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The Buzzer Game - Exposed!

by mr_edgeworth


So you want to show that tricky Techo who's boss?

You've read over The Buzzer Game guides and tried everything in them: you've tried turning your sound off, putting your nose inches from the screen and moving as slowly as possible, and concentrating... with no luck. How can anyone do this, you think angrily as you close the window in forfeit.

You are about to learn everything you'll ever need to know about Buzzer Game strategy. This does not mean you will achieve a great score right away, but these tips are designed to allow you to play thinking 'Hey... This isn't so hard.' As always, practice makes perfect. By practicing, you will become habituated to the distractions present in the game and eventually be able to move a bit more quickly. Next time you practice, practice with this guide in mind.

I found my way to a score I'm very proud of in two tries using this colossal tip I'm about to give, but let's start with the basics. This is everything I keep in mind while playing the game:

1. Turn your sound off and play in a quiet environment. Turn everything off around you that makes noise. You might also want to kindly advise any family members not to disturb you for the moment. Yes, this game is that big of a deal. :)

2. Ignore the bonus time you receive. Consider it another distraction put out there to play with your head-- I mean that. I want you to ignore the bonus THAT badly.

Once you are good enough at playing, you may want to try to get that bonus time for perhaps the first and second levels, but after that, ignore it.

3. Another 'element' of the game is frustration. Picture this: You're moving the hoop through a long, looping wire, with corners, and curls, and it takes oh so long... and at the very end, you lose. The very end. What do you usually do? You start your next attempt (and last life!) bitter, angry, and rushed, because you want to rapidly get back to where you were before.

Don't let this happen to you.

If at any time for any reason you get frustrated or feel like you've had enough at the end of a level, minimize it, do something else, and come back later.

4. Accept that this game is going to take a very long time. There is no secret shortcut to completing each level. Keep this in mind: If you are playing this game, it is because you have all of the time in the world for that moment. What, except 'time' could you be losing by moving slowly? Do. Not. Rush. You've probably spent more time daydreaming!

You need to have patience in order to have any success at this game. Next time you are rushing through this or anything, try questioning yourself: why am I rushing? If you can't find a good enough answer, slow down.

5. Become habituated to distractions. All sorts of things are out there trying to cause you to flinch and lose. I've personally never had a problem with them, but every person is different. So that you are pre-warned, here are some things that might occur in attempt to distract you:

a. The Techo's eyes turn red.

b. A chokato falls to the middle of the screen. I find this the most potentially distracting and it seems like some levels were designed to keep you in the area of the middle of the screen for as long as possible.

c. The Techo suddenly sticks his tongue out.

d. The Techo makes faces.

If any of these things startle you, especially the chokato, try to set your reaction to freezing (as opposed to jumping or flinching). You can continue once you relax again.

Now for the glorious final tip...

6. The game advises you to 'concentrate' and 'focus'... Focus on what? Just what should you be looking at? You've tried to keep the hoop over the wire, but you just can't visualize it...! This small trick is the key to visualizing it.

Check out a screen shot of The Buzzer Game on the game's page. Look carefully at how that player has the hoop positioned. Here is what to focus on in this screen shot: the green spaces above and below the wire between the hoop. Memorize the look of them and learn to worship them.

Throughout the game, concentrate on those two little spaces. Ensure that they are both constantly as large as possible (though this will get tricky when you are moving in a direction that is slanted in the same way as the hoop) and ensure that they at least always exist.

You will find that the obstacles of the game seem to change with this information in mind. Those loops and curves in the wires are no longer as daunting, but it may be difficult to move the hoop along the left side of the screen, as the colors between the spaces change frequently. (At the right you are 'safe'-- the spaces will always be green.)

There is an exception of this tip when it comes to corners. Keep the spaces in mind, but try to naturally move along them. If you try to hard to conserve the spaces here, you may lose.

You do need a steady mouse hand-- this game is for many people, but not for everyone. The essence of the game is in conserving those two magical spaces. Usually, the only way to lose then is by shaking. It happens to everyone. I usually lose because of a sudden (albeit inadvertent) movement.

If you can handle the pressure and have the patience and ability to focus... you now know the only thing that you should be focusing on.

That is all you need to know, young apprentice. That is all you need to know.

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