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Disaster at the Faerie Festival

by xinnocenceagainx


Each year, the Faerie Festival is held on the 20th of the Month of Gathering. It is held at a different location each time, depending on who the hostess is. All of the faeries of Neopia are invited to join together in joyous unity during this exciting celebration. The tradition, started by Faerieland’s very own Queen Fyora, has been passed down throughout the generations of faerie hostesses: Illusen, Psellia- why, even Jhudora! This year, though, a new faerie was going to arise for hostess. Terror Mountain’s favorite Snow Faerie Taelia had decided to take up the task!


      Taelia bustled about her hut, trying to finish the preparations for the Festival. Lately, there seemed to be a slight epidemic amongst the Neopets, and there was a larger amount than usual coming in for her to treat. Luckily, that amount had died down over the past few days, and good thing! Without her even realizing it, it was already the 15th of the Month of Gathering! The 20th was creeping up far too fast and far too soon, and Taelia had very little accomplished when it came to party business.

      “Oh, maybe this hosting thing wasn’t such a great idea...” she muttered to herself while simultaneously trying to hang up decorations and make sure that the cake in the oven didn’t accidentally burn to a crisp. Taelia was naturally a constantly busy faerie, looking at the mass amounts of help she was always spoon-feeding all the citizens of Neopia, but this time it was different. This time there was just far too much going on in her life at once, and it was all coming to a close too fast. “Well, I suppose the only way to get anything done in time is if I work, work, work!”

      And that is what she did. Over the course of the next four days Taelia was working nonstop. Hard work really does pay off, though, for she was definitely ready to host the most fabulous Faerie Festival of all time! Now, it was the eve of the festival and Taelia felt pretty good about the next day overall. Somewhere though, a little voice in her head was whispering tales about disaster of the most devious nature. Nevertheless, she pushed those thoughts away, for the Faerie Festival just had to go flawlessly. “It just has to be absolutely perfect...” she whispered before falling into a deep sleep.

      She awoke the next morning as usual, barely even remembering what an exciting day it was to be. After her ritual morning cup of Weevil Coffee and a glance at her Candy Cane Chocolate Advent Calendar, though, and she remembered that today was the most exciting day of the year for faeries, and it was going to be at her own home at Terror Mountain. As if in response to her realization, there was a knock at the door. Her first guest had arrived! She drew in a quick intake of breath and went to answer it. “Oh, Siyana! How great it is to see you! Come on in!” And with that, the party began.

      By noon, nearly all of the faeries had arrived. All but one: Jhudora. Naturally, since she was a dark faerie, the other faeries began to wonder if perhaps she was doing some sort of foul deed. The party progressed with no sign of Jhudora or any mischief, so their fears slowly dissipated for they figured that Jhudora would just be a no-show this year. Some suggested that perhaps after the fiasco she had thrown last year, she just needed a break from this holiday for a little while.

      Gossip over Jhudora’s whereabouts soon ended, though, for it was time for Taelia’s cake to be divvied up to the crowd! It was tradition for the host to bake a cake for the festival. She carted it out and unveiled it- it was a cake of monstrous proportions and just looked absolutely scrumptious. After each and every one of the faeries had received their slice, they began to dig in. Taelia did not, though, for her stomach did not feel very well. She smiled to herself as she heard compliments from the crowd at how delicious the cake was. That’s when the trouble started.

      The faeries began to fall unconscious, one by one slumping over onto the tables. Taelia looked around at them, terribly confused. “Huh... what is going on?” she whispered.

      “I’d like to know the answer to that, as well!” exclaimed Fyora, coming out of the crowd.

      “Wha... what? How are you not affected by this?” questioned Taelia.

      “I’m the Queen, dear. No measly poison could affect me. Especially not one so easily expected from our missing guest, Jhudora.” She pointed her Rod of Supernova toward a nearby bush and shot out a ray of light. The bush morphed into Jhudora herself!

      “Ugh! How did you know I was there?” snarled Jhudora.

      “Oh, my dear, I was not made Queen by being able to perform a few mediocre magic tricks. Do not take me for a fool.” She towered over Jhudora, who winced at the sound of her voice. “Now, what was the reason for this? Why did you do this foul deed?”

      Jhudora rolled her eyes. “I was trying to get to you. Which obviously didn’t work.”

      “Why did you want me?” questioned Fyora, narrowing her eyes.

      “I was trying to overthrow you! I’m sick of you as our Queen and I feel that I could make a far better one,” replied Jhudora stoutly.

      “HAH!” scoffed Fyora. “You think you know what it is like to be Queen? Do you have any idea the responsibility you have when you are in my position? All the creatures in Faerieland- Neopets and Faeries alike, they look up to me! They respect me, and they trust me to lead them and to care for them. Could you do that, Jhudora? Do you really think you could?”

      “Well, I... I...” Jhudora stuttered, looking completely and utterly dumbfounded.

      “Yes, I did not think so. Now, return these poor Faeries back to their happy, joyous selves and return to Jhudora’s Cloud. I do not wish to hear from you again any time soon.”

      With a wave of her arm, Jhudora awakened them all, and with a -poof- she was gone.

      “Wait, Fyora?” came Taelia’s voice. Fyora turned to her. “Why didn’t you banish her?”

      “Well, m’dear, I figured that the worst punishment of all would be for her to have to remain under my jurisdiction. You know as well as I that she will not be leaving her cloud anytime soon, so it felt like a worthy punishment, do you not agree?” she replied.

      Taelia smiled and nodded.

      “Now, the guests are awakening. How about I explain to them what has occurred, and you get ready to make this the best Faerie Festival ever?”

      Taelia blinked, and then what she was being asked of set in. “Oh, yes, definitely!” she replied, her eyes sparkling as she ran into her hut.


      Five or so hours later, the guests were finally leaving.

      “Why, that was the best fireworks display I have ever seen in my entire life! It was pure magic! And the games were marvelous!” the guests could be heard saying. Taelia smiled.

      “Have a good night’s rest, everyone! Don’t catch cold!” she called out to them as they were all leaving. After the last little faerie departed, Taelia wandered back inside and slumped onto a chair, yawning. “Why, that was even better than I could have ever dreamed of it being!”

The End

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