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Neovian Shadows

by bluecloud300


The moon hung high above the sky, covered ever so often by wind blown wispy clouds. The rough hewn cobblestone streets of Neovia, normally bustling with life, were now vacant at that dark hour. The town lay silent, save but for the swinging window shutters banging against the walls as the cold winds brushed against them. A fog began to creep along the abandoned streets; its swirling tendrils of smoke that spread about the roads like a slithering Hissi, flicking its tongue to the air in search of prey.

     A figure walked through the shadows, barely discernable in that misty twilight hour. As it walked beneath the dim flickering light of the lampposts, one could make out the shape of a male Cybunny. Any normal passerby would see him walking through the streets and think nothing of it, other than how late he was out; and who would question that if they themselves were out so late as well? An untrained eye would see a normal Cybunny, dressed smartly in a black cloak and top hat, probably of the wealthy sort. He walked with an air of mystery and confidence, his black leather boots clacking rhythmically against the cold stone streets. His well groomed fur gleamed under what little light those lampposts could provide; an untrained eye would deem him a respectable and decent looking Neopet.

     However, he was far from decent. An attentive observer would notice that despite his fine dress, his clothes were rather aged and not of the fashion of the times, or even of that decade. To wear clothing too outdated for even Neovia was indeed a difficult feat. They would notice that his fur was far too pale to be considered healthy, and almost seemed to glow with an unnatural light of its own. A trained eye would see that beneath the rim of his top hat burned eyes of deep red, searching for unwary prey. A trained eye would have run away in fear before even getting that close to notice his eyes, for they would have seen him as he truly was: the most dangerous kind of Neopet, one that they’d never hope to cross paths with.

     He walked with a steady gait upon those stone streets, with a purpose known only to him. His wind battered cloak fluttered in the wind, reminiscent of the wings of a Korbat in flight. His crimson red eyes darted up and down the streets of Neovia, practically hidden beneath his mantle of shadows. Turning the corner, he found what he desired: a victim by the grocer’s cart, which had long since been abandoned for the night. His victim did not move an inch, almost as if in expectation for him to arrive.

     “Well then, I should not tarry and have them wait,” the otherworldly Cybunny thought to himself in response. He turned his head both ways before crossing the cobblestone road, then strode over towards the unfortunate thing; this time his feet made not a sound, as if he were gliding upon the air instead of walking. The poor little thing still did not move, possibly out of fear of meeting this strange Cybunny at so late an hour. The Cybunny breathed in the intoxicating scent of his victim’s growing apprehension and fear; he removed his top hat and gave a devilish smile, his other gloved hand moving in an enticing manner.

     “Come to me, my dearest,” he said in a smooth and mesmerizing tone. His red eyes began to glow, as if to send his victim into a trance and render them powerless. Opening his mouth into a slight smile, two sharp fangs grew forth; he moved in an instant to embrace his prey to prevent any struggle whatsoever, and his black cloak clung around them both, hiding the terrifying scene should a passerby appear. His fangs dug deep into his captive as he feasted, drinking deeply as if he had thirsted for centuries.

     Oh, how long he had thirsted for this kind of feast. He had tried to sate his appetite upon the poor stout farmers outside of the borders of Neovia; granted, by feeding off of defenseless farmers miles away from each other, he drank well, and he drank deeply. But there was something dangerous and exhilarating about stalking prey within the city. A maze of stone and metal, the thrill of chasing and trapping prey within their own protective walls; the terror his victims felt when they encountered a creature such as himself, that existed only in their nightmares. It added a delicious spice of fear to his meal, and it was a taste he could not deny himself for too long.

     When he was done, he set his prey against the wheel of the grocer’s cart for support. The color was completely drained from their skin, leaving them pale and white; the cold husk of the victim lay still against the cart as if in a deep slumber. He pulled out a kerchief of a deep red from his coat pocket and dabbed at his mouth ever so slightly, with the grace of one eating in front of polite society. With a deep bow to his former prey and a twirl of his cloak, he turned the other way and began to run at a speed unnatural for even the fastest of Neopets. He practically flew upon the Korbat wings of his cloak, as his feet barely touched the ground, clacking every once in a while upon the stone streets. His fangs bared in a devious smile as he disappeared into the fog; soon even the sound of his boots began to fade as well. The streets of Neovia were empty once more, leaving only the moon to witness this horrid act.

     As the moon gave way for the sun’s rising, the townspeople were awakened not by its bright rays of hopeful dawn, but by the screams of fear and anguish. Jolting out of their beds, they all ran outside and found the source: the Grocer, a rather plump green Chia, who was covering her mouth with her hands to stifle her screams. Looking upon the cart, the observers gave a collective gasp of fright and concern. The onlookers had surrounded her little wooden cart to view the terrible scene.

     “I- I had left my cart here overnight,” the Chia Grocer began, her words fumbling forth from her lips, “And when I came back this morning, I f- found this!” The townspeople leaned over in morbid curiosity, as they looked at what the Grocer held in her hands: a large carrot, most likely her prized vegetable, now pale and ghastly looking.

     “I don’t know why, but my carrots have been drained dry! Look at the bite marks; who would do such an awful thing?” The little Chia Grocer held the carrot in her arms like a small child; stroking the once green leaves with her hand as if to console it, the dried leaves began to break and crumble to the ground. The Grocer dropped the pale carrot in appalled shock at this; she then began to cry once more, holding her head in her stubby hands. The onlooking Neopets who had gathered there began to disperse out of respect for her loss. The pale carrot lay still upon the ground, as grey clouds started to loom overhead, heavy with rain.

     The rain started to patter upon the stone streets of Neovia, unsympathetic to the poor green Chia and her beloved carrots. The thunder boomed to drown out her cries, and the sheets of rain hid her tear streaked face. Denied by the very heavens to have her laments heard, there was only one thing left for her to do. She delicately gathered up the remains of her hard labor and walked them over to the back of her shop, where she grew her vegetables with love and patience. Over by the compost heap, she dug a small hole and placed her carrots there with all the solemnity of a funeral. With the flat of her spade she patted the dirt gently over them, burying with them her hopes for a prosperous season.

     The villainous Cybunny had haunted Neovia for many centuries, striking fear into the hearts of its Grocers and carrot connoisseurs alike. No cart was safe, no pantry secure, once he felt the need to feast again. His cruel acts would be forgotten after several decades, only to resurface once again, almost as a reminder that he was never truly gone. This was not the first night the Vampire Cybunny had been the cause of sorrow among the people of Neovia, nor would it be the last.

The End

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