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An Interview with the Roo Island Yooyuballers

by mm_powpow1


Me: At a first glance, Roo Island may look a little boring, and not an important place. That's where you're wrong. Roo Island is the home to Lilo Blumario and his impressive Yooyuball squad. Here we have interviewed all five members of the team to learn about their views of the Cup and other teams. First up is none other then Lilo himself.

Me: So, Lilo. What can you tell me about this year's Altador Cup, and how your group is doing in it?

Lilo: "Well, I think this Cup is the best yet. I know most of the teams are working harder then ever. We Rooligans are doing pretty good, I think. You know, more wins than losses, fluctuating from second to third. "

Me: I see. What teams do you think are going to be placed in the Final Four?

Lilo: "For sure is Krawk Island. C'mon, they have one draw and all wins. Ol' Dash is leading them well. Lost Desert is doing quite well too, this year. After sweeping us the other day, many Roo Island (and Lost Desert) fans had dropped jaws. Quite a surprise to many, but Lost Desert is a great team. I also think that Roo Island is once again going in the top four. I don't really have much to say at that point. The other Final Four team will be a mystery to me, with Haunted Woods and Meridell quickly jumping up the ranks."

Me: Well, thanks very much for your comments.

Lilo: "Hey, no problem."

Me: Next we're interviewing the Scoring Queen herself, Ms. Jair Tollet.

Jair, what is your view on the Cup?

Jair: "I think that it is anyone's game right now. The first round isn't over, I mean, who knows? Maybe Shenkuu and Darigan Citadel will step it up a notch in the next round. Every team has a chance right now."

Me: Speaking of Darigan Citadel, how would you describe your match the other day?

Jair: "Ahh, I knew you were going to ask that question. To tell you the truth, it wasn't easy defeating them. Everyone was worn out at the end, with all the Clockwork Yooyus exploding on us, but I believe we pulled the victory very well. Slushie Slinging was a breeze. The only problem was noise making. That's our disadvantage right now, and what is causing us to not get sweeps in some of our matches."

Me: Thanks Jair. Now we're going to speak to the massive defender, Gordo Gunnels.

Gordo, what do you think the hardest thing about guarding is?

Gordo: "Hmm, really and truly, the hardest thing is using my body to defend. Some of the other teams' members... like Lost Desert's own, Lamelle Turow, are hard to defend because they just look so darn tasty. If I could just sprinkle some salt on him- oops, uh, sorry about that. Another thing that is hard is I am so large, that it is hard for me to guard nimble forwards, like Foltaggio from Shenkuu."

Me: Riiight... And what is the easiest thing about defence?

Gordo: -chuckles to self- "The easiest thing is when I just have to stand there, because the opposing team, if they have the Yooyuball, can't get around me. Plus, some are scared of me, so I just stand there and look menacing."

Me: Haha, thank you very much, Gordo. We now talk to scrappy defender Fenny Vail.

Fenny, so far, who are the best goal scorers that you have faced?

Fenny: "Oh, there's just so many. Mirsha Grelinek, of Shenkuu, is an amazing shooter, and Layton Vickles of Darigan Citadel, and Vonde Cayle, of Lost Desert, and Zo Junior, of the Haunted Woods. Of course, those are out of the teams that we have faced."

Me: Thanks, Fenny. Now I have to ask, who are the best defenders?

Fenny: "Man, oh man... Derlyn Fonnet of Kreludor, Rinok Fitel of Terror Mountain, and Vela Binal of Mystery Island are great defenders. Once again, just from the teams we have faced."

Me: Thank you very much, Fenny. Last but not least, we speak to the goaltender of the Rooligan Squad, Clutch Billaban.

Clutch, tell me. What are the advantages of being a small goalie?

Clutch: "Aye, the advantages are that I can jump 'igher then most goalies. I can also fly, but that's just me being a Pteri. I am fast, and being small helps my agility as well."

Me: And what are the disadvantages?

Clutch: "A big disadvantage is that the forwards that shoot for power often aim for me. I go with the Yooyuball into the net. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, VOLGOTH! Another disadvantage is that I cannot see past some big players. No offence to Mr. Fatso Gordo Gunnels, but if you're close, in front of me, I can't see if or when someone is coming to try to score a goal!"

Gordo: "Well, maybe if you tell me to move -with a please- I just might!"

Clutch: Oh, that Grarrl... it's a shame we're both from Tyrannia. Oh well, back to the interview!

Me: No, no, I'm done, Clutch; I just have one more question for Lilo.

Lilo, what's it like to lead a team of talented players?

Lilo: Oh, it is great. We're all great friends. Well, maybe not Clutch and Gordo sometimes... Anyway, we're all a great big Yooyuballing family. I would hate to see us lose a team member, because we're all needed on this team. Jair with her amazing shooting, Fenny with her great speed and amazing defence, Gordo with his size and strength, and Clutch with his great goal tending.

Me: That was a great answer! I have one more question for the whole team. What team would you join if Roo Island was unavailable, but you could still play in the Cup?

Lilo: I would quit Altador Cup; my heart belongs to Roo Island.

Jair: Maraqua, but only if silly Elon Hughlis quit, or at least got out of the spot light.

Fenny: Shenkuu! I would wanna be an ultra-cool ninja!

Gordo: Tyrannia because it's where I am originally fro-

Clutch: Hey! I was going to say Tyrannia! That's not fair! Just because i am goalie I have to speak las-

Me: And that does it! We're through with the interview. Good luck to Roo Island, and all other teams!

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