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Darkness Binding 4: Part Three

by nomad2


The council of shadows stood in a carpeted room with a single dresser against the far wall. It was large enough where they all had space to move around in, and they did a lot of that. The Jetsam hit the wall out of anger as the others avoided being too close to his rampage. The rest of the council remained calm through the entire wait.

      "How can she say we aren't doing our duty," the Jetsam yelled. "We have dedicated everything to it, and this is how we are repaid? Who else has the wisdom we do?"

      The Lenny told him, "They can't, that's just it. That's why we can all be so calm. Even if they continue to think we aren't suitable, there is no other way to have our jobs done. I am sure they will see that."

      The Kyrii looked to the Mynci and asked, "Pure, what are your thoughts? This situation does not look good to me."

      The Mynci, Pure, answered, "We shouldn't jump to any conclusions. All we know are the charges and that the Draik is involved. It is best to wait this out to see how it goes."

      The Jetsam yelled to Pure, "We have to do something more than that. If we can't figure a way out of this, then how is the shadow plane going to be kept under check? It wasn't exactly under control before our time."

      The Lenny held a wing out between the view of the Jetsam and Pure. In a deep, demanding tone, he said, "That's enough, Twisted. All we can do is tell our side of the story, and wait for judgment. So stop yelling and control yourself."

      Twisted narrowed his eyes at the Lenny and spoke soft, yet fierce, "Easy for you to say, Creator. Even here at the possible end of the order, you get to act as the bold commander."

      The Nimmo finally spoke up, "Creator was the one who brought us together, remember? Even when we decided on how the order is to be kept, you helped back him up to be our leader like the rest of us. He earned our respect long ago, and you know it. Or have you forgotten?"

      There was a moment of silence and Twisted turned his back to them. Pure put her hand on Twisted's shoulder and said, "We will be alright. Worse things than a simple trial have been thrown in front of us and yet we have survived. Don't despair when we still have a chance."

      Creator looked to the Kyrii and Techo. He asked them, "Why are you two being so quiet? Inhabited, You especially are rather silent."

      The Kyrii, Inhabited, responded, "Like you said, they can't just disband us and leave the darkness unguarded. If we were left scattered, that would be worse than if many died to prevent the exodus. I have no doubt that Fyora will see things eye to eye with us."

      Harnessed, the Techo, then told Creator, "We are guilty of some of the crimes anyway. It is true, after all, that people died on our account. However, it was the duty of Cray to stop the exodus, and he accepted his fate. As for the shadow and Kougra, we were ordered to keep any more shadows from escaping after the Shadow Usul slipped out of our grasp. There are no other ways. Once we explain all this to them, they may punish us for the deaths, for I will accept the penalties. As for our duties, however, we performed what we needed, and I do not believe we will be punished for it."

      The door opened, which immediately caught their attention. Once it was open, the Skeith guard looked at them and said, "The trial is to begin. Please enter Fyora's throne room now."

      When they walked into the throne room, Fyora was directly in front of them in her throne. Ryshu, Yorvick, Jhudora, and even the shadow with three tails were to their left. Off to the right was a line of representatives from each of the remaining elemental faeries. As usual, the two guards remained at Fyora's sides. Once the five were lined up in their previous order, the doors closed behind them and they stood in silence.

      Fyora started off with, "Thank you all for attending. I apologize if any of you had previous engagements, but this matter is far too dire to put off. The council of shadows, who have served as the guardians of the shadow plane for many years, are on trial here for negligence of their sworn duties, and for the deaths of three people, one of whom was a citizen of the shadow plane. Before we begin, does anyone have anything to add?"

      After a moment of silence, Fyora nodded for statements to be made and Yorvick stepped forward in front of Fyora. He said to Fyora, "The matters at hand began nearly two months ago. At the Mystery Island Battledome, a Kougra named Skotados was sparring with me. Because he used darkness abilities for the most part, he used them until enough darkness surrounded him to allow a shadow to slip between planes. At that point, I went to the training school where I was referred to Cray, an expert on darkness and a disciple of the council of shadows. We brought him to the school, where Ryshu was attacked by a shadow, and the shadow was then sent back to his plane by a bottle of dark energy. When the shadow later returned to possess Skotados, the council told Cray to have the shadow, as well as Skotados, killed. Regrettably, I had to be his executioner. When the other shadows then wanted to follow their friend into our plane, the council then sent Cray, who I observed Cray be executed by a shadow."

      Fyora thought for a moment after he finished. With her hand rested on her chin in concentration, she asked, "And why do you feel the council was responsible for their deaths? And how did they not perform their duties?"

      Yorvick answered, "If they were to keep the shadow plane under check, the shadow would have never came to our plane to begin with. They were not protecting the borders between us, which allowed this to start. When they were asked for help by Cray, they told him to kill them. They didn't even try to find an alternative means. When the other shadows wanted to leave, they did nothing themselves, but instead sent in Cray. They knew he was going to die, but they didn't attempt to bring him back when they had ample opportunity to do so."

      Fyora said, "Are there any other statements on the matter?"

      Yorvick shook his head and replied, "No."

      "Very well," Fyora said, "return to your spot. Ryshu, step up and give your statement."

      Yorvick turned around and walked back to the wall. Ryshu passed him on his way to stand before Fyora. He bowed to Fyora and said, "Though there is not much I can say on the matter, I will say what I know." He took in a deep breath to gather his thoughts. "For me, it started when Yorvick approached me seeking my master. At the time, I found him to be unsettled, but wasn't informed of what happened. Later in the evening, however, I found a Kougra unconscious in one of the rooms. I presume it is the one named Skotados. But when I approached him, that's when I felt a cold, stabbing pain in my back and only saw darkness. When I awoke, Cray and Yorvick were there to tell me about the shadow. Beyond that, I no contact with any shadows or this council. However, if I am to give my opinion on the matter, the council of shadows should have gotten involved when the shadow first came, but instead did nothing as if they weren't even watching the shadows. That is all I have to say."

      Fyora nodded and Ryshu returned to his spot between Yorvick and Jhudora. After that, the shadow stepped forward with its tails being used as legs. It gave the council a glance before it turned to Fyora and offered her a bow. It said with a quiet, yet audible voice, which hissed an echo throughout the room, "Greetings, corporeal of this plane. Although I do not feel very comfortable in such a bright place, I thank you for your hospitality. A shame we could not meet under more pleasant circumstances."

      Fyora nodded and said, "Greetings to you as well, shadow, and welcome to Faerie City. It is unfortunate that you have to come here for these reasons, but your testimony is required. If you will, give your statement on the events in question and your view of the council's part in it."

      "As you wish," it hissed out. "I was rather mindless before my kin told me of the 'plane outside' and all its wonders. Even when he was back in our plane, he found that he had a continual link with the Kougra, Skotados. Rather sloppy of the council of shadows to allow such a sustained link to be kept for such a long time, but such is their incompetence. He shared with me the corporeal art of speech, which is now fairly common amongst our people. When he shared with me the things he could see, we began to gain more in the way of intellect as our awareness rose. We then gained individuality by changing our appearance. He expanded out with many tendrils extending from his magnificent form. I split my tail into three and copied the indentations at the front of my form from what you call 'eyes.' He told me he was invited back to their plane, which I now know was a lie, because that is when he inhabited Skotados. I, not knowing the fate of my kin, wanted to follow, but couldn't. That is why I wanted to get the support of the other shadows so we may all visit your plane. That is when Cray showed up telling me not to leave the darkness. As we fought over the issue, he then gave me his memories of my kin. I learned of how my kin lied to me, how the council ordered the death of Skotados. I agreed to stop my plans, but I wanted the materials to make a sacrifice for my lost kin. Cray was there, so he gave his life to make peace between us. I now sicken myself for my decision, for it would have been more suiting for the council to have one of their members make that sacrifice. They are the ones who are to guard the shadows, so they should have been the ones to come and do something about us. They not only allowed the link Skotados had with my kin to continue, but they didn't even handle the situation themselves. They have done nothing to keep the balance in check, but rather cover up their tracks by having our kind lose one of our own. That is my statement on the matter."

      The shadow slinked back to join Jhudora's side as it had before. Fyora nodded to the shadow and looked at the council. "It is now time for you to defend yourselves. You may choose to speak individually, or have one speak for you all. You may have a moment to choose, but do not take too long. And for your own sakes, choose well."

To be continued...

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