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Top Plushies of Neopia!

by mexico802


Plushies! Everyone loves them, you know, those sometimes-cute squishy doll-like toys that are super fun to collect and play with? Well, at least some of them *stares evilly at the Dr. Sloth Plushie* Anyways! Back to the article... In this cuddly article... I will be talking about plushies! No duh... Well, actually, not exactly plushies, but the top 10 most loved, famous, cutest and the most rarest plushies Neopia has to offer! So on we go, with the fabulous list!

Number 10, which I believe is still cute, the Altador Cup Referee Plushie.

Though most people will be saying, this is the cutest thing ever! And others will be going, wow, I need that for my gallery! I say, it is cute, yes, but in a way, I think it deserves to be in the 10th place. No, I don’t hate it, and 10th place isn’t bad; it is just that that plushie is too plain for my liking. Yeah, I know, people are going to be asking, how is it plain? Well, I prefer plushies like the Banana Plushie! Noooo! I’m just kidding, more like the Bagatelle Plushie; it’s cute, it’s not as expensive, it’s cute; wait, did I already mention that? Well, anyways, for all those people that want one of those Altador Cup Referee Plushies, it sells for about 170,000 NP, which means it will not be sold in shops, boo hiss.

The excellent number 9 is up next! In that spot lies the Dr_Death Plushie.

There, on my shelf, lies the lonely, evil Dr_Death Plushie. With its little grin, and its lab coat, it’s one of the most well known plushies since the release of the El Picklesaur Plushie, or something like that... So anyways, while most people have this evil cute plushie in their galleries already, some just refuse to buy it; why? It’ll give their pets nightmares! No, not really, because some people just don’t want to, that’s really it. So if you don’t have one of these plushies yet, go get one. They're pretty much only 1000 NP!

The 8th plushie on my plushie list is the cute little Eliv Thade Plushie.

This is one of the many plushies I like, for two reasons: it’s cute, and it’s rare, and I love rare plushies, in case you didn’t know that already! And another thing you may have not known, Eliv Thade, is an anagram for Evil Death! Yeah, it’s pretty cool, eh? So, even though this is an evil character, it still doesn’t mean you should buy it! All it is, is a little doll, what can it possibly do? *A big crowd of people comes running towards his Neohome* Well, then... if you are not one of those people who are in that crowd, go out and buy one! That is if you can afford a 4 million-neopoint plushie...

N-u-m-b-e-r 7 on this list is the famous Fyora Plushie! Well, the Handcrafted Fyora Plushie, to be exact!

When I said famous... I know that some people aren’t too big on plushies, so had no idea on what it was. Anyways, this plushie is quite cool, I believe, even though I hate heroes and I'm are more into villains, I think that most hero plushies are cooler, just with the way they were created; also, they sell for a lot more! For example, the King Altador Plushie, Sasha Plushie, Ylana Skyfire Plushie, Reginald Plushie, Jerdana Plushie and more! Yes, I could create a good list, but I don’t feel like it. All of those plushies are VERY rare and also are some of the coolest plushies you will ever see! As I mentioned earlier, they sell for a lot; it’s true! The King Altador Plushie itself sells for 5,000,000 NP (five million)! Yeah, I know, it’s only one more million than the Eliv Thade Plushie, but, hey, the Ylana Skyfire and the Sasha Plushie both sell for 10,000,000 NP (ten million)! Wow! So anyways, back to the Handcrafted Fyora Plushie; as I was saying, if you absolutely hate villain plushies, try this plushie. It is a pretty cool plushie after all, and I’m sorry, but I do not know how much this plushie goes for, but I’m guessing something more than two million.

Number 6 on this list is... the Razul Plushie With Real Fire Action!

Not only does this plushie look incredibly cool, it also has fire action! And, it also has the best description! Read: DANGER, not for children, adults, pets, or anyone at all, really!

I love it! *Razul Plushie on shelf looks over at mexico802, without him noticing* Good thing it isn’t alive, though! Anyways, if you are not into the Fire Action, then you could always get the Razul Plushie, which, in most cases, is more expensive than the Fire Action plushie. The Razul Plushie With Real Fire Action sells for about 900,000 NP (nine hundred thousand), while the Razul Plushie is so rare, people only have it in their galleries and Safety Deposit Boxes.

We’re halfway there! The 5th plushie(s) to be on this list is the Woogi And Jimmy Plushie Set!

This plushie set is one of my most favorite plushie set, well, as there are only two plushies sets in Neopia! The other being the Lisha And Jeran Plushie Set! Well, there are two others, but they aren’t actually famous game and plot characters; they're the Limited Edition Gold Plushie Set and the Limited Edition Silver Plushie set, which both go for about around 150,000 NP (one hundred-fifty thousand). The Woogi and Jimmy Plushie Set was previously given out by a Better Than You! The Lisha and Jeran Plushie Set is from the Hidden Tower, and the two golden and silver limited edition plushie sets are from redeeming a KeyQuest code. The Woogi and Jimmy Plushie Set goes for about 3,750,000 NP (three million, seven hundred-fifty thousand), while the Lisha and Jeran Plushie Set goes for about 950,000 NP, so what are you going to pick?

My 4th plushie to be on this list is the well-known Shop Wizard Plushie!

Although not too many people actually KNOW the Shop Wizard Plushie, everyone should know the Shop Wizard himself. Well, he’s in plushie form now! He’s a very cute JubJub plushie, which most people would like! So, if you like JubJubs, well, you’ll like this plushie, for sure! This plushie goes for about 2,000,000 NP (two million).

Number 3 on this plushie list is... the Zafara Double Agent Plushie!

Yes, yes, I know, everyone loves this plushie; so do I, how could you not? Not only is it just simply a cool plushie, but it also gets you a special prize! Everyone wants one, simple as that! And in case you were just wondering, this plushie goes for around the 2,000,000 (two million) neopoint mark! Yes, most people find that even 100,000 NP (one hundred thousand) is hard to get, well, the only thing you have to do is just save up and play games. It’ll take a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, unless you’re a master at games, but you’ll eventually reach that mark and become the super-duper collector of plushies.

Number 2, wow, I wonder what the number 1 top plushie is going to be; it’s getting so exciting, out of all the plushies... Oh, ahem, number 2! is... the King Altador Plushie!

Yay, another one of my favorites, this plushie is not only rare, it is also a TCG Rare Item Code Prize! A lot of those TCG Code Prizes can get you some pretty neat plushies! Like the Reginald Plushie! I know, maybe some of you have never heard of it, but hey, if you would like to see what it looks like, search it in the galleries! I only know of one person that has it that I have ever seen, yep, it’s rare all right and worth a bunch of cash! Another great Rare Item Code Prize is the Krawley Plushie, there are actually more people that have this plushie than the Reginald Plushie, and the last Rare Item Code Prize I’m going to talk about is the Bruno Plushie, the most common of these four, I think... Back to the King Altador Plushie! This plushie can be bought and is worth around 5,000,000 NP (five million), so if you have five million neopoints, well, go buy one!

Yes, we have made it! The number one top plushie of all time! (Neopia really.) This plushie is... drum roll please! It’s the Headless Von Roo Plushie! No, I’m just kidding, could you imagine? It’s the Ski Lodge Mutant Kacheek Plushie! Yay!

Yes, some of you are probably wondering why I chose THIS plushie as number 1! Well, I chose it mainly because it is the most expensive plushie ever in Neopets! (Trust me if there is any other plushie that is more expensive than this, I would like to know right away!) Yes, this plushie was given out to people who guessed the murderer in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery! Other plushies were also given out, such as the Maverick Plushie, worth 30,000,000 NP (thirty million)! Well, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for, at least since I told you about this plushie, the cost of this very plushie, is worth... another drum roll please... an astonishing 100,000,000 NP (one hundred million)! Now, that is a lot of neopoints! Remember how I told you that getting the Zafara Double Agent Plushie, (two million) would be easy, and just save up? Well, try saving up for this thing!

So this ends my article, a long article to be exact, but there is still one thing I would like to talk to you about. It’s about six plushies you may have never ever heard about, and there is really no one out there with them. Here they are; try searching in galleries for them!

Bat Thing Plushie- I have seen maybe two people with this.

The Golden Bringer Plushie- I have seen no one with this plushie.

Lucky Coin Plushie- I have seen one person with this.

Dr. Sloth Plushie- I have seen two people with this.

Mastermind Plushie- I have seen no one with this rare plushie.

Ummagine Plushie- I have seen no one with this plushie currently.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you think that you ever want to start a plushie gallery? Well, start off simple, with cheap plushies, and buy these later, just a little tip!

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