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Eight Ways To Make An Impressive Pet On A Budget

by xaviernye


Have you been called thrifty, spendy, or downright poor? Like the majority of Neopians, has the art of earning mass amounts of neopoints eluded you? You wish your pets were shiny, sparkly, and beautiful. You love your pet, but you also don't have a lot of neopoints to spend. The lab ray is years of savings away, you have no hopes of random events granting you something anytime soon, you cannot afford millions of books to read to your pet, and a royal paintbrush is just a dream. Your pets are plain and bland, the same old basic pet from the day you joined.

Everyone knows neopoints don't just grow on trees (not even the Money Tree; all you seem to be able to grab from it is rotten sandals) so you need the most bang for your buck. Here are 8 tips to spruce up your neopet on a budget!

1. Put a smile on his face: There is nothing worse than going to look at someone's neopet, only to see the poor thing in tears. The easiest thing to do, to show your neopet you care, is to keep him fed and happy. Putting a smile on your neopet's face is a simple task and doesn't take much time or effort. Stop in at the Soup Faerie if you are low on dough, or the giant omelette daily to give your pet a bite to eat. Give the Healing Springs a visit to restore hit points, heal illness, and on occasion even fill up his tummy. And don't forget to pick up a few cheap toys and play with him if he is feeling blue. Your Neopet will appreciate the time spent together, even if the toys are not the newest on the block. An Usuki Pretty Princess Set, a Diseased Mechafish, or even a plushie or a keyring from the Snowager can bring your pet hours of fun!

2. Customizable clothing: Sure, it seems like all those pretty sparkly items released on Neopets are expensive and out of reach, but that is not always the case. With a bit of shopping around and creativity, you will discover that your pet can be be dressed with the best for significantly less.

The Faerie Painted Background, Split Background, and Fire Painted Background all sell for as little as 1000 neopoints or under. There are many more backgrounds (like the Grassy Meadow Background) which are just a little over 1000; you can't get a better deal than that. But you don't have to stop there! There have been lots of customizable items given out since dressing your pet became popular. Try advent items like the seasonal designer purse, or holiday tutu, both under 2000. Or how about daily dare prizes like the Wicked Wocky Wobble Helmet? If you are still missing that special something to complete your outfit, you can also always go try to snag something more pricey at the Second-Hand Shoppe. Even though it may look like it is filled to the top with piles of dung, with some patience you will discover many well known Neopian characters take the time to generously donate some beautiful items there, which you might be able to snag for your closet.

3. The NeoCash Mall: If neopoints are low, but your cash isn't as strapped, you can always purchase some items at the neocash mall. The item selections there are always expanding, offering a variety of unique and impressive items to customize your neopet, leaving you with all your neopoints to spend on other ventures.

4. Painting your pet: At the word "paintbrushes" you may think, "no way, I cannot afford to paint my pet". But with a little looking around you might discover you are wrong; there are some very affordable paintbrushes you can choose from.

Look at the different styles and colors; you may find a certain color that catches your eye and is at just the right price. The Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush and Christmas paint brush both sell for under 100k. And the silver, split, glowing, and ghost paintbrushes all generally go for around or just under 150k, which takes a lot less time to save for. A splash of color can really liven up a neopet and some of the paintbrush colors even come with customizable clothing.

5. Petpet paradise: Picking out just the right petpet for your pet not only will make your pet happy, but will look attractive to the viewer, and fun! The list of cheap petpets is very long. But don't stop there. Most of the petpet paintbrushes are under 100k, making your petpet look even more rare. Also if you already have the secret lab map completed, the petpet lab ray is a very inexpensive way to complete and can change your petpet into rare and expensive species and colors.

6. Trophies: Now you may be thinking, "I could never get a trophy for my pet." But it takes less effort than you probably realise, and neopoints.

Some simple ways to get a trophy for your pets quick reference page include the Petpet Protection League competition and the beauty contest.

When you are picking out a petpet for your pet, take a glance at the past PPL awards. Pick out a petpet species and color that has not ever been a featured petpet for the competition, attach the petpet, and leave it there. The longer your petpet sits attached to your pet, the better chance you have of winning a trophy; you don't have to even enter. If the matching species and color of your petpet is picked your pet will automatically get a trophy if it is old enough.

The Beauty Contest also is not as hard as you may think; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even if you are not the best artist on Neopets, effort goes a long way. Drawing and submitting a picture doesn't cost you any neopoints. Afterwards, check out the Beauty Contest board for advice and to show off your hard work. There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophy for each species of pet, so with a little effort you have a good chance of getting a snazzy trophy for your pet.

7. Fishing: What a better way to relax and spiff up your neopet at the same time than by spending your day fishing? Taking your pet on a few trips a day down to the Underwater Fishing Cavern is just what he needs. Any pet can gain levels to his fishing level; all you have to do is go. The more you go fishing, the higher your fishing level becomes; just remember to give your pet a few hours for a break between trips. Your pet will most likely catch more rotten sandals than you snagged at the Money Tree, but you never know, you might even catch something rare and shiny while you are down there.

8. Training: Strong pets with high stats are often viewed as impressive. What could be better than flexing your muscles and maybe squishing a few of those Battledome challengers in the process?

While your pet cannot get super high stats without spending a bit of money, you can raise your pet's stats enough that he won't fall over when he tries to pick up that book you bought him. The best way to start is to make a daily visit to Coltzan's shrine. Good old Coltzan is generous and there is a good chance he will raise your pet's stats during your visits. If you are extra lucky, he might even give you a dubloon which you can use to train your pet at the Swashbuckling Academy.

The faeries are also very generous, and if you should happen to receive a quest from one of them, it is quite likely that it will be a cheap easy way to increase your pet's stats and you should take advantage of the opportunity. And don't forget to keep an eye on the news; there are two times a year when you can train your pet for free, yes free, as much as you want! Neopets's birthday and your pet's species celebration day. Both days the Swashbuckling Academy offers free training, so take full advantage of this offer when you have the chance.

You can also raise your pet's intelligence without breaking the bank. Two simple ways, though they are random when it occurs, are by spinning the Wheel of Knowledge or completing the Faerie Crossword Puzzle. The best part about completing the Faerie Crossword Puzzle is you also earn neopoints for it. Of course, just because the book world seems overwhelming, don't discount reading books to your pet either; there are many, many books that you can read to your pet for just a few neopoints. Some of the cheapest books include Neopian Times Issue 3, Mystery Of The Kougra Paw, and Waterlogged Book, all of which sell for under 100 neopoints, wow! The list for books under 1000 neopoints is much longer. With a little looking, you can swipe up a few cheap books for your pet to read, increasing his intelligence.

Well, that's it; with a little effort and a few money saving tips your pet can step up a class. Your pet can shine like a star when people view him, and how you did it will be our little secret... and everyone else's who read this article. *shifty eyes*

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