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Carrot Cake! and Other Fantastical Cybunny Treats

by giggilogalmewmew


Hip hooray, it's Cybunny Day! Cybunnies from across Neopia are rejoicing as they gather with friends and family to celebrate their National birthday. It represents the day when Cybunnies were released into Neopia, many years ago!

Cybunnies, by nature, are vegetarians. Since they came to Neopia, they have fondly trod the hallowed halls of the Health Food Shop, lifted up the buns to check in the Food Shop, and cautiously sniffed at the snow the Icy Fun Food Shop has formed into, well... things. While the Cybunny loves every vegetable, today is a special day made for just one. It's a day of celebration, joy, and fun! It's the day for carrots!

Yes, carrots!

The Cybunny's most favourite food in all of Neopia is the carrot. It's rare you find a wiggly nosed bun that would sniff and snoot at that delicious orange fruit (veggie, actually). So, in honour of their special day, I've compiled a list of the most delicious carrot treats you can find! These delicacies should be nibbled, sipped, and shared all day long. So prepare a feast, hold a cooking competition, or just sit on the couch and snack! It's time to get down to the root of the carroty truth.

Baby Carrots

The first delicious food on our list is as simple as can be, a handful of baby carrots! If you're going on an outing such as a hike, or just a nice stroll through a field, these miniature carrots are just the perfect energy boost, and are 100% healthy. Perfect for all ages, and even better for small mouths!

Creamy Carrot Soup

While you're out and about celebrating the day's festivities, you're bound to run across a few fairs and events. In between checking out booths, tossing balls for prizes, and chatting with your friends, stop by the local food vendor and grab yourself a cup of this delicious soup. Poured by ladle into easy to hold cups, this soup is made traditionally on site by chopping, boiling, and pureeing carrots and other vegetables into this delicious vitamin rich brew. Grab a cup and head out! Just don't forget to throw away your trash in the end.

Carrot Fizz Achyfi

When we think about carrots, it's very rarely that 'carbonated drink' comes to mind. However, the makers of Achyfi have thought of it, and created it, by making the delicious and bubbly Carrot Fizz Achyfi. While nobody knows exactly what goes into Achyfi, we can safely say that the root extracts of many carrots have gone to creating this product, and Neopians love it! When interviewed, a random Cybunny agreed to be quoted as saying "Yum!" and, "Outrageous!" when sampling this super drink. So what are you waiting for? Crack open a can, hear the satisfying 'shhh', and take a deep slurp of carroty goodness!

Pant Devil Sandwich

Ha, ha, ha! While it's safe to say that blueberries are hardly related to carrots, the adorable carrot arms and horns make this pant devil shaped sandwich a regular at many Cybunny Day children's events. Enjoyable at any age, this sandwich won't steal your valuables, but it will take your appetite away! As an activity for younger Neopians, making your own Pant Devil Sandwich is super easy and fun! Just make sure you have parent supervision when doing this, alright?

To create your own Pant Devil Sandwich you need... Two slices of bread, one jar of blueberry jam, four small carrots, one plate, and one butter knife.

1. Lay each slice of bread on the plate flat, and cover the inside of each slice with a healthy helping of blueberry jam!

2. Close the slices of bread sandwich style, with the blueberry jam facing inward, and set them flat on the plate.

3. Cut the sandwich in the shape of the pant devil! Cut out eyes, and a ghastly grin. Don't forget to nibble at the crusts and extras! They're good too.

4. Stick two carrots on the sides of the sandwich (one on each side for each arm), then place the second two in the top of the sandwich for his horns.

5. Eat! You've now made your own delicious Cybunny Day treat.

Creamy Carrot Trifle

Cybunnies love to splurge! When it comes to their special day, most Cybunnies will spend a small fortune on one special treat to make their day as delicious as possible. If you're looking to do the same, but without the 'fortune', choose this trifle as your treat! Rich carrot cake and whipped cream have been layered with pecans and carrot bits to create a sweet treat that caters to a variety of tastes. It's healthy, it's delicious, and it comes in an adorable blue Cybunny cup. Best of all, it hovers around the 1,000 neopoint mark, making it a must for the thrifty pet that wants something that tastes like a million points.

Crunchy Carrot Burger

Sick and tired of those ketchup laden beef patties dropped in between a greasy bun and drizzled with more grease and ketchup? I sure am! Which is why I'm recommending this delicious carrot burger as an amazing alternative! There is nothing better than grabbing your friends and family, throwing a few carrots on the barbecue, and serving up some vegetable goodness.

Star Shaped Carrot

As confusing as it is, this carrot is indeed the rooted vegetable it appears to be made out of. One day an eccentric farmer decided that he was going to grow a carrot in the shape of a star. No one believed him, but after trial and error, this special carrot was born. Now with seeds available, cultivators all over Neopia are trying to make the best Star Shaped Carrot they can! Convenient, simple to hold, and one of few vegetables that can be used as a battle weapon if in a hurry, this carrot is a special way to enjoy the vegetable in its simplest form.

Cybunny Day Canape

Released in celebration of Cybunny Day Year 6, this delicious canape features a Cybunny shaped cracker, with carrot puree topping, and a sprig of sweet greens. If you're thinking about throwing a Cybunny Day party, consider a plate full of these canapes as appetizers!

Carrotberry Smash

This dish is about as messy to make as it is to eat! Once again, berries and carrots mingle to make a vitamin rich dish that is sure to please. Both substances have been smashed to bits, piled high, and served in dollops on plates all across Neopia. While the average Neopian may not be the most interested in swallowing spoonfuls of this concoction, Carrotberry Smash is just mushy enough that it can be used as baby food for young Neopians that want to be just as festive as everyone else!

Four Layer Carrot Cake

Drum roll please... The final treat on our list that is piled with carroty goodness is none other than the spectacular, the wonderful, the truly stunning... Four Layer Carrot Cake! A trial to make, the Health Food Shop only stocks these cakes every now and then, but it's rumoured that on Cybunny Day they make them by the boatload for wealthy families in need! Each cake is a traditional carrot cake batter, baked with whole carrots inside. Piled high, and served at only the most special occasions, this cake is often the finale of lavish meals surrounding Cybunny festivities. Be careful, though! It may look sweet and delicious, but all those carrots poking out the sides could seriously hurt if you take too close of a look at its glory.

So there you have it! A list of the most delicious carrot treats you can find! Remember, though, that when it comes to carrots, every dish filled with these nutritious vegetables is sure to be amazing. Experiment! Try out new things and maybe consider buying yourself a new recipe book too. Just remember, on Cybunny Day, there is sure to be lots of carroty goodness about. All you have to do is dig in!

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