolest and supertasticfabulous petpetpet!!

1) Mootix

Description: Ewwww! Your petpet has fleas!

Oh wow, wow! This petpetpet is in a popular game in the games room and also comes with a nifty super fabulous extra-special and hard to get avatar! It’s worth a lot- and its worth is equal to its awesome-spiffy-ness! A cute little bug, this Mootix is definitely the top buggy! To have a Mootix is to have the honor of owning such a highly thought of petpet. If you want one, you better save up! Because we all know this isn’t cheap... *glances at Trading Post Price* Wow, that’s expensive- but worth it all the way from the bank!

Estimated Trading Post Price: Around 2,350,000 neopoints (wow)

Petpetpets! Now that you’ve read about the top ten most awesome ones, now it’s time to reach into that bank account savings and buy one! Or at least try to anyway...

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