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Top Eight Most Evil Neggs Of Neopia

by raven_13_13_31


NEGGERY - No matter how much we fear and hate the evil that lurks in and above Neopia, we all can’t help but adore its evil little Neggs, from the slightly strange Staring Negg (eek! It blinked!) to the odd witchy negg (nice hat), the prickly spiked negg (ouch!) and the great evil Negg itself (nothing says evil more than a big, weird fruit with a matching red collar and cape). So now, I present you with the guide to the top eight most evil Neggs in Neopia! (Eating is not necessary for any of them.)

1. Spiked Negg:

Sometimes I wonder how this even got into the Neggery in the first place. I’m not sure that this one is even a Negg! It's probably really some sort of spiky weaponry that’s supposed to be used in the Battledome (okay, now THAT would hurt), or it’s some new species of immobile robot petpet (like the rock). But whatever it is really, it’s certainly not some harmless food product and I wouldn’t advice you even pick it up without protective clothing, like gloves, let alone put it in your mouth (unless, of course, you are some sort of robot pet), because, as the name suggests, it may just hurt on the way down!

2. Radioactive Negg:

Now this really just CAN’T be good for you; I mean, it glows in the dark AND in the light! Let’s face it, who has ever heard of a healthy thing that glows in both light and dark? Its name doesn’t help your appetite much either. Then again, it may not be edible, but it could be a very handy thing for use in the neohome as a nice substitute for a lamp, nightlight, garden decoration or even a torch! If you ARE mad enough to want to eat this, then I strongly recommend you wear safety gloves and goggles at all times and handle this with a stick or a set of tongs.

3. Cackling Negg:

This evil Negg is just plain odd! I’ve always wondered if it can really laugh. Now that would be pretty useful. No need for an alarm clock or door bell anyway! Plus it could be an awesome thing to use as a Halloween decoration or an April fool’s day prank for your sister.

Whatever it’s used for, it does a very good job of looking very creepy. It’s also got some pretty sharp little fangs; I wonder if it bites? Eating this is not very advisable due to the amount of teeth this thing possesses (not as much as the Ferocious Negg, but enough to hurt when it decides to bite).

4. Wicked Negg:

Ah, the good old wicked Negg, arch enemy to the Negg of Purity (+1) ,second best to the Evil negg in evilness and a neat little Battledome weapon as well. What would we ever do without it? Not only is it pretty tasty if you are an evil genius wanting something equally as evil to snack on, it’s also very spiffy to look at as well (it’s got cute little horns).

Despite this I highly recommend that you DON’T eat this unless you are some sort of insane evil master mind (or just plain insane); it’s named the wicked negg for a reason, you know!

5. Evil Negg:

I was wondering when this one would pop up. What could be more evil than the evil negg? Because of this I highly doubt that eating this would do you or the residents of Neopia any good, especially if you find it in a mysterious parcel on your door step during Sloth Day. In other words, eating this is definitely NOT a very good idea. But despite all that, you can’t deny it; it does look quite cute. I mean, it’s got a matching red collar and cape! (Or are they very large, red eyes?)

6. Ferocious Negg:

And next on our evil negg guide is the Ferocious Negg! Now, a word of warning when eating this negg: it bites! Those teeth are there for a reason, you know! I am pretty certain that this, like the spiked negg, isn’t REALLY a negg at all, but a vicious petpet in disguise, probably bred by the meepits (or Dr. Sloth) in a plan to take over Neopia (or something like that)! Therefore I advise you to lock this thing up in a cage while you are storing it; otherwise it may cause some serious damage to your neohome!

7. Fireball Negg:

Hot! This little negg is almost guaranteed to set fire to everything around it, so I strongly advise that you stick this under a tap and then store it in a fridge before serving; otherwise, your dinner may just go up in flames. But better still, you can always use this in your fire place as a nifty fire; because it’s a negg, it’ll stay burning for a LONG time after you put it there. It may also be used (like the radioactive Negg) as a great lamp or nightlight. Just be careful where you put it (i.e. not in a room made of ice or wood).

8. Staring Negg:

This is possibly the freakiest negg that you can get! (Well, it’s an eye! What’s freakier than that?) Stick it on your door at night and I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with burglars!

This is also another negg that would be useful as a Halloween or neohome decoration!

If you don’t mind eating eyeball stew or Chilled Eyeball Custard, then I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with eating this negg, but if you are slightly put off by the fact that it is an eye (who isn’t?) then I suggest that you keep well away from it.

Well, that’s the end of my top eight evil Neggs. Remember, just because they can look cute, doesn’t mean that Neggs are harmless (or possibly even a negg!).

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