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White Weewoos: Do They Really Exist?

by iluvchocolate_91


You’re browsing the Neopian Times just like you do every Friday evening, hunting down some good stories as you curl up in your favorite chair.

Turning the pages, you see different saying near the top left-hand corner.

“Battle Quills... ready!”

“Enter the Snowflake's lair...”

“There are ants in my Lucky Green Boots”

These pleasant quotes are always nice to read and they add to the friendly atmosphere of the Neopian Times.

Turning the page once more, you come across the quote “White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes*”.

You most likely won’t give this another thought. But is there some sort of hidden secret lurking behind those few words? Do White Weewoos exist? Or is it something else TNT introduced to keep Neopians guessing?

When cruising through Neopia, you may see a few pictures of White Weewoos. Like the one where the petpet is sitting atop a Yellow Draik’s head. Or maybe when visiting the Petpet Puddle you find it showing you a White Weewoo (among many other Weewoo hues).

There have been sightings and photographs taken of these mysterious white apparitions. While some were revealed to be frauds, others have remained questionable, but still believable. It all boils down to this:

Do White Weewoos genuinely exist? Or are they simply a tale to be told young pets for centuries to come?

I have (bravely -cough-) decided to look deep within to find out the truth about our feathery friends.

However, before we begin, how about a little Weewoo anatomy?

Eyes - A Weewoo has surprisingly good eyesight. You’ll never see a Weewoo bump unintentionally into a wall or other Weewoo (intentionally, yes. O.o).

Beak - A Weewoo’s beak is quite small. In fact, the whole petpet is small. They daintily graze on small seeds and chocolate chip cookies.

Noises - The Weewoo makes odd sounds. A woeful ’weeeeeeee woooooooo....’ can echo miles away to reach another fellow Weewoo. This is, of course, how these petpets received their name. They also tend to make a small chirping sound for communication, but this is rarely heard.

Wings - Contrary to popular belief, Weewoos do not have wings. Thus, they cannot fly. They rely on their sharp beaks and tail feathers for defense against the Pant Devil and hasty pets looking for a new friend.

Feathers - The feather are glossy and silky. And velvety soft to the touch. They appear water-proof, but this hasn’t been officially established.

Tail Feathers - Opposite to the rest of their feathers, Weewoo tail feathers are sharp. They help protect the small bird and used to be used for quills back in the olden days. As the petpets slowly diminished, Weewoo Quills were outlawed and no more are to be found for purchase.

Feet - A Weewoo’s feet are webbed; no one knows why. They don’t swim, so the webbing is still an ongoing mystery. Soon, with further research, we shall know the real truth about the functions of these odd petpets.

Weewoos come in 18 ravishing shades. This isn’t including White. The normal Weewoo is brown with a lighter face. A few other colors are Fire, Maraquan, Mutant, Plushie, Pirate, and Christmas. They always come in all the basic hues.

Picking out your new best friend isn’t hard! However, remember to take plenty of Neopoints with you. As a normal Weewoo is close to 700,000!

We also know that White Weewoos (and quills) are iconic figures to represent the ever-popular Neopian Times. You see a Weewoo sitting proudly on a pile of Times issues, and you can find this picture as a shopkeeper, too. Now here is where it becomes contradicting. We see a White Weewoo, but at the top of the page that small quote. Neopians are left confused. Some believe, and some don’t. And other don’t even notice!

Now, let’s continue our research!

Back in Y4, White Weewoos were prowling the streets of the Neopian world, freely showing off their color. People were undoubtedly convinced these social creatures existed.

After a few days of an investigation, it was confirmed, until a rather careless young Uni took her newfound petpet to the spa in which the Weewoo was doused in water and soap.

Slowly but surely, a thick white liquid dripped of the petpet. After a quick analysis, it was discovered that a naïve Tonu (name withheld to avert harassment) drenched a total of 23 Weewoos in white paint to fool Neopians across the land. Outraged, the Neopian community forced the Tonu out of Neopia Central. Legend has it he now resides alone in the darkest part of the Haunted Woods, but this is not official.

In Y6, the Weewoos decided to play a joke in honor of April Fools’ Day, carefully disguising themselves with an undiscovered potion. People were ecstatic to see White Weewoos. Only the most respected Neopian Times Reporters were put on the job. The gathered any info they could from other Neopians, other Weewoos, and many more reliable sources. Or so they say.

The joke was smoothly running on its course until a reporter overheard a few of the petpets whispering about their devious plan. Giggling to herself, the correspondent leaked the new info to the world. Causing yet another disturbance with the population.

The odd, potent mixture used on the petpets stuck to the them for a few more weeks before it finally loosened and washed off. Before it did finally come off, the community was still buzzing thinking, and hoping, they were the first to spot a White Weewoo.

Come Y7, Neopians had given up on believing in White Weewoos for the most part. But one day a white, glossy feather was found buried loosely in the grounds of Altador. It was bagged and taken for testing. No matter how hard the researchers tried, there was no match for the mysterious feather. It is, to this day, still unidentified. Could this feather belong to a Weewoo? We can not be sure until there is something else to tally it with.

I tried my hardest to find the truth behind these ghost-like feathered petpets. But despite my work and research, I couldn’t find out anymore than we know already. Opinions vary from Neopian to Neopian. Some believe we may one day find these fantasy creatures, or we may just keep dreaming and wishing. Not all of Neopia’s land has been discovered, perhaps some are living peacefully there. Only time will tell.

This article was written for your enjoyment; none of these events truly happened in Neopia. ;)

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