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Darkness Binding 4: Part Two

by nomad2


In the city of faeries, Yorvick now had to find the queen, Fyora. Considering there was a castle at the center of the city, it didn't take a genius to know where to go. At the base of the large castle was a pair of doors with a Scorchio in steel armor stood guard. The Scorchio's choice of weapon was a relatively simple spear, which seemed like nothing compared to most other weapons in the land.

      When Yorvick approached the doors, the Scorchio made a glance at him, but didn't say or do anything. Yorvick then got the idea that the guard was mainly for appearance, and not so much protection. When considering the power of the faeries, it wasn't surprising they didn't need a full force of powerful guards around.

      After he passed through the doors, he noticed the castle was hollow through the core all the way to the top. There were stairs along both sides of the walls, but for those with wings, the open area made for easier access. More guards, being a mix of Scorchios and Skeiths, and faeries roamed the halls of the castle. It wasn't a dense amount of people at all, but certainly noticeable on every level.

      Yorvick took flight from the tile floor to rise through the floors of the building. On the top floor was a circular door of marble surrounded by a gold frame. Yorvick landed in front of the door and began to push. He peeked through and saw Fyora in front of a glowing sphere pleasantly saying, "Yes, good day to you as well."

      Yorvick opened the door the rest of the way and rather timidly said, "Fyora? Is this a good time?"

      Fyora looked over and smiled sweetly, "Of course, come in. What brings you here?"

      Yorvick stepped in the room and slowly closed the door behind him. Fyora sat down in her royal throne with a Scorchio guard on one side and a Skeith guard on the other. Yorvick stepped forward towards the throne and sighed before he said, "Jhudora sent me. I am here because the council of shadows have not only failed to perform their duty, but had three needlessly executed."

      Fyora was left speechless for a moment. Her eyes opened wide and she slowly said, "Those... are some rather serious accusations. Is there proof of this?"

      Yorvick nodded and answered, "There are witnesses to this. One of them is a creature from the shadow plane."

      Fyora asked, "Do you realize that if what you're saying is true, then the council will be removed? This is not something to be taken lightly at all."

      Yorvick gave another tired sigh and responded, "Jhudora already went through this with me. I understand, but that doesn't mean I'm going to just forget this. Besides, I think you would want to know when a council such as them are unfit to do their duty."

      The room was silent for a moment as Fyora thought about what was said. The two of them looked at each other in the eyes as Fyora judged how serious he was being. Yorvick looked nothing but completely serious the entire time. Fyora broke the silence with, "OK, you will have your wish. The evidence will be collected and looked at by us, and the council will be summoned here for a chance to defend themselves. Judging by what is presented, I will decide on whether or not they are disbanded. If they are, Jhudora will find a means of keeping further problems from occurring with the shadows. If they remain in their position, they will be watched, but otherwise be left to continue their duties."

      Yorvick nodded and said, "A chance to bring them down is all I ask. Thank you, great Queen."

      Fyora slowly shook her head, "We're not through here yet. I need you to stay and not only tell what happened, but also say who these witnesses are. Surely you understand that we can't just pull all this information out of nowhere."

      Yorvick nodded to show he understood, then asked, "Are you capable of contacting a single shadow from their plane? It is one of the most important of witnesses in this trial. Hearing from it is sure to be all you'll need to decide."

      Fyora answered, "That won't be extremely easy. Not only will I have to call Jhudora here, but there are many shadows. Does it have any distinguishing characteristics to make the search faster?"

      Yorvick replied, "Well, although it was hard to make out, it had three tails. Every other shadow just had one. That should be distinguishing enough."

      Fyora then asked, "And who are these three who died? I can have the other faeries confirm that they're actually deceased, and from there we will hear of their deaths from the witnesses."

      Yorvick looked down at his feet. His expression quickly switched from serious to mournful before he told her, "The first was a Kougra named Skotados. He was incinerated, but his ashes are in a wooden box below his gravestone. I am the only surviving witness to his death. Then there was the shadow. He died alongside Skotados, and the shadow who is a witness, as well as me, are witness to it. Come to think of it, the shadow saw both deaths through the eyes of Cray, the third who died. The council of shadows said they would perform burial rights for him in the canyon. Me, the shadow, and the council all saw it happen."

      Fyora inquired after that, "Is there anything else to be added to the list before we gather everyone together and begin the trial?"

      Yorvick looked up at Fyora and shook his head. With a wave of Fyora's hand, Jhudora stepped out of the shadows in a corner, which was empty a few seconds before. "Inform the council of shadows that they are to come immediately, then help summon a shadow with three tails. And while you're at the canyon, check to see that their cemetery has a spot for one named Cray," Fyora casually ordered.

      Jhudora bowed and slipped back into the corner. She was gone as fast as she appeared, and they waited for a few minutes. Just when Yorvick felt himself become bored, the entire council of shadows stepped in through the front door. They gave Yorvick a curious look as they lined up behind him. The Mynci and Nimmo stood to the left, the Jetsam and Kyrii stood to the right, and the Lenny stood in the middle of the group. Not one of them said a word.

      Fyora spoke loud and bold to the council, "I see you all made it here in good time. I am certain you are wondering why you were all summoned to this city. It has become aware to me that a series of events occurred, and rather dire events at that. You all stand accused of neglecting your duties and being part of a conspiracy to the murders of two Neopian citizens and one shadow. As such, you are all to..."

      The Jetsam rudely interrupted by yelling to Fyora, "We did no such thing!"

      The Lenny expanded his wing towards the Jetsam and calmly said, while still looking at Fyora, "Let her finish, Twisted."

      Fyora nodded and continued, "You are all to stand trial and give your sides of the story once we have all the needed witnesses together. Until the trial begins, you are to stay in a room prepared for you. The Skeith will show you to your room. Wait there for someone to bring you back in here, and under no circumstance are any of you to leave. As for this moment, your duties are suspended without argument. Is that perfectly understood by all of you?"

      The five council members bowed and were shown out by the Skeith, who led them down the hall. Meanwhile, Yorvick was left standing in front of Fyora. To make sure he hasn't been forgotten, Yorvick asked, "Am I to stay in a room, or decorate this one?"

      Fyora gave a small snicker and answered, "I want you to stay here. Jhudora should be in shortly, and once she is, you will help make sure the right shadow is summoned. Are there any other witnesses to the incident you can think of?"

      Yorvick thought for a moment, then said, "Well, Ryshu knew about the shadow, and even was attacked by the one that was killed, but he wasn't a witness to any deaths."

      Fyora explained, "He was a witness still to the fact that one slipped through. It is the job of the council to make sure none get through because one mistake can lead to another and another, as you well know. I will have him brought here so he too can testify to this."

      Yorvick nodded, "If you think that is best."

      The Skeith once again entered the room and took his place by Fyora. Behind the Skeith was Jhudora. She said to Fyora, "Sorry I'm late, I was paying my respects to the deceased Cray. Did you need me to summon the shadow now?"

      "Actually," Fyora said, "I need you to go to Mystery Island and bring back Ryshu. It seems he is also a witness. Once he is here, then summon the shadow."

      Jhudora bowed and replied, "Yes, Fyora," before she left out the door once more.

      Out of curiosity, Yorvick asked, "Why did she go through the door that time?"

      Fyora responded, "She knows I get irritated with her popping out of the shadows all the time."

      The two then waited for the future trial, as it was soon to start at that point.

To be continued...

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