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Your White Weewoo and You

by doopingla


Hello there, and thank you for picking out my article to read over a series of other interesting ones on this special issue! You own a White Weewoo, am I correct? Or are you interested in getting a White Weewoo and want to read up on them first? Either way, you’re reading my article, and you will soon learn how to take care of a White Weewoo. White Weewoos aren’t at all difficult to manage, and they’re lovely singers. They’ll wake you up in the morning when the sun comes up by singing the weewoo call. This might get on your nerves, but there are easy ways to avoid that noise.

Diet of White Weewoo

White Weewoos eat the things that regular Weewoos eat. While there are more than likely special Weewoo mixes, your White Weewoo will be perfectly happy with a simple grub. When cooked correctly, that simple grub will become simply delicious, and your White Weewoo will be happy. Grubs taste yummy with cheese, on bread and on burger buns mostly. They may also taste good on a stick. Some other ways to serve grubs are the Wiggling Grub Surprise and Grundo Space Grub Platter.

Make sure your White Weewoo doesn’t go hungry by providing it with its proper diet. A full White Weewoo is a happy White Weewoo!

Bathing a White Weewoo

White Weewoo, like anything else, are capable of collecting that icky stuff that we call dirt and dust. There is a good way of going about giving your White Weewoo a bath. Don’t take it to the river and don’t toss it into a sink or bathtub. This is not the correct way to bathe a White Weewoo, though it may work. White Weewoos don’t want any bath really big. Rivers are too big and, most likely, will get your White Weewoo even more dirty than it was before. Bathtubs are too big for a White Weewoo, and they could be intimidating. Yes, the brave White Weewoos really aren’t so brave.

The sink, you may think, is the perfect size for my White Weewoo! That is correct, but isn’t it your sink? Don’t you brush your teeth over it every day? Think about it, do you want to bathe in someone else’s sink? If you don’t, then you’ll realize your White Weewoo probably doesn’t want to either. They probably wouldn’t mind having their own personal sink to bathe in, but they would much rather have something else.

You’re probably getting annoyed and wondering why I won’t just tell you what they want to bathe in, so I will tell you. The best way to bathe a White Weewoo is to get it a birdbath. The Bronze Birdbath will work perfectly, and your White Weewoo will bathe in style. White Weewoos prefer to bathe in the private areas of gardens, so that’s where you should put your birdbath. Your White Weewoo will thank you for knowing how it wants to be cleaned.


How does your White Weewoo have fun, you may ask. Well, there are lots of ways. There are even more ways than the ones I will mention here in this article. First of all, you could stick your White Weewoo into a clock a minute until the hour, then watch it come in and out. While this is entertaining to you, your White Weewoo might not be having as much fun. It depends on what kind of White Weewoo you have if it will like coming in and out of a clock. Another way is to toss grubs into the air and have your White Weewoo fly into the air and catch them. This is especially entertaining, because oftentimes your White Weewoo will do tricks in the air to get to the grub. This leads me to the next way for you and your White Weewoo to have fun.

Try training your White Weewoo to do tricks, rewarding it with delicious grubs. This will keep your White Weewoo in shape, you entertained and your neighbors impressed at the skills of your White Weewoo. Another way is to invite all of your friends who own White Weewoos over to your house and sing. You can sing different songs, while your White Weewoos will make their weewoo calls in the background. This will either annoy or impress the people next door, but it sure is entertaining and fun for you and your White Weewoo. White Weewoos love the opportunity to show off their lovely singing voice.

Another way to keep you and your White Weewoo entertained is to talk to it. Tell it about your day and see how it reacts to what you say. There’s no telling what your White Weewoo will do. You could take a Green Weewoo Plushie and set it down in front of your White Weewoo. Sit back in a chair, a beanbag or sofa and observe to see what your White Weewoo makes of the plushie. It might attack it, it might try to impress it with its voice, it might try to be friends, it might run away or it might ignore it. It is funny to watch how your White Weewoo reacts to a silly little plushie.

For those that love to watch winged Petpets, take your White Weewoo out to the garden and watch it for a while. See what it does, and take notes if you wish. You could draw your White Weewoo as well. Your White Weewoo would probably love the chance to pose for one of your drawings. There are many more ways than this to have fun with your White Weewoo. I can’t even dream of thinking of all of them.

White Weewoos in Neopia

White Weewoos are kind of like the mascot of the Neopian Times. They are usually seen sitting on a stack of these papers, or even writing them. There has long been a joke that White Weewoos don’t really exist, that regular Weewoos are white. This is of course false, unlike the Jelly World conspiracy. I mean really, a world made of jelly? Who thought of that?

All Weewoos are native to the land of Krawk Island. They are categorized as Pirate Petpets. They sit in trees there and sing their songs at dusk, for all to hear. The population of Weewoos has spread around Neopia, however, so now they are not only found in Krawk Island. You can see them everywhere in Neopia now, but they are the most happy in Krawk Island.

There is a Weewoo mote, some plushies and some NC Mall items made of the Weewoo. There’s even an action figure! It is a very popular Petpet. They also appear in a Neopian Times avatar that is only available on the 100th and 50th issue of the Neopian Times. On every issue they appear near the bottom of the page, sitting on a stack of Neopian Times papers. They also appear on the background of the Neopian Times. These little creatures are everywhere, but I won’t complain.

Even More Information

The Weewoo was released on October 10, 2001 and the White Weewoo was released on October 27, 2003. There are currently 21 different colors for the Weewoo, and most of the prizes given out for the 100th and 50th issues are related to White Weewoos. Weewoos are so named for the eerie noise they make, wee... woo... wee... woo...

Thank you for reading my article, and good luck with your White Weewoo! Remember, a clean, full and fun-loving White Weewoo is a happy White Weewoo!

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