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The Petitorials: Neohome Nags

by amiyumifan96


Are you pondering that one question that you just can’t seem to answer? Stop scratching your head and read the Petitorials!

Owning a Neohome is just one of the many joys an owner can have. Now you have a whole new living space for you and your Neopet(s). But what’s this? You don’t know what to do about your Tonu’s bedroom? Your Wocky complains about the furniture you have chosen for her? Don’t worry, I, Fan (short for amiyumifan96), am here to help by answering your questions, like if that quilt would look good in your living room. And the answer to that is, nope. Sorry.

Q: Do I have to have a Neohome? My pets seem perfectly fine just roaming around all of the different lands. My Uni’s favorite is Mystery Island, and my JubJub’s favorite is Brightvale. I really like Faerieland myself. What is your favorite color? My favorite color is purple, and my Uni’s is magenta, and my JubJub’s is red, and their petpets like orange, and their petpetpets like... (The rest of this message was deleted for the sake of your patience. Please try to send short and sweet messages, unlike this person... My favorite color is green, by the way.) -Talkative Traveler

A: O_o... -snaps out of daze- Oh! Well, traveling around is perfectly fine if you and your pets enjoy it. If you or your pets change your mind, you can always settle down in a Neohome somewhere. Just not by where I live. Okay?

Q: I know that, before you start building a Neohome, you have to purchase a plot of land. I have 5,000 NP to spend right now, but I could always make more if I wanted to. Do you have any recommendations as to where I should buy the location of my future house? - Plotting Planner

A: With your amount of Neopoints, you could buy the generic Neopia Central plot (1,000 NP), the Mystery Island plot (2,500 NP), a plot in Tyrannia (3,500 NP), or a plot in the Haunted Woods (5,000 NP). However, if you want a more expensive plot of land in another *more refined* area, you can live in the following places for a little more Neopoints than you were already paying: the Lost Desert (7,500 NP), Meridell (8,000 NP), Roo Island (9,000 NP), Brightvale (10,000 NP), Maraqua (11,000 NP), Darigan Citadel (12,000 NP), Shenkuu (13,000 NP), Terror Mountain (15,000 NP), and Faerieland (25,000 NP).

Q: Can you help me pick out a type of room material for my Korbat’s room? He’s been painted Gold, but I haven’t exactly looked at the materials or costs yet, so I don’t know what I should make the room out of. -Miss Material

A: Wow, you picked a perfect color for your Korbat, because you can make his room out of gold for only 7,500 NP! There are a lot of rooms that match colors of pets, besides gold. From cheapest to most expensive, there’s chocolate (650 NP), jelly (750 NP), silver (2,500 NP), cloud (4,000 NP), gold, which we covered earlier, ice (30,000 NP), and asparagus (60,000 NP). The overall cheesiest and cheapest material is cardboard, and the snazziest and most expensive one is tatami. A recommendation for a really energetic pet would definitely be the transparashield room, because it can withstand all the bounces, pounds, and slams from your pet. If you want a different material, go to Neohomes, then Manage Rooms and Gardens. Click on a spot of land and you can start building your room!

Q: I have always wanted a garden, and when my owner finally built us a Neohome, I was so excited and totally ready to start gardening! But I have no idea what to put in the garden! Please help! -Flower Bed Flotsam

A: Gardens can really make a Neohome pop! If you’re looking for cheap items, you can always use some kelp, or other items from the Underwater Fishing Hole, like the Mossy Rock! But, if you want your garden to stand out in the crowd, you can find a zillion things to put in it! Flowers create a colorful (and sometimes nice-smelling) display. You can pick and plant a variety of flowers, such as Yolkalias, Boadaisies, Peabeanjay Flowers, and Bluebells. Trees provide shade and good, clean oxygen, such as the Dwarf Tree. Ponds, like the Rainbow Brick Pond or Stylishly Simple Pond, can be a cool extra for your garden paired with a bench, such as the Leafy Bench. Gnomes can be a fun decoration. Some examples of spiffy gnomes are the Happy Poogle Fishing Gnome or the Sitting Aisha Gnome. These are just a few things that can be placed in your garden. There are many more, but remember, it’s your decision what you want to grow and what you want to go!

Q: When I first moved here, my next door neighbors seemed really nice, caring, and calm. Now that we’ve lived here a month or two, though, I think the opposite! Our neighbors are rude, mean, and crazy! Their baby Kacheek wails his heart out constantly because he throws all his toys somewhere he can’t reach them. Their Jetsam is always doing some sort of martial arts in his room, and, honestly, do you always have to scream “Hi-YAAAA!” while throwing a punch?? I don’t think so! Worst of all, the owner doesn’t care about the noise pollution she’s making! My Elephante and I have sore ears because of this inconsiderate owner and her loud pets. What can we do?? - Can’t Hear Herself Think

A: - covers ears - Despite the fact that you’re tired of noise, you sure seem to make a lot of it! Well, if you do not like your neighbors AT ALL, then you can always sell your plot of land and Neohome, and move to a place that is quieter and more relaxing. (A recommendation: don’t move where that crazy Talkative Traveler person is.)

Q: Is there some reward or trophy for having a great Neohome, and can you give me some tips as to how to earn it? - Wannabe Winner

A: There is a spotlight for Neohomes, named the Neohome Spotlight (how original)! If you win this contest, you will receive a nice, shiny, golden trophy that is yours to keep! Past spotlight winners have had, in their established estates, grand gardens, perfect pools, culinary kitchens, lovely libraries, and really cool rooms. Their pet’s rooms usually reflected something about the pet, like a tropical room for a pet painted Island, or a spooky Haunted Woods room, in honor of their hero, Gilly.

Well, that’s all the time we have for now. I hope you have enjoyed this article and solved some of the many mysteries about Neohomes! Pull out the paper next week, and you just might see us again! -waves -

Oh, wait, we sort of have a little ad. Read on!

HEY, YOU! DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THE PETITORIALS? Well, if you send in a Neomail to amiyumifan96, you just might get in! Send in your questions about Petpets, the next topic. All of your questions must have a snazzy made-up Question Name to go along with it. If you have not provided one, we will provide one for you. Please note that your question might not get in, but we will try to make it happen. Thanks for reading!

Comments, criticisms, and, of course, questions would be greatly appreciated! ^_^

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