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The Guide to Qasala

by brendan426


LOST DESERT - This guide will explain everything about Qasala that you ever needed to know. Have fun reading this and I hope you learn something great.

In Qasala, life is very simple and relatively easy to go through. Living in Qasala could be the closest thing to coming into royalty next to actually being royalty. Many of the houses are made of standard solid stone bricks. The more modern, and un-destroyed section of Qasala features beautiful gardens and markets, as well as lovely houses. The lovely gold and red colors that adorn most of the architecture is always appreciated. Most of the citizens of Qasala would most likely agree. Considering the fact that Qasala is over 100 miles southwest of Sakhmet, they are pretty much a large isolated city.

Qasalan Culture

Every day Qasalans pretty much spend their time in the market or cooking up something spicy or sweet. Considering the fact that spicy and sweet are almost flavor opposites, you know that they really have some taste for food! Their two main fruits that they use for most of their daily meals are the always-spicy Queela fruit, as well as the sweet fruit known as the Qando. Qandos are usually put in exotic drinks and desserts. And almost everybody in Qasala is wearing the standard Royal Qasalan Cloak.

Qasalan Architecture

Qasala lies almost inside a large canyon. To the direct west of Qasala are large mountain ranges that separate Qasala from the shorelines, which is one of the reasons that they receive almost no fish and have a lot of mountain climbers. Qasala also is quite a distance away from the nearest river, which is why they receive most of their water from once-a-year rainfalls and their fruit. Qasala is surrounded by a large wall, which Qasalans can come and leave as they please.

Qasalan Weapons

Qasala prides itself on its beautiful range of weapons. Their swords and daggers are not only as sharp as possible, but also have a lot of Qasalan features. Their arrows fly straight and true, and their armor is a lovely gold and so very strong. Most of the Qasalan styles feature the use of weapons more than anything else. One of the bizarre features for the use of a Queela fruit is the Queela bomb. It uses food, as well as explosions. Not usually a favored combo.

Qasalan Techniques

Qasala prides itself for its intelligence within its own city. They may not be as highly intelligent as those in Brightvale, but they are really something. They have many, many, many scrolls that contain information about their present, and a lot about their past. If you wanted to know anything about their past, they would have a scroll that explains about whatever it is completely. The information they have been able to track down over the years is amazing. One of the best is the healing techniques they have discovered. They have a whole lot of healing techniques that can heal almost anything. And that's just a small portion of what their mysterious scrolls offer.


Qasala has played part in an extremely important plot. In the plot, the ruined city of Qasala was discovered after all was destroyed. But now, the city flourishes as it once did, magnificent and grand. Even though the plot rotated around Sakhmet, Qasala played a huge part in it. Before the plot was ever released, Qasala was just a rumor only known to a few special individuals. Now, the once lost city is a name that almost all have heard.

Qasalan Styles

Qasala prides itself on its unique style. Its buildings, and culture are all part of its greatest style. It's natural mountains, the sand dunes that surround the lovely city, and everything in-between. Life in Qasala is never boring and is always something to behold. If you are ever in Qasala, make sure you check out some of their amazing cultural things. Qasala also prides itself on its great natural beauty. I have also now included a nice interview with the actual shopkeeper from the Desert Arms store. Now, let's see what he has to say...

So, why exactly did you become the shopkeeper to a great shop such as this one?

Shopkeeper: Well, when I was smaller, I used to spend a lot of my time collecting and making weapons and I also used to sell them on the street when I'd make one. So, after I got enough neopoints, I opened up this huge shop.

That's cool. How's life in Qasala?

Shopkeeper: Oh, life here is great. Qasala really is one of the greatest places in Neopia, if I could say so myself. Even though it's dry and usually receives about one day of rainfall a year, I still love it. The food is great, almost everyone is nice, and business goes great.

Wow. That's a lot. So, how's your business going?

Shopkeeper: It goes much greater than I expected. I sell hundreds of weapons daily, usually to outsiders. I spend most of my time actually making the weapons. And I'll take a few minutes off, but I'm usually working quite a few days a week constantly. When I work, it's constant work. I sleep like most everyone, but I have vacancies that run the shop then.

Man, that's a lot of work. How can you stand it? Where exactly do you live?

Shopkeeper: I've been doing this for quite some time. Lots of years in fact. I've gotten used to all of the work that it takes. And I live with the Royal family. They have a large section to the north with large Palaces. I reside amongst one of those.

Neat. Have you bought anything with all of the neopoints that you've made from running a shop like this?

Shopkeeper: I usually spend my neopoints on more materials for my weapons. And, since inflation is going up constantly, I do make more money every year. I'm just saving it up in the Qasalan Bank.

Most shopkeepers restock everything at one time. And I've heard you do it differently. Care to share?

Shopkeeper: Yes. I actually do it differently. Um, every few minutes, I'll restock an item or two. Since I have three forges, I can't make too many weapons all at once. Although, a few of my weapons don't require a forge and I'm able to make those pretty quickly.

I've also heard you can make bombs out of fruit. Is this true?

Shopkeeper: It's as true as you say it is. The Queela Bomb is extremely inexpensive and I do make quite a few of them. I get many customers asking for these bombs. I make a lot of neopoints off of those.

I've heard that you are trained in using your weapons?

Shopkeeper: Yes, I am. And, I have to be. I've had a few robbers come in and I need to be able to defend myself.

This has been a very interesting interview. Well, thank you so much.

Shopkeeper: You're very welcome. I had fun too. Goodbye.

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