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Captain Kacheek and the Great Storm

by chemi2468


Wave the Blue Kacheek looked down at her warf, Coco. “Oh, Coco,” she whispered. “I just wish I could be Captain Kacheek.” Captain Kacheek was the female blue Kacheek sailor in Wave’s imagination.

      I would love to be a sailor, she thought. Always finding new places. At least I’ve already taken the courses in Neopia School of Learning. I’ve accomplished something.

      Wave laughed. Coco looked so serious, with his dark brown eyes staring up at her. “Oh, Coco. You’re such a great listener.”

      Coco blinked.

      Wave decided to look in her FAQ (frequently asked questions) handbook. She looked up ‘how to become...’ and looked down at the list. “How to become... a doctor. Artist. Librarian. Mathematician. Sailor. Um, Sailor! Right here!” she yelled. She read the description:

      How to become a sailor:

      To become a sailor, you have to be skilled at certain things. You have to have taken at least four courses in a sailing school near you. After that, to apply, you must go to that headmaster. He will give you a form for you to fill out. Once you have filled it out, look at the address at the bottom. It will tell you where to mail it to. Your letter back will arrive A.S.A.P. Usually about a few days. Hope this information was helpful. Thank you.

     “Okay,” Wave said. She found her school again and headed toward the headmaster’s office. She knocked on the door three times. Exactly on the third knock, the door swung open. “Oh, well. If it isn’t Wave!” said the old Elephante, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Sit down. I think I know why you’re here.”

      Wave smiled. “Yes. I came to apply for a sailor.”

      “Of course,” the Elephante said. He smiled.

      “Mr. Patch. May I have the form?”

      “Oh, dear. Not just yet. Sit down, please.”

      Wave did. “So, do I have to choose a name?”

      “You mean, like a title?” asked Mr. Patch.


      “Well then, yes. Have you got any ideas?”

      “Boy, do I! I’ve been thinking about like... forever!”

      “So, what is it?”

      “Captain Kacheek!” Wave blurted out.

      “What a nice name. It has such a nice ring to it,” Mr. Patch said. He handed Wave a slip of paper. “Here you go. Good luck on becoming a sailor!”


     Wave looked over her form. It said everything it needed to. Wave marked it with a ship stamp. She carefully wrote the address and the return one in pen. Then she headed to the post office. She slipped it into the box and headed home. She needed to get some good night sleep.

      When Wave awoke in the morning, the first thing she did was check her mail box. Yes! The Sailing Agency of Neopia (or S.A.N.) had mailed her a letter. Wave couldn’t believe it. They had replied so quickly. Wave quickly opened the letter and read through it.

      Dear Wave (or Captain Kacheek),

      We have mailed this to you to notify you about your sailing career. We have looked through your records and agreed, your time of choosing was not too early or too late. You have taken good classes at a good school, which, of course means, you must begin your beginner voyage. You must have a compass and all the other needed items. You are allowed to choose a maximum of ten Neopians to go with you. You can bring at the maximum of one petpet, or one petpetpet. The petpet, or petpetpet, is included as a Neopian (of course). This is our no refund policy. You must arrive at the following time with your group at 3:00 on Thursday. If you are more than twenty minutes late, you will have to start this process all over with a new form and all. Please remember to bring this letter with you to the dock near Brooke Sea. Your voyage will be the maximum of seven days. It is not our responsibility for any lost items or any injuries.



      “Wow! Thursday is tomorrow! I have to start choosing people,” Wave exclaimed. She looked at Coco. “Oh, Coco,” she said. “Of course I’m bringing you.” Coco made a clicking noise, wagging his tail.

      “But I have to choose some more Neopians first,” Wave continued. “It won’t take long.”

      Wave quickly chose nine more Neopians. They were: Sky the blue Kacheek, Jay the blue Kacheek, Sunny the yellow Kacheek, Sunny’s petpet: the warf named Brownie, Cherry the red Kacheek, Kate the Acara, Ellie the Elephante, and Clove the green Kacheek and her petpet, Snowy the Angelpuss. Everyone agreed to come.

      When they reached the dock on the shores of Brooke Sea the next day, Wave opened her letter. A nearby guard looked at it and let the whole group enter. Wave looked around. She spotted a bench and told everyone to go there. She handed Coco to Sunny, who carefully put Coco in her lap, next to Brownie. The warfs laughed and made yipping sounds. “I’m just going to the information desk,” Wave said. With that she strode to the Information Desk. She knocked on the stained glass window. “Hello? Beginner sailor here.”

      Soon, a green Chia appeared. “How may I help you, miss?” asked the green Chia. She looked distressed.

      “I have come for my beginner voyage.” Wave said, nervously.

      “Your return letter?” the Chia asked.


      “Your return letter, please,” said the Chia.

      Wave gave the Chia her letter.

      “Hmm,” murmured the Chia. “I see.” She looked up. “Welcome abroad, Captain Kacheek!”

      Wave looked up.

      “You may start your voyage now. Your ship is over there,” said the Chia, pointing to a brown ship with a sign near it that said: Beginner Ship.

      “Oh, thank you! Thank you!” Wave said. “Finally, finally! What I’ve been waiting for!” Wave added. She danced around.

      “You’re welcome,” the Chia said. She smiled.

      Wave noticed that the Chia seemed happier now.

      “Thank you!” she yelled again.


      Wave sailed for what seemed like a long time. She was headed East. Every couple of hours, she checked her Neowatch, a watch that told only the Neopian Time.

      Wave discovered that Kate had been a previous sailor, but soon quit, deciding that Tennis was her career. So, Wave and Kate alternated turns.

      One day, a group of black clouds began gathering overhead. No one noticed it until it hit the ship. Everyone ran, screaming, into the lower level of the ship. All except for Wave and Kate, that is. Kate said, kindly, “Oh, you certainly can’t soak out here. We’ll take turns holding the umbrella and steering.” Wave nodded gratefully, and they continued on.

      The storm lasted for two days. The clouds soon cleared, and Kate gasped.

      “I know, I know.” Wave laughed. “The storm is finally over.”

      Kate shook her head. “Foreword, Captain Kacheek! Land ho!”

      Wave looked. “Oh my gosh!” she gasped. “Can it be true?”

      Kate dropped the umbrella, and they hugged. “We did it!” they cheered.

      Wave and Kate soon arrived at the island a few hours later and everyone helped tie up the boat. They planted a flag they drew and marked it: “Captain Kacheek’s Island! Discovered by Captain Kacheek and Tennis player Kate! July 2008.”

      They headed back to Brooke Sea and Neopia. Wave looked around and realized her dream had come true!

The End

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