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The Elements

by risen_hope11


She was light.

      A simple yellow Aisha, not special, not noticed. Alia was small and not one to pick fights. She wanted to stay the way she was, quiet and shy. She wanted to stay simple and innocent. Of course that wasn't the way she was supposed to be.

      "Kit?" Alia called her sister's name.


      "Come here, please." The Aisha tried to be polite all the time.

      A Poogle poked her head in. "What do you want?"

      "Could you hold this still while I cut it?" It was a piece of cardboard, a large one, but just a simple piece of cardboard. It was meant for a school project, something pale in comparison to what she was meant for.


      Everything was simple. Everything was fine.

     ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

      She was dark.

      Sanna was rebellious, a Zafara who could be someone's best friend and another's worst enemy. Her brown fur was sticky, and she was hot, but she had proved her point to him.

      "See? I'm better at it then you!" Sanna stuck her tongue out and the Lupe growled.

      "You got lucky," he murmured. He was a boaster, a showoff.

      "You don't want to admit you got beat by a girl in running!" With that, the Brown Zafara walked away, She didn't think she had a purpose, but she did. When she was far enough away from the boys, Sanna ran.

      She ran because she felt like it. Just because the sun was setting.

     ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

      He was water.

      Blue touched blue as sky and water. A blue pet sat on the beach, his feet being lapped by the waves. The Acara knew he wasn't supposed to be there because his family thought he spent too much time there. Miku sighed and decided he'd rather face the anger of his parents than the empty feeling of longing.

      The Acara stood, then waded into the water, feeling it seep into his fur. Miku went under, loving every moment of it. He felt like staying down here forever, and never leaving. He thought his purpose was here.

      The blue pet surfaced and then immediately wished he hadn't.

      "Miku! Mommy wants you!" His little sister.

      Another voice called out. "You are in such big trouble!" His older sister.

      Only a little longer. That couldn't hurt.

     ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

      He was fire.

      Red was a bright color, a color that represented heat. Two Gelerts sat in a room. One was sweltering hot, the other was just fine.

      "It's bad enough that it's a hot day, but now our ice-packs have melted, our popsicles are gone, and I'll swear that the temperature has gone up a few degrees." Leila (a Shadow Gelert) started to pant.

      "Oh, come on, it's not that bad," the red Gelert said to his friend.

      "Easy enough for you to say, Lino. You're completely heat immune."

      Lino had to admit to himself that he wasn't affected by the heat as others would be. He welcomed the blazing sun and hated being stuck in the cold. He always wished to be a hero, always wished for more of a purpose. He didn't know what his destiny was, and he didn't know that destiny wasn't always friendly.

      His soul was sparked with hope. His hope was his destiny.

     ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

      He was air.

      It was described as swimming through the clouds. At least to one white Shoyru who was now flying. He giggled and spun in the sky. He was a care-free Neopet and didn't quite know what purpose meant yet. He'd soon discover it.

      "Hey, hey! Rune!" The white Shoyru turned and was met by a Faerie Jubjub. They crashed together and landed on the clouds. The two friends laughed hard at this and then flew into the sky. Two friends uncomplicated by certain, important matters. Two friends who loved life. Rune and Blo twirled and spun and stared at the clouds.

      "This is the best day ever," Rune said, then he sighed happily.

      "Yup, it is." Blo landed on a cloud.

      That was how they saw every day. Lovely and fun.

      "Goodbye!" the pets called to each other then headed home.

      Another peaceful day in a fun-filled life. One precious moment.

     ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

      She was earth.

      Mystery was her pleasure. She delighted in it, but only the mysteries of the green world she knew, the trees and flowers she sometimes talked to. Her pride and joy was a secret, special place. A garden she had planted in the woods.

      Renna flicked her ears, waiting for her perfect opportunity. The Xweetok was impatient when she wanted to go outside, when she wanted to see her plants, and (like now) when she just wanted to walk, enjoying the beauty of the forest. Renna whisked her tail behind her, green, black, and brown flashing.

      "Can I go to the woods now?"

      "No, but you can go outside."

      "Why?" The green Xweetok inwardly freaked out over this. She was good, and obeyed orders, but this hurt her feelings. "Why can't I go to the forest?"

      "Because, it's getting dark."

      Renna went outside in a dejected manner. She was careful about what she wanted, including what she wanted for her purpose. But one can't choose their purpose in life.

      For once, the Xweetok felt rebellious. No one could keep her from the forest, her second home.

      "No one can." Renna sighed to herself. She gazed up at the slowly darkening sky, big and wide.

      "No one..." The Xweetok padded into the forest silently, becoming happier with each step.

      She was meant to be here. This was her element.

     ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

      A Shadow Grundo ran frantically through the halls of the Space Station. Her wide, red eyes showed fear as she heard the clamor behind her. Looking back would be pointless.

      The Grundo went around a corner, pleading to herself that the door would be unlocked. Unlocking it wasted time. She wanted to stop running, but then they would catch her.

      "Come on... come on..." The door had to be close.

      Another corner. The door was right there, right on the side of the hall; grey, grimy, and a wonderful sight (to the Grundo at least). She pulled on the door. Locked.

      Panicking, she fumbled in her bag for the key-card. She felt provisions, the item she had taken, and other things. The chasers were nearing her, dangerously close. She swiped the card on its slot and heard the click. It sounded good, considering the situation she was in. She pulled it again.

      The door opened, revealing a small room with buttons on the walls and the ceiling, A control panel was there at the front. This was her freedom.

      The Grundo shut the door and locked it again. She wouldn't have to do what she wanted yet. Not until they found the door. The guards weren't that smart and, sure enough, she heard the lumbering pets rush past the door. She was hesitant, and needed time to rest...

      Booming woke the Shadow Grundo. The guards had found the door and were trying to break it down.

      "We know you're in there! Open up!!"

      With the press of a blue button, the second door was closed. Panic and sense battled in the Grundo's mind. Muffled booming could still be heard, so the Grundo pressed another button. EJECT. There was a jolt, then nothing.

      "This might hurt..."

     ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

     Elements are connected yet opposite. Elements are simple and complex. Elements eventually meet.

The End

Comments are wanted. ^^

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