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Wahoo! Neopian Times is 350!

by purplepassiony2k


*drum roll please....*

Welcome to The Neopian Times milestone 350th edition celebration! All editions are special, but some are more special than others. Many of you have played a significant role in the success and accomplishments of The Neopian Times, so for that thank you! All of this wouldn't be possible without your continuous support and dedication.

To mark this milestone, I have come up with a few steps to hosting a successful party.

Step One- Include Everyone!

Neopian Times Poster: *Let the festivities begin!* Invite everyone you can find by displaying posters all over Neopia! Say "celebration" and watch even the littlest eyes light up! Don't waste time on hanging posters your guests will almost certainly ignore, or forget about. Make sure that you have a high energy, fun poster that grabs everyone’s interest and makes them excited about your celebration. Using fun wording always helps and anything visually amusing. Each time someone sees the posters while wandering around Neopia, they will think to themselves, “Woo Hoo! I! Am! So! Excited!"

Step Two- Eat, Drink and Party!

Frosted Cake Hot Dog: *Oh YUM and so much fun!!* Food and drink make the event. Delicious food and drinks make the party! The highlight of any party is the food, of course! Although pretty simple to make, this will definitely impress your guests. This hot dog is fun for fast food eaters -- or party-goers with a ridiculously sweet tooth and a sense of humor. That said, I think this would be the perfect food for our celebration! Why not have a little dessert and lunch at the same time! Mmmm.

Camoflauge Poogle Fizzy Drink: *We’ll drink to that!* One of the most memorable touches for any celebration is the drink! But drinks do not have to look bland or be totally boring. After all, it's all in the details. Everyone will ooh and ahh, happily slurping up the purple drink increasing the fun factor even more! Plus, it will add instant fun to the party! Drinks do not need to be extravagant or expensive... it really is the taste that counts. Who knows how to liven up a party? YOU do!

Crystal Chocolate Fountain: *One more dippin!* The description sums it all up: A classic design that will make any party go splendidly. Chocolate fountains are NEW, different, fun, and literally gets everyone involved! Imagine the reaction when they see this amazing centerpiece and smell the rich, creamy aroma of warm, flowing chocolate! Watch your guests as they hang around the fountain, choosing their favorite "dippins", while gabbing, eating and enjoying ... Dip it. Eat it. Repeat often. *smiles*

Step Three- Remember to Decorate!

Sweet Scented Centerpiece: *No Fuss, no mess.* If you are looking for something to impress your guests, look no further! Remember when you decorate there are really no RULES. Do what makes YOU happy and helps to put you in a celebrating mood. An easy way to decorate the tables for this celebration is by adding a delightful centerpiece to it. The tables should have a beautiful centerpiece that does not block any of the guest’s view, though. I think flowers always make wonderful centerpieces (and they smell and look great!) This simple yet elegant table centerpiece is a great way to make a fancy “to do” at each table, without breaking the bank. *sniff-sniff*

Popcorn Garland: *Gotta have it!* They may not be trendy, but they are an old-fashioned favorite that’s sure to please everyone! Add some pizzazz to your party with colorful decorations! Decorations for a party are as important as the food, and garland decorations are a great way to set the mood for our fun celebration. Create a curtain of garland in doorways to add excitement to the party! Worst case, if people are still hungry, they can eat these decorations! *shifty eyes*

Step Four- Add Excitement!

Striped Kazoo: *Let’s make some noise!* If you can talk, sing, or hum, you can kazoo! Guaranteed to be a fun day for everyone - and you don't even have to carry a tune! The biggest obstacle to playing the kazoo is to stop laughing! Kazoos are a great idea for the celebration where some extra humor and fun would be enjoyed. There's nothing like a kazoo to brighten the face of a neopet--or any adult big enough to admit it! PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!

Gallion Balloon: *WOW the guests!* As easy as it is fun! Turn boring balloons into a balloon animal frenzy! Balloon animals are fun and they do involve the young neopets into our celebration. What is a party without some fun balloon twisting? Everyone loves balloon animals and besides a celebration is not a real party without the lively presence of balloons, right?! It is very entertaining for all who watch, and will leave people talking about it long after the celebration is over. *pop*

Chuckles Piñata: *Piñata Mania!* Objective: While blindfolded, break open the piñata to get the candy inside. How much more fun could this be? Let the fun begin with this colorful clown! Piñatas are simply great fun at any party ~ and remain popular no matter how old the neopets are. They are a truly fantastic idea. Piñatas are a useful party item that will also accent your party decorations and add fun to your celebration! *whack*

Five- Say Thank You!

Neopian Times Quill: Guests may travel from near and far to attend this milestone celebration and this is a exciting favor that your guests will use for many years to come! A favor shouldn’t be something that will just sit on a shelf and collect dust, or get throw in the back closet. Not only will they love your gift, they may even become inspired to write a story, article or comic for a future edition of the Neopian Times! Just think... where will you be when The Neopian Times hits 400? ;)

Hosting a party is fun, hosting a successful party earns you a pat on your back. It all comes down to planning. (Thank you for including me in this important milestone event, TNT!)

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