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Fyora - A Dark Faerie In Disguise?

by moofamily


FAERIELAND - For many years, citizens of Neopia have respected and cherished the queen of faeries, Fyora. But recently I have discovered a large amount of disturbing evidence that Fyora is, in fact, a dark faerie in disguise. ‘Why?’, you ask... Well, let’s take a look at the evidence... Maybe I’ll give you the interview too...

Up first is... *drum roll, please*

1. Darigan Paint Brushes - sold in the Hidden Tower

Those of you whose accounts are over four months old and have visited the Hidden Tower to purchase something or to gaze longingly at the merchandise will notice that there are Darigan Paint brushes sold there. How would Fyora get these? I mean, she’s the queen of FAERIELAND, not DARIGAN CITADEL. I’ll tell you where she got them... From a friend... a evil friend too, at that. Get what I mean? I’m saying that your beloved Fyora is friends with someone from Darigan. This DOES make sense, seeing as Faerieland and Darigan Citadel are both in the air, so it’ll be easy for Fyora to communicate with them.

Suspicious rating: 9/10 Almost Certainly

Onto the next point...

2. Fyora Inspired Vanity Table - wait, Vanity?

You might be thinking, well, what’s wrong with Fyora having a desk? Can you get any more naïve? I’ll tell you what... It’s called a Fyora Inspired VANITY Table. Vanity is a little known dark faerie. It’s true, I checked my facts! Now, why would our faerie queen have anything to do with a dark faerie? They’re in the same league (the dark faerie one). Anyway, here you go... another reason Fyora’s a dark faerie.

Suspicious rating: 7/10 Sneakily Suspicious.


Wait a sec... what colour are dark faeries? That’s right, purple. Fyora? NO! NOT A LOVELY LILAC!! PURPLE! Don’t deny it, that’s a reason! Why else would she be covered in purple unless she’s a dark faerie?

Suspicious rating: 10/10 Definitely badddddd

4. Jhudora Fyora, Jhudora Fyora!

These names rhyme. Kind of. Anyway, doesn’t that back up the point of Fyora being a dark faerie? I mean, her name even (kind of) rhymes with a sinister well known-dark faerie. They were even probably childhood friends! And I bet that Jhudora just pretends to hate the faerie queen so that everybody doesn’t get suspicious.

Suspicious rating: 8/10 Start Worrying...

5. Jhudora’s Cloud

You might be wondering why Jhudora’s Cloud is appearing in an article about Fyora. Well, if they REALLY were enemies (like they want the whole of Neopia to think), why would Fyora let Jhudora let her have her own cloud and ask for expensive items while giving out dodgy rewards?

Suspicious rating: 8/10 Start Worrying...

6. Fyora’s Caves - can you say DANGER?

I know you can, but that’s not the point. There are many ways to get into danger in the game, Fyora’s Caves. Not only that, but it is real torture for the Quiggle that dies over and over again! What is that guy, a voodoo doll? I wouldn’t put it past Fyora! Speaking of dolls, onto our next point.

Suspicious rating: 9/10 Almost Certainly

7. Fyora’s Faerie Queen Doll - voodoo alert!

This doll is very popular and often sought amongst Neopians. However, recently I have noticed that any pet that plays with them get hypnotized by Fyora. Not many owners notice this because they are too busy crooning over the ‘wonderful shiny rare beautiful unique great lovely amazing spectacular magnificent’ avatar they have just received. Owners, listen to me. You should care about the health of your pets more than your avatar list!

Suspicious rating: 11/10 RUN FOR HELP!

Our 8th point already?

8. Hidden Tower – the fact’s in the name...

The Hidden Tower’s called THE HIDDEN TOWER! If you think that doesn’t mean anything, think again. The tower’s hidden. Why would this be? It could mean that the queen doesn’t want it to be overcrowded with visitors, but I think that the better explanation is that she’s using the tower as a base. To kidnap neopets? To plot a evil machine with Sloth? To release meepits everywhere? All possible, and all very scary.

Suspicious rating: 10/10 Definitely Badddddd

The last point is...

9. Meepits-colour, colour colour...

Meepits are pink. Faerieland’s colour is pink and purple. You get where I’m going, don’t you? I bet the Fyora gave the meepits special powers of staring at people to freak them out of their houses. Then, she absorbs all of the strength of the houses to use to carry out her evil plans.

Suspicious rating: 6/10 Sly and Sinister

Now, you might not believe me, but there you have it. All the evidence before your very eyes. I think I’ll just take my Flotsam and go interview Fyora as well.

(goes into Hidden Tower with Fernsi, my Flotsam)

Me: Fyora? We’ve come to interview you.

Fernsi: Yeah we have... by the way, do you think I could have a baby paint brush?

Me: Fernsi!

Fernsi: What?? You’re not very good at saving up!

Me: Ahem... back to the interview. So, Fyora, I was wondering -

Fernsi: Are you a dark faerie in disguise?????

Fyora: WHAT??

Me: Don’t deny it, all the evidence points that way.


Me: The Darigan paint brushes! The HIDDEN TOWER!

Fyora: I’m sorry, but I’m going to ask you to leave.

Fernsi: Aha! Now you’re scared that we’ll discover your evil plan!

Me: Yeah, and if you make us leave, we’ll tell the rest of Neopia how evil you are!

(Me and Fernsi get thrown from the Hidden Tower)

Fernsi: I knew it! She got the guards to throw us! SHE’S EVVVVIIILLLLL!


Me: Well, that didn’t go too well, did it? Still, you must believe me now!


Me: Technically, begging for a paint brush is not an argument, Fernsi. And don’t embarrass me! This is an article for the Neopian Times, remember?


After that VERY disturbing conversation with my energetic Flotsam, let’s get back to the point. Since obviously the interview didn’t go that fine. Maybe some of these comments from your fellow Neopians may convince you?

‘I think that Fyora can be a bit moody sometimes, like if she sends you on a quest and you take more than 5 minutes, she blows her top (well she did at me!)! This sounds more like Jhudora behavior.’ ~tomskinlet

‘Does anyone wonder why Jhudora is condemned as the dark faerie? Why has she turned dark? She was driven into insanity and then turned evil for she had more potential for becoming queen than Fyora herself... who is the real evil?’ ~ 2cliche

‘I think Fyora IS a dark faerie in disguise. She probably shares evil plans with Jhudora all the time anyway.’~katiecourtney

‘A faerie does not become the Queen of a planet as large as Neopia and its surrounding lands without possessing a Dark side. I personally believe Fyora is a descendent of the Darkest Faerie (aka The Sleeper).’ ~zulo52

And from my pets:

‘I’m hungry! I don’t care if Fyora is a dark faerie!’ *dribbles all over the carpet* ~ sweetbacon_mimi

‘I like Fyora and I like pink and I like eating chocolate and I like fish and I like- ‘ *gets cut off* ~Fernsi

‘Statistically speaking, over 90% of Neopia believes that Fyora is a excellent faerie ruler and worship her. The other 10% percent however *cough* *my owner* *cough* are against her for unknown reasons – ‘ *gets glared at* ~Acary_waterfaerie

Okay, maybe my pets aren’t the best idea... let’s see what Herniate has to say, maybe she’ll have some sense.

‘Frosty the Cybunny, was a very jolly soul, - oh, what? Oh, yes, I think that Fyora is no- , Ahem, she is uh- a dark faerie, uh, yes, uh, BYE!’ *runs off and gets glared at as well*~Herniate

Don’t listen to my pets, they are obviously just messing around... but... excuse me, I need to go have a word with them...

NOW do you believe me?? The correct answer is: YES! So tell all your neighbors, neofriends, guild members, that Fyora is a dark faerie!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Neomail me any comments you have.

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