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What Kind of Weewoo Are You?

by confiserie


To celebrate the 350th issue of the Neopian Times, I’ve created a quiz to help you find out which Weewoo you are. Simply answer the questions and write down your answers as you go along (to make scoring easier). At the end, I will also tell you the best petpetpet for your Weewoo!

1. What kind of Neopets games do you prefer?

a) Games that challenge my mind, like Imperial Exam

b) Dress-up games like Fashion Fever

c) I don’t like any games at all

d) Games in the Deserted Fairground

e) Any games, really

2. Do you like the new Zombie pets?

a) I don’t like their empty eyes

b) Ick, no way!

c) I think that they should look more depressed

d) Of course! They are awesome

e) They’re okay

3. Do people call you lazy?

a) Not that I know of-- I work hard

b) Yeah, but I need my beauty sleep

c) Sometimes, but it’s just because I don’t feel like facing the world

d) Probably, but I don’t care what they think

e) Yeah, I’ve had sluggish times, but I’m usually not

4. What is the best 1 NP item?

a) Serf Lens

b) Moon and Star Stickies

c) Dull Grey Pearl

d) Headless Von Roo Plushie

e) Broken Toy Sailboat

5. Out of these jobs, which sounds most enjoyable?

a) Being a teacher or scientist

b) Being a model or working at a fashion magazine

c) I doubt that I would get hired anywhere

d) Being the owner of an edgy art gallery

e) Owning a cafe

6. Which book are you most likely to read?

a) Zafara Trivia-- a book filled with interesting facts

b) Eyrie Style-- a book listing the top hairstyles for Eyries

c) The Meercas Bad Day-- a book about an unfortunate Meerca

d) Mud Pies Dirt Cakes-- it’s a recipe book... yep

e) Illusens Novel-- a large book all about Illusen’s life

7. What do you want to become wearable?

a) Poets Hat

b) Faerie Bubble Bracelet

c) Grey Faerie Snowglobe

d) Studded Collar

e) Leather Jacket

8. Where do you like to go on Terror Mountain?

a) Cliffhanger

b) The Garage Sale for some shopping

c) Anywhere but the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop... ick

d) The Shop of Mystery

e) To the Snow Faerie for quests

9. Your friends are...

a) Smart and witty

b) Prettier than your friends!

c) Usually not very cheerful

d) Pretty bizarre

e) Basically normal

10. Do you take a long time to get ready?

a) No, I could use that time to do more important things

b) Yeah... deep conditioning does not happen in seconds, you know

c) Get ready to go where? I usually stay home

d) No, I don’t bathe very often...

e) Sometimes, though I try not to

11. How do you feel about Customisation?

a) I like how it makes pets seem more advanced

b) I love dressing up my pets in great clothes

c) I hate everything about it

d) Pets are too cookie-cutter now after the revamps

e) I don’t mind it

12. If you got a Fountain Faerie quest tomorrow, what color would you choose?

a) I would go for the most expensive or rarest color

b) Faerie, Plushie, or Pink

c) Grey

d) Darigan

e) Mystery Island

13. What did you like most about the Return of Sloth plot?

a) The group testing or 3-mods

b) The wearable prizes

c) That it’s over with

d) The battling

e) The comics

14. What do you want TNT to come up with next?

a) A new word game

b) A pretty limited edition pet

c) Whatever

d) An “ugliest pet” contest

e) A petpetpet spotlight

15. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?

a) Not studying for a midterm as much as I could have

b) Crimping my hair... don’t do it!

c) Too many to choose from...

d) Holding back when I was younger for the sake of being “normal”

e) Drifting away from a friend

16. What is most important?

a) Being knowledgeable

b) Feeling confident

c) Sharing your feelings

d) Being yourself

e) Being happy

17. What is your favorite fish from the Underwater Cavern?

a) Waterfish-- you can debate their existence

b) Eww... fish smell

c) Scrawnyfish-- they look so sad

d) Eyefish-- they’re odd

e) Breadfish-- adorable yet tasty

18. Which Neoboard can you be found on?

a) The Neopian Writers or Role Playing board

b) Beauty Contest or Customisation

c) Eww... interaction

d) Evil Things and Monster Sightings

e) The Help or Avatars/NeoSignatures board

19. Which “daily” do you like best?

a) Wise Old King or The Wheel of Knowledge

b) Qasalan Expellibox

c) I don’t usually bother with dailies because I just get junk

d) The Wheel of Misfortune

e) Giant Omelette

20. What clothes do you like to wear?

a) Clothes that make me look respectable

b) Nice outfits that I pick out carefully

c) A lot of black and grey clothes

d) Unique items that no one else has

e) Anything that I feel like wearing that day

Now that you’ve answered all of the questions, look below to see which Weewoo you are most like! Thanks for taking my quiz.

If you answered with A the most:

You are a White Weewoo (if they existed, that is)! You are intelligent, so it’s no wonder that you would be the Neopian Times’ mascot. (You totally pwn those silly quills.) White Weewoos usually keep to themselves, going over questions in their head like, “Why do some pets glow?” and “Why am I asking myself questions again?” White Weewoos match Strales well (those puffy cloud-like petpetpets).

If you answered with B the most:

You are a Pink Weewoo! You are girly and like to look as pretty as possible. You look your best and expect everyone else to do the same. A Pink Weewoo will go well with a Glyme because of the pretty flower on its back. Just try to ignore that icky slime.

If you answered with C the most:

You are a Grey Weewoo! Currently you are depressed and/or mad at the world. Aww, cheer up! I recommend pairing a Grey Weewoo with an Itchi. It will really bring out the... red in the Weewoo’s eyes.

If you answered with D the most:

You are a Mutant Weewoo! You are weird and maybe a little dark, but you love it! Some may not understand you, but they don’t have to. A Wormoeba is the perfect match for a Mutant Weewoo. Just be careful not to let its weirdness outshine you... it’s a bizarre little bugger.

If you answered with E the most:

You are a Yellow Weewoo! You are well-rounded, which is why your Weewoo is a more classic color. A Rainblug is a good petpetpet for a Yellow Weewoo. It will be a perfect match as long as the Weewoo does not try to eat the grub-like creature...

Thank you to my friends who tested out the quiz!

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